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So this this is the second part of the Christmas one, it takes place on the 24th December. Enjoy.

Becks pov

I woke up to see sunlight streaming through the rv windows. I rolled over to see my beautiful girlfriend beside me laying on her stomach, hair sprawled out around her head.

Her face was covered by her hair but I could hear her softly snoring, reassuring me she was still asleep, Jade always liked to sleep in late.

I looked at the clock, 9:30am. Jade wouldn't be up for at least another hour this was the perfect time to wrap her present.

I eased myself out of bed, being careful not to wake her up. Walking over to the closet where I had safely hidden her present I started thinking, this is the first christmas Jade was going to be spending with me and my family.

I was kind of scared about what my family would think of her because lets just say she isn't afraid to express her opinions, and my family always wanted me to have a skimpy little cheerleader for a girlfriend but thats too easy, and easys boring.

I retrieved the box from under the pile of clothes that I had hidden it under and opened it. I pulled out the ring that I had put on a piece of string to make a necklace, it may not seem like much but it isn't just any old ring, its a promise ring. The round circle of the ring symbolises that I promise to love her forever, I had one exactly the same. Jade might think its cheesy to have matching necklaces but I know deep down she she will love.

Running my finger over the engraving on the inside of the ring I smiled to myself, Beck and jade = Forever it said. Again a very cheesy thing but i always hope our love will be forever, I couldn't imagine my life without Jade, it would be boring to say the least.

Hearing a noise I quickly hid it behind my back in case Jade was awake, but I was just her mumbling in her sleep its so adorable when she does that.

Sighing in relief, I went and grabbed the wrapping paper and set to work wrapping it as quietly as possible. I was most definitely not an easy task, 3 times I had to start again. But a few curse words and a whole lot of tape later it was wrapped...sort of.

I set it back under the pile of clothes and closed the closet door. Looking at the clock i saw it was 10:15am already and Jade was still asleep. Looking at her sleeping form I felt rude that i have to wake her up but we have a lot to do today so I had no choice.

I thought the most polite way to wake her up would be to put some christmas songs on and wait for her to wake up by herself, although that meant i would have to put them on really loud because of how deep if sleeper she is.

I was still pondering over it when I heard a small sleepy voice say 'Stop staring at me you creep'. Coming out of my little daydream I saw Jade looking up at me, smiling. Smiling back at her I leant down and whispered in her ear 'I just can't help myself your so beautiful'

Her cheeks flushed red and she grabbed a pillow hitting me round the head with it. She then pulled to covers over head and tried to go back to sleep.

'ah ah ah you can't go back to sleep, Jade we have a lot to do today so c'mom you gotta get up'. All I got was a groan in response. 'Okay if thats how its gonna be then i'm just going to have to do this' and with that said I started ticking her feet.

I knew her weak spot was she was really ticklish and hated to do this just to get her up, but to be honest it was quite funny.

She started kicking her legs about wildly, trying to get me to let go. 'okay okay i'm up... Oh my god Beck stop it'. I stopped promptly not wanting to get injured.

She sat up in bed hair a mess, make up less and wearing one of my shirts which was more like a night dress on her.

'Come on get up, we have presents to wrap and cupcakes to make and don't forget my Aunt and uncle are coming around tonight for dinner I said, marking the list off on my fingers.

'Ughh no I can tell you now they are gonna hate me'.

'Jade' I went and sat on the bed 'They are not going to hate you, and if they do they are obviously stupid because you are so beautiful, so talented and the nicest person i have ever met' I said as I quickly kissed her lips.

'Now come on get up and dressed, we need to make cats cupcakes' I said.

Jades POV

"Well that was a disaster" Beck said matter of factly, Wiping cake mixture off of his clothes, just smudging it in more.

I gave him a death glare, picking icing out of my hair. "Well whose fault is that" I said angrily, even though I know fully well it is my fault I will not admit it.

"I think that would he you, I told you not to lift the electric mixer out of the bowl when its still on" Because this happens,he gestured around the room which was covered in cake mixture and icing.

It was 3:30pm, all the presents were wrapped but the cupcakes were not even close to finished, and Becks Aunt and Uncle were supposed to he here any minute and the kitchen was a mess to say the least.

"Whatever, i'm gonna go take a shower" I said turing around to leave. I felt and arm grab me by the shoulder and turn me around again.

"No no" Beck said "You made this mess so you need to help clean up". I groaned but did as I was told.

Soon everything was clean and we were starting on the cupcakes again, Beck using the electric mixer this time, much to my dismay.

Becks mum walked through the door and gave me a look, she had always hated me. She was about to say something when the doorbell rang, Becks Aunt and Uncle were here.

She hurriedly went and answered the door.

Two people that looked scarily similar to Beck walked through the door, attacking Beck with hugs.

"Look at how much you've grown" his Aunt said. Bleughh I hate when people say stuff like that. I busied myself with finishing the cupcakes and putting them in the oven.

"And whats your name then?" Looking up I saw she was talking to me. Standing up I could see the judgemental look in her eyes.

"I'm Jade, Becks girlfriend" I said with a smirk, I saw the shocked look on her face that he tried to hide.

"Oh" she said disappointment lacing her voice "Thats...Lovely". Turing to Beck she said "And why did you choose that for your girlfriend.."

"Okayy... Linda why don't you come on it to the front room" Becks dad said, ushering her away. At least he likes me, they don't understand I do have feelings and their words hurt.

Beck came over and put his arms around me, "don't listen to them baby" he said kissing my head. "Who said i cared what they think" I snapped back "Let just finish the cupcakes".

An hour later, the cupcakes were made and we were all sat around the fireplace. Me sat on Becks lap while he softly rubbed circles on my palm with his fingers, something that always seemed to relax me.

Becks parents and Aunt and Uncle were talking, but I wasn't listening to what they were saying. I could feel myself falling asleep, I tried to stay awake, but with the warmth of the fire and Becks arm wrapped around me, I soon surrendered to sleep.

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