Just a little moment between My OC and Captain Callan of Providence :D

Vanessa belongs to me. Callan belongs to MAN OF ACTION!

"Ummmm. Mmmmm. Ohhh!" Captain Nick Callan groaned out into the air.

"Dang, Darling." Chuckled Vanessa. "If this is how you act when I work on your hands, what'll you act like when I get to your feet?"

Vanessa was giggling and grinning, as Callan had his head thrown back with his hand in Vanessa's grip, her fignertips pressing down on precise points on the back and front inducing pleasureable moans. She shook her head as she poured oil into her hand to smear onto the back of his left hand as she winked at him, when he rose his head to look at her for her 'Foot' comment.

"Don't touch my feet, Baby." Breathed Callan huskily, eyes hooded in a heated gaze directed at the Human EVO. "Not unless you've got an hour or two to spare."

At that Vanessa's peered at Callan with Cat-like hunger.

"Get Them Shoes Off, Daddy-O!"

Callan Laughed leaning to pek her on the cheek as they both worked on removing his shoes, this women was a real treat and he wouldn't trade her for Anything.