AUTHOR'S NOTE: So, I went to go and see Rise of the Guardians today. It was fantastic. If any of you are thinking of going to see it, you really should; it's great!

So anyway, I had this idea for a story during the car ride home, and I wanted to get it typed up as soon as possible. I know this prologue is pretty short but hopfully the upcoming chapters will be longer. Hope you enjoy! Please read and review!

DISCLAIMER: Rise of the Guardians is owned by Dreamworks. I only own my OC Annabelle.


I don't really remember anything before I was born. I guess that sounds really weird, but I didn't just have a normal birth like everyone else. I remember waking up in a forest in the middle of winter. It was freezing, and the forest floor was covered in snow. I looked down and saw that my arms were bare, as the sleeves of the pale red dress I had on, which looked like it was made out of long petals, barely went past my shoulders or my knees, although my legs were protected from the cold by tan knee-high boots.

I sat up slowly, trying to make sense of what was going on. There was a long pale brown stick next to me, curved at the top in a hook shape, which I instinctively picked up. When I touched it, it suddenly became covered in green moss, and pale pink flowers spouted at the tip. As this happened, I felt something on my back. Turning my head, I saw two pale pink shimmering wings protruding from my back. I gasped and tried to flutter them and, low and behold, I started to lift off of the ground. I started to laugh, in spite of my fear and confusion, and I shot up higher, above the tall pine trees of the woods. I stopped after whizzing around for a few minutes and looked down at the forest, grinning at what I had just done.

That was when I felt something calling me, pulling me. I turned round and saw the moon, huge and beautiful in the sky. I couldn't look away from it, not that I really wanted to. That was when I learnt my new name. It's the only thing the moon ever told me.

I'm known by most children as the fairy at the bottom of the garden. But my real name is Annabelle, the garden fairy.