Code Geass: The Demon and the Monster

Guess Who's Back? ...Again

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#1 And so... It begins anew! Wonder what he's going to do this time?



It was early morning. There was a young man who had woken up in the middle of a strange city, not knowing where he was, nor how he got there.

Well, the young man found himself standing outside of a rather large, ornate gate to an even larger, MORE ornate school. There was a plaque next to the gate, which read Ashford Academy.

The man was tall, broad of shoulder and neck, wearing a leather jacket, black cargo pants, T-shirt, gloves and boots. It was obvious he was heavily muscled, for even the extra large coat seemed just a wee bit tight on his bulky frame. His hair was a grown-out buzzcut, just barely within military standards. His face was handsome, absent of any facial hair, with piercing blue-green eyes.

Yeah, we all know who he is by now, hm? The man smiled, recalling what the first answer he'd gotten when he 'woke up'

"Where are we? This is Area 11. It used to be called Japan, before it was conquered by Britannia."

'Now when was the last time I watched Code Geass? Hm. It's been awhile, but no matter. That dumb kid got through hell and back without me, he'll be even better off with me. All I've heard today is that Shinjuku was a battlefield yesterday, so that means...'

He shook his head, before walking through the gates, heading for the main building of the academy. He'd at least be able to talk with the brat today, and deal with anything else by tomorrow at the latest.

"Well. This should be fun."


Whistling a cheery tune, I walked inside the elaborate building, and found the main office to be right in front of me. Going into the slightly cluttered area, I swiftly found the secretary.

She was a young woman, in her early to mid-twenties. I figured playing on my good looks would work best here.

"Excuse me, miss?" She looked up, probably having not heard my entry. I saw her eyes widen, only a little, but when she licked her lips, that was the tipoff. Hook, line and sinker.

"Yes? Can I help you?" Well, she didn't hesitate to take in the view. Her eyes examined every inch that was visible under my jacket, and I was once again thankful for my 5.11 T-shirt. It really drew the eye to my chisled abs and pecs.

"Yeah, actually. I don't suppose you could direct me to the principal's office?" She nodded, her eyes never leaving mine. With languid precision, she leaned back in her chair before pointing towards a door further back in the small office space. On the door was a placard that read Rueben Ashford, Principal. Nice.

I thanked her and made my way over, knocking twice. Within moments, I heard a gruff voice from inside.


Going inside, I found the old man sitting behind a large oak desk. The room was simple, but had a good few hints at nobility. Expensive shelves full of ancient-looking books, a box of what looked like cuban cigars, and a cabinet filled with expensive scotch. He was definitely the type to enjoy the good things in life.

"Can I help you?" He was an older man, his hair grey, with a grown-out goatee-turned-beard. I could see distinct laugh lines, and his eyes were filled with mirth. A jovial old man.

"Yes, sir. I'm looking for one Lelouch Lamperouge?" His eyes widened by a fraction for just over half a moment, before his expression returned to normal.

"Oh? I'm sorry, but I cannot reveal any information on students to non-relatives."

I raised an eyebrow. I'd come up with a plausible reason already, and had been reciting it in my head for a good half hour on the way here. "I'm a member of the OSI. My orders were to come and watch out the young Lelouch vi Britannia, as well as his sister. Make sure they don't get hurt."

The older gentleman's eyes bugged out of his head. If not for his experience with shocking people for fun, he would've shouted. I tried not to smile. "How... Nevermind. If you're here, the Emperor knows-" I interrupted.

"I was given carte blanche on this assignment, so don't worry about it. I'm just here to make sure they don't die, ya? Though I'd prefer if you didn't tell him until I do. Despite what you might think, old Charles does care for his children, if not in the way a proper parent should. I'll just be stopping by his class and giving a short message, before awaiting him in his dorm. I know you already have a full-time bodyguard and maid stationed for them, but the Emperor is paranoid, with good reason." I moved closer, lowering my voice.

"You see, Clovis was killed yesterday, and the Emperor had me on the next flight out here just in case someone was out for royal blood. There will be an announcement of the matter later today." I was thankful of my ability to keep my face expressionless, because the way the old man's jaw dropped and eyes bugged, he looked absolutely comical, except he was completely serious.

"The V-viceroy was- Dear lord. What is this world coming to?" He shook his head, looking far older than he had when I walked in.

