~Lucy's P.O.V~

"Hey Mira can I get some lemonade please?" Mira smiled sweetly in my directions, but it wasn't aimed at me. Behind me Natsu and Lisanna where making out like there's no tomorrow. But Mira still bought me my drink. The guild had forgotten poor little Lucy, almost as soon as Lisanna came back. I'd been booted out of team Natsu, although no one had said it like that, they'd just stopped talking to me, and suddenly I didn't matter. I'd cried like any sane person, but I'd kept my mouth shut. Until something was officially said, I was going to shut my mouth and be a good little girl. I'd lived all my life like this. The only ones who still talked to me at all where, Levy, Gray, Gajeel, Wendy and happy. As I sat there drinking my Lemonade Natsu came over, with Lisanna in hand. Time's up. I turned to the happy couple.
"Sup guys?" I asked Lisanna was basically bubbling with excitement. Natsu turned to me.
"We think that you should leave the team and make room of Lisanna." Natsu replied. I was about to say okay, when lovely Lisanna chimed in.
"I'm way stronger then you, and the strongest team needs the strongest." She said it as if I was meant to believe it. And I did, but not in the way she intended.
"Your right Lisanna, but why you? Mira's a thousand times stronger, same with laxus." I'd gotten a little attitude in the weeks I'd been ignored. Natsu seemed hurt.
"Luce! We're a team, we want people work well in teams laxus is a no go, and Mira doesn't do missions anymore. And apparently you can't resign quietly."
"Whatever hot-head." I turned back to my drink. I had made quit a scena it appeared. The whole guild was staring at me.
"Who's that again?" someone asked. I can say that at that moment I knew Fairy tail would forget me.
"The girl Natsu always has to save. She can't do anything by herself." That stung. I was rather good, thank you very much. It just happened the Celestial mages where needed to power a lot of things. Like dooms day clocks, and doors to the past. I made sure not to cry as I finished my lemonade. I looked up to see my nakama staring at me with pity. To hell with this. I walked right over to Natsu and gave him a piece of my mind.
"Alright Natsu. You want me to quit I, quit. But first I'm getting this off my chest." I took a deep breath preparing to lay into her. "You can't just go waltzing around here like you own the place destroying half the build with your idiotic fights with Gray. Then go off and save the day with help from your friends, but forget to mention them when you're recalling the story to your girlfriend. Then just because you want her on your team kick someone who helped form it. So screw you and your stupid team."
"Lucy, we are doing this to make you stronger!" Erza interjected.
"Whatever helps you sleep at night" I retorted. I was strong as is.
"Lucy don't talk to Erza like that!" Lisanna chimed. I didn't hate her before, but I saw a pure darkness in her eyes now.
"I'm not talking to yo Lisanna!" I snapped back.
"Lucy don't talk to my sister that way!" Mira had finally noticed me, huh?
"Whatever." I muttered as i stormed over to master office in a huff. I'd been planning on leaving for a while. I had loved Fairy tail when I first came, but all the near death misses, and betrayals gets you down after a while.
I knocked on his door waiting for the come in. As I opened it, I saw him there staring gravely at the wall.
"I know what you want Lucy, and I'll oblige if there isn't another way." He was staring at his feet now. I saw some tears in master's eyes. This alone made me want to stay, but I couldn't.
"No master. There's no other way. I would like to quit fairy tail." Master lost it. He ran over and hugged me. "Oh master." I bent down and returned the hug.
"Oh my little star. Where will you go? What will you do?" He asked me whilst we hugged.
"I don't know where I'll go, but I want to train. I want to become stronger, so I can punch Natsu in his stupid face." That made master smile. I loved when he smiled. It always brightened my day.
"Give me your hand Lucy. I'll remove the fairy tail sign." I did as he told me, and placed my hand in his. He ran his fingers around the edge, and it disappeared. "Come back for a visit once in a while okay?" I nodded at his last request of me. And walked out the front door. I smiled at my nakama who all looked worried. Assuring them that I was fine. I walked past Natsu, lisanna and Erza with a deathly calm. I knew more than just Natsu would have to agree for me to be gone, and Gray would never do a thing like that. So Erza must have agreed. What a bad person.

Whilst I had told the master I had to plans to go anywhere I really did. For the last 2 weeks my room had been packed away. I only stopped there to grab some cloths and money and say good bye to the landlady.
I hopped on the train, set on my destination.

~Time skip, 1 week later~
~Yasie no forest~
~Lucy's P.O.V~

I stretch as I entered the forest. My mum had told me about it years ago. This was the place she had trained. It was said to be a key point of magic. I have no idea why, but this is my training ground now. I have told my spirits not to help me out, unless I was on the brink of death. Acquiesce was fine with that. The others agreed after a while. Apart from Loke. He said he'll stop by once a day. He's a good friend. He's also offered to teach me to fight. Who knows this might just be fun.