It was suppose to be a fun evening with some college friends. They had been in town for various reasons, but decided to have a mini-reunion. She had not been out for an evening in so long she appeared almost giddy when leaving work. The thought of dressing up for a night out and enjoying the company of some old friends was as close to normal as her life had been since joining the Office of Special Projects. Make no mistake she loved her job and could never imagine doing anything else, but it took so much time and energy that most nights she just wanted a hot bath and warm bed. The idea of going out on the town had not really ever landed on her radar with everything else going on in her world. It was going to be a chance to break out of her shell and just be someone else for awhile. She decided it would be fun to step out of her comfort zone a bit and see what living a little more carelessly would be like – even if it was just for one night. Maybe she had been involved in one too many operations that she thought it would be a fun change of pace to pretend to be someone else for a night.

When her old roommates contacted her initially to tell her they were in town, it took a bit of convincing to get her on board with the idea meeting anywhere. She finally relented when they promised a night to remember coupled with the added bonus of being able to reconnect. So much time was spent working over the last couple weeks that she decided it would be good to get out and have some fun. She left her house that night wearing clothes that most of her friends, as well as co-workers, would have had to take a second look at her just to verify her identity. The top was a powder blue color with just a hint of shimmer and showed off more skin than anyone had ever seen her reveal. It was cut right above her breasts and gathered just right running loosely along her chest leaving her arms completely exposed.

As she turned around in the mirror to inspect the newly purchased item of clothing, she admired the open back that had just enough fabric criss-crossed to keep it in place. In keeping with this new look, she had also purchased a skirt that landed somewhere between her knees and mid-thigh hugging the curves she typically kept hidden from the world. She finished her new creation off with a pair of black boots that went halfway up her calf. She took one last glance in the mirror, second guessing the sexy factor, only to have to her thoughts interrupted by the ringing of her front door bell.

She walked towards the door, checking to make sure it was indeed her friends, before opening the door to an onslaught of whistles and comments from old friends. They were completely shocked, as she is sure most who knew her would be, to see this new version of someone they had not seen in years. Little did they know that this was the first time she had ever worn anything this revealing before and was not secretly unsure she could will herself out the door without changing first. Her thoughts were once again interrupted as one friend grabbed her small purse while another pushed her through the front door. Shaking her head slightly, she determined changing was no longer an option. They arrived at the small pub in no time and quickly found a table to sit around. The music and atmosphere was amazing making her wonder how she had never discovered this little pub before now. The ambiance was calm and the people seemed friendly. No one seemed to have a care in the world and she decided to give this new persona completely immersing herself in with the natural flow of her surroundings.

They talked, laughed, and danced for a good hour when she was approached by a man who offered to buy her a drink. She politely refused and turned to talk to her friends once again. The man walked away from the table looking a bit disconcerted, but she quickly dismissed the entire event while focusing on yet another trip down memory lane. After some more laughter and recollections of their time on campus, she excused herself to see about locating a bathroom. She walked past the bar and was turning to go down the short hallway leading to the bathroom, when she felt a hand on her arm. She turned around to see the same man standing directly in front of her smiling. After introducing himself, he asked her if she wanted to dance. Deciding to throw out all her misgivings and truly embrace this second skin she chose for the night, she gave him a small nod of her head and followed him toward the middle of the pub. They danced for a short time and all seemed to be going well, especially if she took into account the encouraging waves and nods her friends were sending her way as they found us on the dance floor.

As the music slowed she excused herself as she had no interest in a more intimate dance with a man she had just met. Honestly he seemed like a perfectly nice person, but she just was not interested in encouraging any kind of contact that may seem like an invitation she was not willing to give out. She started to walk away, while he followed her toward the small hallway leading to the bathroom. She felt his hand along her arm rubbing it softly prompting her to turn around. He had been standing much closer than she had thought and she ran directly into his chest. He was a well built man, every bit as tall as Sam and appeared to be just about as fit as him as well. He laughed softly at my shock and leaned into my body closing distance that I was not even aware existed. I attempted to push him away, but found his once soft rubbing of my arm turned into a tight grip that bordered on painful. In what seemed to be a dream, she feels his hands seem to a life of their own as they move up and down her body in what could only be described as highly disturbing. Gone was the sweet smile he had offered when he first approached for the dance. He was unrelenting and no matter how many times she told him no it became increasingly evident he had no intention of conceding to her requests.