Shrugging, I said, "Not sure, war is a way of life for Britannia. I just do what I'm told. Hell, I don't even get paid very much."

He sighed, before writing down something on a slip of paper and handing to to me. "This is Lelouch's class schedule, though he skips more classes than he attends these days." I nodded, pocketing the list.

"You have my thanks, Lord Ashford. Have a good one." I turned and left, glancing at the first thing on the short list. Room 349, calculus.

Poor bastard.


I was thankful that the old man bought my lies, but I did have a little bit of proof. I mean, I knew a secret that no one was supposed to know. Chuckling to myself at a plan well-executed, I found the room I was looking for.

Judging from the sounds from within, class had yet to start. I walked inside, the door already open. The teacher wasn't there yet, I found out. There were various academy students sitting around, males in a black jacket and pants with gold trim, females in a black skirt with a cream-colored jacket and black tie. Fancy enough, at least, for a private academy.

Within moments, I spotted several male students standing around what looked like some sort of laptop computer. They were googly-eyed at a video feed of what looked like a warzone. Shinjuku, at a guess. I didn't spot my quarry, so I meandered over to them, all the while ignoring the stares that were thrown my way.

Most of them from the feminine populace. Heheh.

"See? It's true! The elevens used poison gas!"Dork number one.

"Yeah, man! They even called in the knightmares!" Dork number two.

"Bunch of terrorists... Why do they do this to people?!"This guy? A fucking idiot. They all are.

I made sure I was standing right behind them before I spoke. "Are all three of you that stupid?" They all spun, along with two others who had been observing from next to them.

Since they offered no immediate answer, I kept going. "Look at the bodies they show. Gas doesn't kill people with bullets. And those aren't terrorists; they were civillians. Terrorists would not only be armed, they would be wearing gear for carrying ammunition. They'd also be shot in the front, not the back. Beyond those discrepancies, the wounds inflicted on those shown are from Britannian-issued weaponry. Can any of you comprehend what that means?" No answer, since they were staring at me wordlessly. I guess I'm a bit too intimidating sometimes, heheh. I noticed out of the corner of my eye that a certain boy with violet eyes walked in right about now.

When they still didn't answer, I shook my head. "I didn't think so. You all go to this fancy private school, but none of you show basic problem solving? Let me make this clear; that video is propaganda. The people killed in Shinjuku were civillians that were gunned down by Britannian soldiers on Clovis' orders. The ratio of armed rebels to innocents was three to twenty, and that's being generous. For every twenty people, three of them were actual terrorists. Most of them were unarmed, and those that were posed no threat to the military. It was a wholesale slaughter; that entire thing was a pointless show of bloodshed. There never was any toxic gas, such a weapon would have been taken to a military base, not back into the ghettos. Beyond that, it goes against international treaties, and the Elevens, as you call them, lack the equipment to manufacture that kind of ordnance. Tell me something; do any of you condone killing a hundred people to find one terrorist?"

"Those aren't people! They're elevens!"

Oooh, now I'm angry. I turned to face the soon-to-be-dead punk "...Boy you have no idea how close you are to being thrown out the nearest window. Conquering a country does not make it's people less than human. If I cut you open, you'll bleed the same blood as any of the Japanese. Did you not take basic biology? Being born Britannian doesn't make you superior to others, it just means you have a softer upbringing. And if you disagree with that, go take it up with the people in the ghettos. They'll set you straight."

I ignored him from there on, turning towards where Lelouch was(looking slightly green) ignoring the procedings.

"Lelouch, there you are." I walked over to him. When he saw that I was after him and looked military, he swallowed drily. I was sure he was running through his options, considering his actions. "I need to chat with you later. It's about what happened yesterday, but you're not in trouble, so don't start running for the hills. Though you could use the exercise."

His eye twitched at my mention of his lacking physique. I turned to leave, not giving him a chance to question me. "I'll be waiting in your dorm. Come meet me when you've got a free minute."

Eheh, I was sure he'd get questioned by everyone, so I left him to his torment. I nearly bumped into the teacher on my way out, but a quick bit of side-stepping saved me from explaining my presence.


I whistled as I walked, moving out of the building and making my way to the clubhouse, as they called it. Lelouch and Nunally's dorm was there, so I could hang out and raid their fridge until Lulu showed up.

Good times.

