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Set after 'The Attack on Rue Plumet' Eponine returns home after defying her father and ruining his plans, and suffers the consequences. Rated T for violence.

Eponine ran down the back alleys of Paris, Marius by her side. After defying her father for the first time, Eponine was now terrified. The inital buzz of standing up to him had faded and was now replaced with fear.

"One little scream and you'll regret it for a year."

"I'll make you scream, you'll scream alright."

Marius slowed down, stopping and placing his hand on a wall, the other clutching his side where a stitch had formed.

"Thank you 'Ponine, you sent them away. Who was it? I did not see there faces."

"It was my father and his gang, they wanted to rob the house." Marius looked puzzled at his friend.

"What do you mean? Did you lead them there?" Eponine's head snapped round, surprised at his words.

"No no, I would never. They just appeared. I tried to tell them that there was nothing to steal but he wouldn't listen so I screamed." Eponine's eyes darkened "Why would you think that?" Eponine turned away but Marius grabbed her arm.

"I'm sorry 'Ponine, I did not mean it. Of course you didn't lead them to the house, you were showing me the way. And I am so glad you did, as you lead me to Cosette, my Cosette." Marius smiled at her, and she automatically smiled back, a warm feeling spreading through her.

If only he thought of me in the same way.

"I am going to the café, there is a meeting later, are you coming?" Marius started walking away and Eponine made to follow but then stopped.

"No, I must go home, my father will be angry if I don't return soon. But I will try to attend the meeting if I can." She shivered slightly, knowing full well the beating that she would get when she returned home.

"Oh, very well. I will see you later then." Eponine nodded and headed back to the garret she shared with her family, praying that her father was not there.

Eponine opened the door and carefully walked into the small room that her family shared, it wasn't much but since selling the Inn when she was the a child it was the closest thing she had to a home. It was dark and at first she didn't see anybody, but suddenly there was a hand wrapped around her throat and her body was slammed into a nearby wall.

"You've got some explaining to do." Eponine's body buckled as her father hit her hard in the stomach, winding her.

"I'm sorry papa." Thenardier smiled, revealing his rotten teeth.

"Not as sorry as your going to be." He threw Eponine to the floor and kicked her hard in the side, over and over again.

Eponine tried to protect herself, tried to get up to run but the other members of her fathers gang appeared out of the shadows, laying blows on her already fragile body.

After what felt like hours, Thenardier stopped beating his daughter, and indicated for the others to stop. He dragged Eponine up by her hair, so they were face to face.

"I told you I would make you scream my girl." Eponine quivered as her father pulled out a knife from his belt. It was old but sharp, she had seen her father use it on people before.

"Please...please don't." Silent tears spilled down Eponine's cheeks.

"Eponine, Eponine, Eponine. You should know by now that begging and tears don't work." Thenardier pressed the knife into her stomach and dragged it down, causing a scream to escape his daughters lips. He pulled the knife out and let her drop to the floor.

"If you ever cross me again, what will happen to you will make this feel like a walk in the park." Thenardier spat at Eponine. The men all left the room, as Eponine curled up in a ball, her hands pressing against the wound in her abdomen, in a vain attempt to stop the blood flow.

Somehow Eponine managed to get to her feet, and she staggered into the dark streets of Paris. She remembered talking to one of the students at the cafe Musain who was a medical student, and even though she hated to admit it she knew that she needed help. It was either that or die.

Marius looked around the café Musain as Enjolras finished his speech. He had only just noticed that Eponine had not turned up, and he was a little worried. She seemed to enjoy the meetings, not just the talk of revolution but the general banter that was thrown back and forth in the room. Eponine had a sharp tounge and was wise beyond her years so she made good conversation, meaning she was well liked among the students. (She once managed to drink Grantaire under the table, but that's another story)

"Nice speech Enjolras." Grantaire slurred as his friend joined him, Marius, Joly and Courfeyrac at their table.

"Thank you my friend, the turnout was good tonight do you not think?"

"But there is one person missing. Marius where is Eponine?" Courfeyrac asked, taking a sip of his drink.

"I was thinking the same thing. We departed after she took me to see Cosette, but she said that she would be back." Marius said, looking around the café again.

"You didn't mention before that it was Eponine that showed you Cosette's home." Joly said.

Before the meeting began Marius was talking none stop about his love, but had failed to mention that fact. It was also clear to everybody apart from Marius himself that Eponine cared about him, so that she sacrificed her happiness so he could be happy was very admirable.

"I'm sure that there is a reasonable explanation." Enjolras said, placing a hand on Marius' shoulder.

"I suppose, I was hoping that she would take me back to Cosette's home. She knows the back streets of Paris like the back of her hand, and I'm sure that there are some places that shouldn't be ventured into at night."

The other men around the table all inwardly cringed. How could he be so blind of Eponine's feelings towards him?

"Well I must be going, see you all tomorrow." Courfeyrac took his jacket off the back of his chair and left the café.

Eponine stumbled along the deserted street, her vision blurring as she tried to make it to the café. Her hands were covered in blood, and every time she took a breath there was a sharp pain from her sides, she assumed from her rib cage.

She crossed a road and staggered along the pavement, smiling slightly as she saw the lights of the café, that was until her body gave out from exhaustion and she collapsed.

Through her blurred vision Eponine could see someone exit from the building and start to head away from her . She shouted out for help, but it came out as more of a whimper then a cry. She looked around and with the last ounce of strength she managed to throw a small stone in the direction of the person, and saw that they turned and started towards her, before she passed out.

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