She began to panic slightly as he increased the pressure on her arm and she was certain he was leaving a handprint that would be there for some time to come. His other hand was unrelenting as he attempted to find access to the places she had never allowed anyone to explore. His mouth was on her neck and he was roughly kissing what areas he could access while she attempted to jerk from his hold. She cursed the music that had once been a welcome part of the evening because it allowed the perfect cover for anyone she tried to get help from. As he ran his hand along her leg and started moving under her skirt, she was immediately catapulted into fight or flight mode and started struggling for all she was worth. As luck would have it at that very moment someone approached him tapping him on shoulder, giving her an opening to remove herself from his restraint and move out of the pub.

"Training my ass," she quietly cursed to herself as she opened the front door of her house. She was suddenly very thankful they had picked a place right around the corner. How the hell is training suppose to fix the size difference or the strength difference she thought to no one in particular. She shuddered briefly as she relived the feel of his hands all over her skin grabbing her ways that made her wish she had never agreed to leave the house. This is why she should just stick to work and home. It eliminates the possibility of what happened to her tonight. It started innocent enough alright, but it quickly spiraled out of control. No amount of training could have prevented his hands from moving wherever they wanted to be at that given moment. It was just by some small miracle some random person walked by and interrupted his assault against her skin. In just the split second of him being distracted, she managed to separate herself from his loosened grip silently thanking the heavens above for having such a short stature that allowing her to escape unnoticed by him. She mentally noted that maybe the hand to hand combat sessions everyone keeps saying she should attend would be a good idea. Hell at this point, maybe it would have given her the skills to have prevented this evening from happening at all.

In the ten minutes it took her to escape the pub and make it to her house, she was struck with a sudden wave of dizziness seemingly hitting from out of nowhere. She briefly thought she was going to throw up as she stumbled ever so slightly into the door frame. The wave passed quickly giving way to an inability to focus her eyes on anything other than a spinning room. It was such a sudden onset that she quickly dismissed the recurring cinema playing in her head of his hands all over her body as the culprit. In a sudden jolt of fear, she managed to lock the door and start toward the couch in an attempt to lie down before she could no longer stand. She realized in that moment that the man must have somehow given her something that would render her completely unable to stop any assault that was on the horizon. In the few seconds she was able to replay that night, she could not remember a time he could have given her any such drugs. She had not drank anything more than water the entire evening knowing all too well the dangers of taking drinks from random people in pubs. She had insisted on getting all her drinks from the bartender herself which caused quite a reaction from her friends who thought she was being overly cautious. As she moved toward the living room, the room spun and she was no longer in control of her legs. In a brief flash of pain, she felt herself fall to the ground striking a hard object during her decent.

The first thing she remembered when she woke up was the almost blinding pain her head as she opened her eyes. For the love of god, she didn't even drink last night so why the hell did her head feel like it was going to explode. As her eyes came into focus, she realized she was lying on her living room floor with the overturned coffee table just a few feet away. She moved to sit up and the second flash of pain hit her so suddenly it made her stomach lurch. As she hissed in pain her eyes searching for the source, her arm came into focus. It was badly bruised, swollen from just above her wrist to almost her elbow and had an angry red cut that was surrounded by dried blood. She lay back on the ground slowly and fought to recall what the hell had happened. It seemed the more she struggled to remember the less she could make sense of her current surroundings. She felt like she had been hit by a bus and left to deal with the aftermath. After a few minutes of trying to calm her head and get used to the pain, she decided she really needed to pull herself together enough to make it to the bathroom. Slowly she sat up as her body adjusted to the new wave of dizziness threatening to send her stomach into another tailspin.

She made her way slowly to the bathroom. By the time she reached her destination, she realized it was a damn good thing her house was relatively small. Her intent had been to retrieve some sort of pain reliever from her medicine cabinet, but the trip quickly changed into a battle to find the toilet. The dizziness never relented and its assault on her equilibrium caused waves of nausea which threatened spill over. She realized just in time that there was no stopping the contents of her stomach from spilling unceremoniously into the toilet. She felt her body slide to the ground as she tried to regain control of her senses. After sitting there for a couple minutes, she realized that the act of puking had actually made her feel a slight bit more human. In a careful and methodical manner, she lifted herself up to the medicine cabinet. As she looked at her reflection in the mirror, she saw a slow motion flash of images that matched those she often searched through during the course of her workday. They seemed like still shots telling the story of a night that she could not quite remember. Images of her sitting at the table with friends laughing….dancing on the floor with a man she does not recognize…..excusing herself to avoid a slow dance…..hands flying all over her body as she stands flush against what appears to be a human wall…..interruption and flight….unlocking her door….then….today.