Walking inside the place, I made my way up a set of stairs, turning right and letting my feet carry me to another automatic door. It slid open, revealing a short entryway into a dining room. In there was a table, and sitting at said table, was a young Japanese woman dressed in a maid outfit. I started having flashbacks of a certain hispanic woman in a maid outfit, with thick glasses and a trunk full of guns. I involuntarilly shuddered at the memory.

Shaking that thought away, I walked inside, the maid noticing me and placing the book she had been reading on the table before standing. She was strikingly beautiful. I then noticed she had a few spots on her outfit that seemed not to move at all, which meant something underneath was weighing it down. Knives, I gathered.

Hm. Definitely a ninja.

"Yes? Master Lelouch and Mistress Nunnally are currently in class." Her stance... Respectful, graceful, and yet she kept her hands near several of those weighted areas. Aha.

"I know, miss Sayoko. I'm here to wait for Lelouch to stop by for a little chat. I'll try not to be a nuisance. Say, did you design that outfit? You hide them well, but I can still see you have weapons hidden on your person." Not even a twitch. She was very well-trained, extremely disciplined.

Though she did raise an eyebrow. "You as well, it seems."

I grinned. "You show me yours, I'll show you mine."

Despite how crude and lame this attempt at breaking the ice was, she smiled. "I'll pass, thank you." Chuckling, I shook my head as I moved over and sat down, intent on waiting for the end of class, when Lelouch would almost certainly show up to question me. Good thing I'd picked up some sunglasses for the situation.

I politely ignored the twinge that went through her body when I started moving towards her, as she fought back her reflexes and muscle memory.

After getting comfortable, (And managing not to kick my feet up) I noticed she was still standing. "Seems you've been trained very well, but you don't need to stand on ceremony. I'm a home invader, not a guest." She chuckled lightly at that, sitting down and picking up the book she'd been reading earlier.

But she did ask some non-threatening questions. Or seemingly non-threatening. "So who are you, sir?"

"My callsign is R2. I am what you might call a compatriot of Lelouch's. Saying we have similar goals is the closest description I can give. As to what, exactly... I'm an American soldier. My country has long been lost, and I am the last of my kind. Though without the flowery language, I'm a good-for-nothing guy who happens to be an experienced commando and ladies' man."

Even without looking up from the passage in her book, she raised an eyebrow and smiled. "That's a strange nickname. So which one do you have more experience with, R2?"

"Hard to tell these days. I just know I've gained battle-scars from both." She laughed outright, my sterling self-depreciative humor bringing her around. Or at least keeping her from getting edgy.

"Did you say you were American? I've never heard of such a place." She didn't seem to look up from her book, but I could feel her eyes on me, studying my reactions.

"It was a country that existed where mainland Britannia now sits. Though proud, we never stood a chance against a superior opponent that had the advantage of economics, numbers, technology and allies. And strong I may be, but one man a country does not make."

She looked up at me, slight surprise evident in her gorgeous features. (She was damned fine looking. Those kind, motherly eyes reminded me of Sarah) "The mainland? I don't quite understand. Britannia has always possessed the homeland. The last dispute over ownership of the original colonies was nearly two hundred years ago."

I simply smiled. "The revolution is now called Washington's Rebellion, isn't it? Those under General Georgie-boy's command, and all who followed him, called themselves Americans. Their goal was to kick the British out of the colonies for their mistreatment of the colonists, and create a democratic government called the United States of America. A place of freedom, where religion, ethnicity, financial and personal backgrounds would matter naught. It was to be a land of opportunity, where one could start over and make a life of their own, where the power was in the hands of the people, instead of corrupt government officials or stuffy, greedy aristocrats." I basically summed up the goal of the Black Knights, and the entire reason for the creation of the USA. (But guess what's going on now, hm? Corrupt gov't. A stagnant society of people who don't give a fuck)

"That's... A very different version of what's been written in the history books." I then toook notice of what she had been reading; The Amulet of Samarkand. The hell? The Bartimaeus trilogy is in this world as well? Huh, that's interesting.(Lovely series. I don't own it, but I highly recommend it)

"History is written by the victor. You of all people should know that, living as a servant of those who basically enslaved your homeland. Old Ben Franklin wasn't just bribed; he was threatened, coerced and alternatively begged to betray the general. I'd still flay him if he still drew breath, but the past is just so; it cannot be changed."

Boy, am I a hypocrite for saying that.

