A/N - I want everyone who reads this to do themselves a favor and find a copy of the physical book. While it's technically a Christmas book, it's really more seasonal, in my opinion. The writing is lyrical. The images are not only absolutely stunning, but raised as well, making this book textile as well as visual. Please. Take a look at it.

This is absolutely not chronologically correct when it comes to the Hetalia characters.

The Snow Tree belongs to Caroline Repchuk and Josephine Martin.

Hetalia - Axis Powers belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya.

Russia woke and the world was white. "Where have all the colors gone?" he cried, for he had never seen such a white and wintry world before. But the wind only answered with silence.

Then out of the snow came Spain, holding orange leaves. "For the Snow Tree," he explained. "So we will remember the warm glow of fall and the burning sunset of an evening sky."

Next came China. He carried scarlet berries and laid them softly at Russia's feet. They glistened like drops of blood against the snow. "To remind us of flowers and fruits from the forests and fields," he said.

America jumped down with blue jay feathers held tightly in his hand. "It's all I have to give,"he said. "But these feathers are as blue as the summer sky and the rolling waters of the river."

From deep inside the frozen forest Lithuania appeared. "Nature's finest," he declared, adding velvety mink fur to Russia's collection. "Brown like the rich earth beneath the snow."

Russia looked up as Canada came padding softly through the snow and spread green shoots before him. "My offering is to remind us of the green of spring, of new life after the sleep of winter."

Iceland moved slowly forward through the snow, with purple rock piled high in his arms. "Here is color that will endure forever," he said. "As purple as the mountains and the rolling clouds of thunder."

Ukraine stepped from behind a nearby tree, laden down with yellow cones. "I carried all I could," she said. "So we won't forget the yellow corn that grows all summer long in the fields beyond the forest."

Belarus brought icicles that sparkled silver in the frosty light, like raindrops in the sunlight. "It is time to decorate the Snow Tree," she said. "And you, Russia, will guard this tree all winter long."

Last of all came General Winter. A bright golden star hung gleaming at his neck. "Set this star high upon the tree," he proclaimed. "Let its light shine out to all the nations of the world, that they may gather to celebrate the glory of nature, and the beauty of piece and friendship this Christmas time."

Russia smiled as he stood gazing at the glorious tree.

The colors were back.