Disclaimer: This is a transformative work of fiction based on the original concept and characters of E. Kripke. All hail our master. Just fun here – no profit.


A/N: Spoilers for 8.01. A tale told in seven drabbles. One for each of the first 7 days Dean was back from Purgatory. And struggling to find his "sea legs."

WOW: a day of the week. Stretching a bit here because the word will be the title of each chapter...

Word count: 100 on the nose baby!

The pain in his arm was a searing reminder that he should be out. That he WAS out... right?

Branches whipped his face and body. Nothing new there, but this feeling of being exposed of being alone. That sent his heart racing.

And then he was stumbling up onto ashphalt. An actual road.

He bent down and touched the damp surface almost reverently.

Suddenly, a blinding light shattered the darkness, and he dove back into the haven of darkness at the side of the road.

Eyes wide, heart pounding, he watched as the car sped by.

He trailed after it...

A/N2: I have a huge deadline tomorrow, so only one chapter tonight – others hopefully to follow this week as my time allows...