"True enough. But how would you know that? It was two centuries ago." I smiled the most enigmatic smirk I have.

"I've aged well, if I say so myself. I certainly don't look three hundred years old, do I?" Again, talking outta my ass. But when C2 (I know it's C.C., but in english, it was butchered to C-Two. And that's how it's said in english, so I'm putting C2 for simplicity's sake. And for uniformity, since I'm called R2 as a triple joke. Star Wars, the second season of Code Geass, and R for- You know) shows up, it'll make much, much more sense to the others. Hopefully, it will keep Lelouch from trying to geass me in the future, too.

She quirked an eyebrow. "I've never heard of anyone living for over one hundred years. Even Britannian medical science isn't that advanced."

"There's a reason no one knows. When I said I was the last of my kind, I didn't mean the Americans. There are several of those, whether they know it or not."

She tilted her head, looking quite puzzled. "For a soldier, you're very perplexing." I grinned.

"I'll take that as a compliment." While she sat there for a moment, looking like she was deciding which question to hit me with, we heard the door open. I turned my head, observing as Lelouch walked inside, looking slightly flustered.

As he walked in, Sayoko stood up, bowing respectfully to the brat. "Master Lelouch, aren't classes still in session?"

"They are, Sayoko, but I have more important things to attend to. Namely the man you've been getting to know for the past hour." I chuckled as I stood, enjoying the chastising look she gave him.

"My lord, you mustn't skip class so often. You'll get yourself into trouble and worry your sister needlessly." It was rather amusing the way she spoke to him as both an elder sister and servant, having power over him, yet having to obey his orders. Such an interesting dynamic.

"Sayoko, you're starting to sound disturbingly similar to Shirley."

She smiled, looking amused, I suppose. "Then she is merely trying to look out for your best interests, young master."

"I understand, Sayoko. Thank you for your concern, but may I have a few minutes to discuss things with our guest?" Polite or not, Sayoko understood the dismissal. She bowed and took her leave, exiting the area but-quick. He then turned his gaze onto me.

During the back and forth between them, I took the time to put on my new sunglasses, making sure I was prepared in case he at least tried to hit me with his geass. As he stared at me with no small amount of distrust, I chuckled. "Your room, lord Lelouch?"

I saw his eyes widen, and flick towards the entryway.

"You can't outrun me, kid. I'm here as an ally, not an enemy. If I had any ill intentions, I'd've acted the moment your ninja-maid's back was turned." He swallowed, but nodded, seeing the logic in my words. Or just understanding that I wasn't kidding when I said he couldn't outrun me. He turned to his right, moving towards a door next to a large china cabinet.


I followed him, keeping a two-foot distance between us. Once inside what looked like a dorm room, I shut the door behind me as he turned to face me.

"Who are you? What is it you want?"

Smirking, I replied, "I'm called R2. What I want is the same thing as you."

His eye twitched. "What I want now is answers."

Smartass. "The destruction of Britannia, fallen Prince."

His eyes widened slightly, before narrowing dangerously. "How do you-?"

Interrupting badass! "Know such things? I wouldn't have lived for three centuries if I wasn't a clever son of a bitch. By the way, figure I'd mention this, that party trick of yours probably won't work on me. You know how it works, don't you?" His eyes widened, but he said nothing. "Didn't think so. It's called geass; the power of kings. Yours is optical, requiring eye contact. Max distance is as far as you can make eye contact and they can hear what you say. It can be reflected, but won't work through colored lenses, which is why I'm wearing sunglasses. Just to be sure, ya? Now, do you know the greatest weakness of your ability?"

Lelouch outright glared at me. "No, but how would you?" I merely chuckled.

"I know most everything, boy. Your left eye can only affect a person once, after that they're immune to it. Any order you give that goes against a person's very nature will be resisted, and they might even break free of it's control. Orders given will be open to interpretation, so try to be specific. However, just saying 'obey me' should suffice for most situations. Also, you aren't the only one who possesses geass."

Now his eyes shot wide open. "Who else?" I smiled, looking forward to this little mindfuck.

"Your father, the Emperor, for one. The knight of one, Bismarck, also has geass." His jaw dropped, and he looked completely stunned. I snickered. "That's a good look for you, Lelouch, real cute."

Lulu openly gawked at me. "Now isn't the time for jokes! I just now find out the Emperor has- Wait. Do you know what kind of geass they have?" He sounded desperate, and I was tempted to lead him on.

