Prompt- From mrspencil - a past christmas is recalled

How far back can one recall Christmas memories? Sherlock Holmes remembered his very first one. The memory was hazy; faded like an old photograph.

A little boy no more than eighteen months old, toddled towards the enormous Christmas tree that graced the family's parlor. The colored ornaments shone brightly in light cast from the fireplace. He was fascinated by them. His little fingers reached out for one of the ornaments hanging from the lowest branch of the tree. As he took it from the branch, the tree swayed and started to fall.

"Sherlock!" someone yelled as they pulled the child away just in time before the tree crashed to the floor. Sherlock started crying. His big brother, Mycroft, had pulled him away just in time.

Mycroft held Sherlock close and whispered in his ear, "You're safe little brother. I'll always look after you."

The memory of that Christmas and being pulled to safety would always be remembered by Sherlock Holmes with great fondness.

A sentimental childhood memory for the great detective. It just proves that he is as human as the rest of us.

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