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5 hours into the rebellion, and most of the excitement and adrenaline had gone from the revolutionaries. There were barricades built across the streets, and now the waiting game began. Enjolras knew that the National Guard would come to try and take them down, but no one knew if they would try to starve the revolutionaries out first.

Enjolras was considering sending out a scout, when the tell-tale sound of marching feet could be heard coming down the street.

"The National Guard are approaching, everybody get to your positions!" Enjolras shouted, grabbing a musket and ascending the barricade. Beforehand he and Combeferre had selected the best men for firing, those with the best eye sight and aim. The rest would be used for reloading the guns so that (hopefully) there would be a continuous stream of fire.

The National Guard positioned themselves at the end of the street, and the Army Officer shouted to the barricade.

"We do not want blood to be shed needlessly. The King has promised to be lenient if you lower your weapons and surrender yourselves to the crown!"

"We will not surrender to a King who lets his people die needlessly in the streets. We will not lower our weapons until this battle is won or lost!" Enjolras shouted back.

Silence filled the street for a minute, then one word blasted through the air:


While the revolutionaries where waiting for the National Guard, Eponine was trying her best to disguise herself. She had sneaked into her parents house, knowing that they would be waiting in the streets to rob any corpses, revolutionary and solider alike.

She found an old shirt and pair of trousers, the shirt swapped her small frame but it meant that she didn't have to bind her breasts. By piercing a new hole in her belt the trousers managed to stay on her hips. These, along with her cap and the coat she stole last winter, where her disguise for getting into the barricade. Eponine didn't want to see Enjolras but she knew that Gavroche would be there, and he was her biggest priority.

Eponine slipped out of her parents house and into the streets, and headed towards the barricades. She found the one closest to the cafe, and upon seeing a small boy with dirty blond hair scampering along the top, she knew she had come to the right place. Eponine knew of a way into the barricade, by way of an abandoned house, and was pressed into a dark corner when she heard the Army Officers' shout


Once the battle had begun, it was carnage. The National Guard outweighed the revolutionaries in weapons and men, and were soon advancing on the barricade. Enjolras knew that if the soldiers weren't sent back quickly, they would overcome the barricade.

In a fit of either madness or brilliance, he grabbed a barrel of gunpowder and a torch, climbing up the barricade and shouting

"FALL BACK! Fall back or I'll blow the barricade!"

"Blow it up and take us all with it!"

"And myself with it." Enjolras looked the man dead in the eye, slowly bringing the torch closer the barrel.

"FALL BACK!" The Army Officer shouted, and the soldiers retreated, dragging their wounded back to camp. Enjolras climbed back down the barricade, passing the torch and gunpowder to two people, who hastily put them as far away from each other as possible. Enjolras could hear shouts from the men around him, a mixture of praise at saving their lives, and reprimand for almost killing them all.

But Enjolras didn't hear them, all he saw was a person talking lent against the barricade. Their face was in shadow, caused by the cap they were wearing, but Enjolras recognized the bruises circling the neck.

"Eponine?" He walked over to her, he had to make sure, he had to make sure he wasn't dreaming. Upon hearing her name Eponine instinctively turned, but winced as she faced Enjolras. Enjolras quickly scanned her body for the source of the pain, which is when he noticed the way Eponine was bent over, and the blood that was soaking through her shirt.

"Joly!" Enjolras shouted as he rushed to Eponine's side, scooping her up into his arms before running into the building they were using as a makeshift hospital. He laid her onto a cot as the young doctor came over, pushing a wodge of bandages into Enjolras' hands.

"Press down on the wound firmly to staunch the blood flow, try to keep her awake, I'll be as quick as I can." Joly quickly left the pair to return to his previous patient.

Enjolras pressed the bandages into her side, causing Eponine to hiss in pain and try to move away from him.

"I'm sorry 'Ponine but I've got to stop the blood, god it's everywhere." Enjolras made sure that the bandages were firmly pressed into her side with one hand, and he took one of her hands in the other.

"What are you doing her 'Ponine? I thought you didn't want any part of this."

"I didn't, but Gavroche wanted to fight and I couldn't lose him."

"When did you get shot? I didn't see you on the barricade."

"When you grabbed the gunpowder, Gav turned to see what you were doing and then this guard appeared out of nowhere..." She let out a shaky breath "...I couldn't watch him get shot so I grabbed the musket and tried to push it away, but he had pulled the trigger..."

Enjolras felt sick to his stomach. If he hadn't grabbed the gunpowder, Gavroche wouldn't have been distracted, and Eponine wouldn't have been shot. It was all his fault.

"I'm so sorry 'Ponine, I never wanted you to get hurt." Eponine gave him a weak smile.

"It doesn't matter...matter now. I...I don't feel any pain. It's time." A tear slid down Eponine's cheek.

"No, it can't be Eponine. You will get better, and..."

"'s time. Tell Gav I...I love him and...and I'll see...see him soon." Eponine spoke in shaky breaths, her voice getting weaker.

"I will. I love you Eponine." Enjolras let go of Eponine's hand and wiped the tears from her cheeks. Tears were welling up in Enjolras' eyes, but he wouldn't let them spill.

"I...I love you...too." Eponine whispered. She let out one last breath and her eyes fluttered shut.

Enjolras pressed a kiss to Eponine's forehead, finally letting his tears fall.

"Goodbye 'Ponine." He whispered, before heading back out to fight.

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