Oh-so tempted. That's how your father bedded Marianne! Ha-ha-ha! "Of course. What kind of ally would I be if I wasn't thorough? Your father can erase and rewrite the memories of anyone he has eye contact with. Bismarck can read the future movements of others, though he rarely ever uses it. A chinese man by the name of Mao can read minds, all the way to the subconscience, out to five hundred metres, and is obsessed with C2. Say, have you seen her?"

He stared at me, his features scrunched up in puzzlement. "C2...? I've never met anyone with that name."

I tilted my head, saying, "Of course you have. The green-haired woman who gave you geass?"

His eyes widened, then seemed slightly anguished. "She... She died yesterday." I snorted a laugh.

"Died? You must not have stuck around long enough. She's an immortal, and I'd wager she'll show up later tonight. Then demand pizza for making her hunt you down. Don't ask, I don't know why she loves the stuff. She just does."

"Um, alright, but how do you know all this?" I shrugged.

Time to lie! "I'm not sure. I fell asleep some twenty years ago and just woke up this morning in some back alley. I've been following my gut instinct so far, going by the information burned into my mind. It's rather annoying, but I can't remember a whole lot from before falling asleep."

He didn't exactly look convinced. "Okaaay. But why are you here? Why tell me all this?"

Again, I shrugged. "Felt like the right thing to do. Believe it or not, I'm an American; one of the followers of General George Washington. I'm not immortal like that green-haired witch, but I've lived a long time. I've watched as Britannia has risen and become a corrupt momument to the avarice of humanity. And I intend to bring it down around the Emperor's ears. What happens after that? Dunno. I'm a soldier, not a politician. I have found that you're the best chance I have of reaching my goal, so I'm throwing my lot in with you. You proved that you can fight Britannia in Shinjuku, so I'm sure you can at least try to back up your boast about obliterating it."

The fallen Prince's eyes widened once more, before he spoke. "Very well. So what is it you can do?"

Grinning wickedly, I said, "I'm a commando, and one of the most well-trained soldiers in existance. Give me an hour inside one of those fancy knightmares I've heard so much about, and I'll be able to match your elder sister in combat. Close quarters is my specialty, with frontline assaults on heavily fortified positions being a close second. Infiltration and assassination are my standard MOS, with sniping being my final option. Is there anything else you wish to know?"

Suddenly, his features turned dark, taking the overtone of someone who has long suffered. "Do you know who killed my mother?"

Ah. How to answer that? "I do. Believe me, you don't want to know the full story."

His eyes narrowed. "Tell me!" he growled, sounding far more dangerous than he had a moment ago.

"Very well. V2; Emperor Charles' brother, an immortal who granted him geass. C2 knows more about that little bastard than I do. However, hunting your mother's killer may be important, but forging a future for your sister takes priority. The living before the dead."

Lelouch's expression was contorted with both anger, pain and sorrow. "I know that! But I'll still kill him... There's no such thing as a true immortal."

Heheh, I like his spirit. "Now you're talkin'. We'll cross that bridge when we come to it, but I recommend dropping him in molten metal. Also, you need to know this. Geass has a fundamental flaw; it gets stronger as you use it, eventually becoming permanently active. Then it spreads to both eyes. From there, it will either corrupt and destroy you, or you will overcome and master it. After that, well, I'll let C2 explain it. It's her wish, after all."

He blinked. "She mentioned fulfilling a contract, but I saw her die. How can she-?"

"Get back up? Mate, I've seen her beheaded. Give it a day or two and she'll get back up, screw her head back on and nag the fuck outta you. I don't know how it works, but it does. We'll worry about that when she gets here. And I mean when, not if. Anywho. What do we do now? There anything you can think of?" He looked contemplative, but I cut in before he could decide. "Remember, I'm in this with you now. I've entrusted you with enough information to guarantee my execution, so trust me."

The boy nodded. "There was a girl who was in Shinjuku, and she's here in this school. She was one of the terrorists."

I widened my eyes with false surprise. "Did you use geass on her?" He shook his head. "Alright. You bring her here, and we'll have a nice little chat. She was apart of the terrorist group you used to trounce Clovis' forces, right?"

He nodded once more. "What do you have in mind?"

