Author's Update!

I just wanted to add a quick note to the end of this story letting everyone know that I have finally started on a sequel entitled Follow My Lead. I posted one chapter quite some time ago, but never moved past that. After stepping away from writing for far longer than I had intended, I am making my way back. I have posted one relatively short chapter to just get everyone's attention. I have chapter two written and am currently writing chapter three. I spent the entire day today on re-reading What Now so I could make sure I don't leave pertinent details out or change the reality that happened in that story. After taking seven pages of notes on specific details or unanswered questions, I am now feeling much more confident as I move forward with this new story.

Please feel free to offer any and all suggestions in the comments section. I am also looking forward to hearing about any unanswered questions that any of you may have. It has always been my wish to keep the characters as real as possible. This being a fairly different side of both Callen and Nell, I am not entirely sure I will achieve that wish. I will most definitely rely on all of you to keep me honest. I hope you all enjoy following these two on another journey and I really hope it can live up to the expectations of those who wanted a peek into what happened to Nell.