Prompt- The Doctor- from Wordweilder

John H. Watson, MD knew his friend Sherlock Holmes was a brilliant man with a host of odd quirks and behaviors. The consulting detective often tested the limits of their friendship, but never went beyond them.

However, when Holmes was sick it was another matter entirely. No one else who knew him would believe that the man could whine moan and fuss like a small child. Watson gave him every assurance that he would not die. It was only a cold and would soon pass.

"How can you be certain that this malady will pass quickly?" the detective whined.

Watson sighed in annoyance, "Because I have seen many similar cases in my years of medical practice. Do you not trust me? I would not lie to you."

"I hope I shall live to see Christmas," Holmes moaned theatrically.

"If you pass away before the holiday, it will not be because of a cold!" the doctor told him.

I am going out now to attend to other patients. My orders for you are to lie still and rest. I will return as soon as possible." Watson walked out of Holmes' bedroom.

"Must you leave me now?" Holmes called out.

"Yes my friend, other patients need me," the doctor called back.

Holmes heard Watson mutter as he left 221B, "Primum non nocere. Primum non nocere. First do no harm." This phrase was all that kept the good doctor remaining a good friend to the sometimes infuriating, aggravating consulting detective.

Primun non nocere- First do no harm is a principle of medical ethics. However the exact phrase is not found in the Hippocratic Oath as this writer has discovered. Where ever it comes from, it has kept Watson from ringing Holmes' neck! : )

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