I grinned evilly. "She was a fiery redhead, right? I have a few impressions... I'll wing it. We need allies, right?" He nodded quite reluctantly. I think he was a bit disturbed by my macabre expression. "Then we recruit us a handfull of freedom fighters. With your charm, you can easily get her here, right? After that, just follow my lead and don't do anything stupid. Fair enough?"

Lelouch nodded, looking annoyed once again. "I have a bad feeling about this."

Shrugging, I joked, "First time you're getting a girl your age in your room and you have a bad feeling? That is what we call a boner, my friend. Get used to it."

Unfortunately, he didn't dignify that with a response, instead choosing to walk out to find that redhead.

I set up my position, chuckling all the while, right beside the entryway in the blindspot of anyone who walked inside, until I was right on top of them.


As Lelouch walked out the door, he paused.

'Why did I agree to that?' He then felt himself getting gibsmacked by the author.

"Because I fucking said so, bitch. Now move, we haven't got all page to sit here and listen to you whine."

'...Works for me. Seems there is no fourth wall today.'


I didn't have to wait long. Only twenty minutes before I heard the door slide open, two distinct sets of footfalls walking inside. I waited, rather impatiently.

As Lelouch walked by me, he didn't react to my presence, being a halfway decent actor. Three steps later, a busty young redhead with hooded eyes and a vacant expression,(but with very lively eyes) walked by. Nearly not noticing me, but going too far to react fast enough.

The moment her back was to me, she knew she was done for. But I'll give her credit; she swung her leg to try and kick me, though not nearly fast enough.

With deft precision, I grabbed both her forearms, twisting them behind her back and holding both with one hand, pushing her forward and slamming her torso flat on the table.

In the time it took for that to happen, Lelouch barely spun around, caught sight of the scene, barely opened his mouth, when I spoke.

"Freeze, terrorist." Immediately, whatever Lelouch was about to say died on his tongue. But he didn't react, showing great restraint.

The girl was thrashing wildly, but went deathly still the moment I said 'terrorist' and her whole body went slack.

Yet she didn't say a word.

"Now that I have your attention... Miss Stadfeld? Or do you prefer Kozuki?"

"Fuck you."

If she had been facing me, I'm sure she would've spat in my face. "How eloquent. Though fitting, given your situation. So Kallen, do you know who we are?"

"Britannian scum!"

I smirked. She was a livewire, alright. "Half right. He's Britannian, I'm not. Do you know why I had him bring you here?"

"You want to blackmail me, otherwise the cops would be here already. If you try what I know you're thinking off, I'll bite it off." She snarled, earning a wince from Lelouch. I merely chuckled amusedly.

"My kinda girl. But no, you're a wee bit young for me, lass. Try again in ten years. Anywho, we both know who and what you are, Q1. But, do you know who my friend over there is?"

She paused in her constant growling. 'Who was he? What a stupid question. But he knew the callsign she'd been given in Shinjuku.'

"Lelouch Lamperouge."

I nodded, though she couldn't see it. I had eased the pressure on her back, but I wasn't taking a chance on her kicking me, so she was still pressed against it quite firmly.

"Good. Lelouch, mind telling her the truth?" I looked at him.

He gave me a glare that said This better work, before looking into Kallen's eyes. "Miss Kozuki, you have perfect marks in history, right? What were the names of consort Marianne's children?"

I could feel it, the girl blinked owlishly. Random trivia on the royal family? "Lelouch and Nunnally. Why are you aking me this?"

Lulu smiled pleasantly. "And what was Marianne's maiden name?"

Again, the girl blinked before she damned near shit herself. (I was glad she didn't. These were the only pair of pants I had, after all)

"L-lamperouge..." Kallen was then struck with dawning realisation; she was a terrorist, confronted by a prince of the country she was terrorizing. 'Yeah, Kallen, you've gotten yourself royally screwed now!' Her mind snarked, taunting herself. Then she dreaded what was going to happen to her-

When she was let up, as the man who'd held her in place released her arms and stepped back, well away from her. She shot straight up, turned and looked at him, before looking back towards the young prince.

"R2, did you have to scare her this badly?"

I grinned, chuckling. "It's always more fun to mess with people than just tell them outright. At least now she knows better than to brick your balls, ya?"

Scowling, she snarled, "I'll still kick yours if you don't start explaining why the hell you brought me here." Once again, she sounded like a true tsundere. Now it was Lulu's turn to chuckle.