"What the hell happened last night," she muttered out loud to the reflection in the mirror. She felt like she had spent the whole night drinking heavily and was feeling the effects of a really bad hangover. The problem was she never drank any alcohol. Ever. Even under her new persona she would not have drank any alcohol. Too many possible endings that she was unwilling to allow herself even the chance. In that moment, she reached into the cabinet and withdrew a bottle of medication that would hopefully calm the storm brewing in her head. She was grateful it was the weekend and their caseload was calm. It had been a really tough few weeks with not much free time for anyone to just be at home. Upon closing the cabinet door, she once again caught her reflection and was shocked to realize her arm was bruised quite badly in the shape in a handprint. She closed her eyes, reviewing the film reel that had played out moments before in her bathroom mirror, and gasped as she slowly started to remember the events. The previous night was supposed to have been a night to remember, but that was not at all what she had pictured when setting foot out the door. The assault that had happened and the realization that she was lucky and unlucky all in one moment caused her stomach to lurch once again.

As the wave of nausea hit her once again, she heard a loud banging on her front door. She jumped from the sound and quickly moved to go down the hallway towards the door. In that same moment, she heard the voice of the man from last night yelling loudly for her to open the door. Panic immediately set in and she struggled to slow her mind down enough to allow her to think clearly. She knew it was just a matter of time before the door would be broken through and she was more terrified than she has ever been in her life. In a quick movement, finally regaining some sense of understanding of what exactly the next few minutes meant to her safety, she grabbed her cell phone from the small purse on the living room floor and made her way to the bedroom while dialing an all too familiar number. Now to those who were not aware what she knew her next movements needed to be in order to ensure her safety, the bedroom seemed like the last place she should have retreated. Making her way to the nightstand that was right beside her bed, she opened the drawer at about the same time she heard the wood break along her doorframe.

She quickly found a corner of her room that gave her a clear view of the door that she knew the man would eventually make his way through. He was yelling the most obscene combination of words she had ever heard being directed at her. She was completely at a loss as to why she was being targeted by this man and just wished that she could go back to yesterday removing the whole night from the equation. The logical part of her knew the odds of this being a random act where just as high as her being targeted. No one knew what she really did and where she really worked, so the likelihood of this being intentional was not high. Her thoughts were disrupted by the smashing of various items as the man made his way through her house. In the same vein that made her thank her lucky stars she had a small house only moments ago, it struck her how that is now going to be to her disadvantage. It would not take long for him to make his way to her bedroom and she knew she only had a few more seconds to steel herself for the events to come next. She silently cursed never having got closer the few neighbors who lived her relatively new development. When she picked this house, it seemed better to just try to stay distant from those who had moved into the neighborhood.

The voice was right outside her door before she could comprehend and she knew that he was searching the bedroom down the hall in an attempt to locate her. Honestly, the question that kept repeating in her head was how the hell he found where she lived. She knew she was followed and, if by chance he had, these events would have occurred last night and not this morning. Silently, she hoped that maybe he would give up and assume she was not home at all. She realized that was highly unlikely, but it was a nice idea. While he was making his way down the hallway, she was quickly becoming aware of what she would need to do next. She was trained for this kind of confrontation and she knew the next steps in her training. Of course, that did not really work out well at the pub and she realized that no matter how much technical training she had obtained, it meant nothing in the heat of the moment. She could go through the steps of what needed to happen and in what order, but, in this exact moment, she just didn't know if she could follow through. In a matter of seconds, he was through the door coming directly at her in such a rage that she momentarily forgot she was holding her service weapon in her hand. In that moment instinct kicked in and effectively shut down the manual she kept reviewing in her mind. She raised her weapon, heard her own voice sound much stronger than it should, yell "Federal Agent!" In the same moment she heard that voice, the world seemed to stop as she felt her body slide down the wall.