"Kallen, do you mind if I call you that? I was the one who directed you and your compatriots yesterday."

I piped up, interrupting him. "And the one who killed Clovis, though they haven't announced it yet."

Lelouch's eyes widened again, astounded by my knowledge. "That, as well. R2, would you rather explain, since you're so fond of interrupting?"

Smart kid. He took 'follow my lead' quite well.

"Fair enough." At my words, Kallen turned, facing me and taking in my appearance. "Kallen, I am called R2. The boy over there is the exiled Prince, and the world's greatest hope of destroying Britannia. As is, we are two people against a nation that encompasses a third of the world. So to accomplish our goal, we require men and women who are willing to do that which others can not."

Thoroughly puzzled, further still by the fact that she was still alive, the redhead blinked and asked, "What does that have to do with me?"

"You're a member of the rebels who were able to repel Clovis' forces. We need soldiers, you need a way to fight back against Britannia. I see a mutually beneficial agreement here."

"But we're just a resistance group. How can a handfull of people fight against the empire?"

I grinned. "That, my fiery friend, is where things get interesting. You see, I am the last of Washington's rebels, a guerilla fighter whose struggle has gone on for nearly two centuries. I've grown tired of watching Britannia's avarice, so I sought out someone who has the potential to destroy Britannia. The young prince here hates Britannia more than anyone else I know of, and he possesses a unique gift, called geass. It allows him to command anyone to do anything he desires; to bend the will of others as he sees fit."

Her features scrunched up in puzzlement and sardonic irritation/disbelief. "...You're kidding, right? This is bullshit."

Chuckling, I stated, "It may be, but if a cart of bullshit is all that is needed to obliterate Britannia from the face of the earth, would you take it? A demonstration is in order, I suppose." I looked at Lelouch. "Err, do you have anything in mind? I've got something, but it'll earn a good few lumps."

He raised an eyebrow. "I thought you had this all planned out. And why are you telling her about it?"

"Because if she is to trust us, we have to trust her. She's a damned fine knightmare pilot, which is good enough to warrant some risk. If she goes and blabs about geass, who's going to believe her, anyway? Right, Kallen?"

She looked annoyed. "Don't talk about me like I'm not here." I chuckled again before looking back at Lelouch with a wicked grin.

"Face Lelouch and look him in the eye." I walked around her, moving over to Lelouch. "Lend me your phone?" He pulled out his cellphone, handing it to me.

"This thing gets video, right?" I flicked it open, turned and faced Kallen, found the video record button, and pressed it. "Order her to take off her top." I could tell, he was smirking. Before Kallen could make an indignant protest, he complied, somewhat interested in seeing those lovely mounds himself.

"Lelouch vi Britannia commands you... Show me your tits." I busted out laughing, barely holding the phone steady. What a punk!

As the geass worked its way into her mind, her eyed become hooded, a red tinge around her irises. "Yes, my lord." Her voice sounded, ah, hollow. As if she were a robot, not a human being. Hm.

She unbuttoned her jacket, removing it before undoing her tie and then unbuttoning her blouse. She slipped it off, before reaching behind her and unclasping her bra. Once it fell from her shoulders, we got a damn fine view of her fine, fiiiine breasts. Very nice; dusty pink areolas, firm but perky, and they were at least a small D cup.

After a few moments, the red ringing her eyes dissipated and she blinked, before looking around, then down. "Eeahh!" She covered her chest with her arms, glaring at us. "W-w-w-what the fuck?!"

I ended the recording, stating, "As I said, geass. Believe me now?" She flipped me off, picking up her shirt and putting her bra back on as Lelouch and myself chuckled. Once she was dressed and decent again, she walked over, pulled her hand back, and-


"Perverts!" Slapped both of us. I just laughed outright, whereas Lelouch rubbed the red handprint that now graced his face. "Yes, I believe you now. And if you ever do that again-"

I cut her off. "There was a reason for that. Other than getting to see your lovely curves, that is.(Here, she snarled, just a bit) Geass can only affect someone once. I wanted you to know that whatever choice you make, it is of your own volition. Also," I turned my hand so she could see what was recorded on the phone. "So you know that geass is indeed real."

She very quickly snatched the phone from my grasp, hitting the delete button at least a dozen times. "F-fucking pervert!" She growled, thoroughly tempted to just smash the thing on the floor.

"...Can I have my phone back, now?"


She returned his phone, and we all sat down to discuss what kind of partnership we would have. (She grudgingly agreed to become allies, since even she was impressed by the victory they were given by his strategic genius)

"So just what do you mean by allies?" Kallen asked, wary of both of us.

"You and your friends follow Lelouch's orders, under a psuedonym, of course, and as time passes, we create a revolution. For now, we need to introduce Lulu to your friends and make them believe he's a real-deal miracle worker."

Kallen parroted the phrase with a dumb look on her face. "Miracle worker?"

Lelouch cut in. "He means when all seems hopeless and someone manages to do the impossible. Like achieve victory over Britannia. I have a plan, but I cannot do it alone, even with this power."

She nodded, understanding.

"The other thing, Lelouch here is the brains. I'm his arm and moral compass. That means that if he ever falls into temptation and becomes like the rest of Britannia, I'll be there to gut him, personally. What we need is the sword; and that is where you and your friends come in. If together we can do the impossible, do you think the rest of your outfit will trust him and myself?"

She blinked, her head tilting in confusion. "What do you mean, the impossible?"

I smiled. "Lelouch killed Prince Clovis yesterday. Tonight, they are going to announce that the prince was murdered by Suzaku Kururugi, and he is to be put on trial for the cameras before they summarily execute him."

Lelouch's eyes bugged out as he shot to his feet. "What?! Suzaku's alive?!"

Oh, right. Forgot to tell him. I nodded the affirmative. "Yes. That boy is becoming fate's chewtoy these days. He was also the one piloting the white knightmare you both encountered in Shinjuku."

Kallen's mouth dropped. "They're executing one of their best pilots?! Why?!" She was shocked, in a word.

"Suzaku was in that thing?!" Lelouch was also shocked. Forgot to tell him about that, too.

"Why...? Why not? He's just an honorary Britannian, and the perfect scapegoat for the purists. Jeremiah is the lead prosecutor and is ignoring the testimony provided by the technicians of that new knightmare. It's a set-up, obviously. Personally, I'd go and kill Gottwald right now, but he is loyal to you, Lelouch. All you need to do is go and show him you're alive; he'd go to the ends of the earth to honor Marianne's memory."

"How do you know all this?" Once again, he was shocked by my in-depth knowledge. And my audacity. I smiled.

"Jeremiah was apart of your mother's guard. He sees her death as his personal failure, and his precious pride and loyalty will not allow him to fail. He is a true patriot. I can't tell you how I know it was Suzaku in that knightmare, but it doesn't matter. Not yet. Beyond all that, Kallen, if we can save Kururugi from the military, will you believe that we are able to fight against Britannia?"

She nodded, eyes wide. "But- How? Even with everyone and those knightmares we have left, it's not enough."

I grinned widely. "Lelouch, put that brain of yours to work. I believe Zero's debut would do nicely, hm?"

The fallen Prince grinned, a wicked sight that sent chills down my spine. Kallen herself shuddered, feeling as though she was witnessing the birth of a demon. "Yes... It would. Kallen, have your friends follow you to Tokyo Tower at 1600 hours. Further instructions will follow. Tell them you were contacted by the voice from the radio and nothing more." I could see the gears in his head turning, the intelligence in those eyes spinning. It was disturbing, knowing I was in the presence of an evil genius.

Our newly-recruited redheaded ace swallowed, standing up and turning to leave. "Oy, Kallen." She turned, looking back at me.

I held up a small pink pouch I'd nicked from her pocket during our struggle. She hadn't even noticed. Heheheheh, I still got it. "This belongs to you, doesn't it?" Her eyes widened, and she placed a hand on her jacket pocket before smartly walking over and taking it from my hands and leaving without a word.

Turning to look Lulu in the eye, I deadpanned, "I think she likes you." Lelouch facepalmed, groaning.

'This guy...'



Sorry, yeah, I said it would be the last time Roy got mentioned, but he bribed me. I swear! He did! He offered me pudding!

"Who dares to trifle with my pudding?!"

Oh. Thaaat's where he got it. Well, I'm doomed. But at least I got to see Cecile naked! Awesomesauce!

Allll over her face.

"Cecile, why is your face covered in my delicious pudding?! Are you the one who has been stealing it?!"

Pffhahahahahahahahahaaaa! That's not vanilla!