Code Geass: The Demon and the Monster

Guess Who's Back? ...Again

My standard form of writing applies.

" " - Spoken

' ' - Thought

( ) - Commentary. I'm a smartass. You should know what goes here. My smartass commentary. Usually funny, always interesting.

Italics- Usually things of importence. Flashbacks and certain things are in italics to seperate them from the rest of the story.

Bold!- Things like this are things that just stand out. Usually pretty badass, or just really scary.

Underlined words are oddball parts; this is for generic seperation of a variety of things. Lyrics, notes, other languages, sign language, ect.


#2 Now let's get the ball a-rollin'!



As I chuckled over my admittedly lame joke, Lelouch was plotting and planning. I let him think his way through everything, but he looked at me and asked a question. "Is there anything you can tell me about what Jeremiah is going to do?"

"I think so. He'll be leading Suzaku in a convoy along one of the main routes. Knowing his pride, you'd easily be able to get him to stop and confront you. Also... The rest of the military still believes that the canister C2 was held in contains poison gas. You thinking what I'm thinking?"

He grinned, a wickedly frightening, chilling sight.(Like seeing Feinstein and Hillary announcing that they intend to run for the 2016 election) "Indeed, I am. A massive bluff. But first, I need several things."

I raised an eyebrow, asking, "A replica of Clovis' car? A costume? Maybe a fog machine? And perhaps, a way to actually survive the encounter?"

The violet-eyed Prince blatantly stared at me in utter shock and disbelief. "Are you sure you're not the mind reader?"

I chuckled and smirked at his expression. "Not at all. You're just easily predictable. You come up with plans that are insane, far-fetched, and guaranteed to work. That kinda narrows it down."

"...I'll take that as a yes."

While he was busy planning, I pulled up a very valid point. "Oh, before I forget, I told the principal that I'm an OSI guard posted by your father. In case he approaches you about it, act like you already know, but that you're still shocked that the emperor knows you're alive. Least our stories will be the same."

He looked at me. "OSI? Well that explains why he gave you free roam."

I shrugged. "It's half true. I am your guard, but more against your own temptations than anything else. Oh yeah, I heard Milly was planning on abducting- I mean, inducting Kallen into the student council."

Lelouch blinked, his head tilted. "She is? Hm. Well, that does sound like her."

"You'd best go and mediate, otherwise they'll drive her insane. By the way, Rivalz got ahold of some champagne. With your luck, Kallen will get soaked in the stuff, and you'll wind up walking in on her in the shower." I kept my tone jovial, but I wondered what he would say if today's original series of events goes through.

Deus ex machina.

He rolled his amethyst eyes. "Riiight." Well, nuts to him, then. If it actually happens the way it did in the anime, then he'll learn better than to doubt me.

Aaaanywho, he wrote down a few things, then went back to his classes after telling me not to break anything. Punk.

I decided to busy myself by... Well, shit. I got nothing. Gonna be bored as hell, today. Damnit. Shoulda brought some fuckin' sudoko.


Roughly four hours later, with Lelouch.

Lelouch quickly walked back into his dorm, thinking about how what R2 had said miraculously came true, only to find the big man balancing a rather large axe on his nose.

"What the hell are you doing?!" For a moment, Lelouch was worried he would drop the weapon, possibly injuring himself or worse, damaging the table. But no, he caught it deftly, twirling the weapon between his fingers as if it weighed nothing.

"Oh, just keeping busy. Lemme guess; Kallen got soaked in champagne, and you came here to fetch clean clothes for her?"

The prince blinked. "Yes, but... How did you-? Nevermind. I'll be back later." He went into his bedroom, collected an outfit he knew would fit her, and left the dorm, wondering if the man was psychic, or if he'd been following him around.

Several minutes of walking later, Lelouch knocked on the bathroom door, announcing himself.

"You can come in. I've drawn the curtain." He entered the humid, steaming room, shutting the door behind himself. As he ogled his classmate's silhouette, Lelouch thought to himself,

'Well, it seems he was right. I don't know whether I should feel happy or sad about that.'

"These are some of my clothes. I hope that's alright." He walked over to the sink and set them on the counter before leaning against it.

"That's fine. Wow. Borrowing clothes from a prince. You sure got back quickly, though. You went to the same dorm we met at earlier?"

Lelough nodded. "Yes. My sister and I live there, since she'd have difficulties living off in the dorms. The principal allowed it as a favor to us." Kallen paused, no longer scrubbing herself for a moment as she thought on that.

"Ah. The Ashford family was connected to the Empress. Though I suppose that isn't helping them much, these days."

"No, it isn't. After my mother's murder, myself and Nannully were exiled to Japan as political hostages to the Kururugi family. That is how I met Suzaku. He was a good friend, although we didn't get along right away. Until yesterday, I thought he was dead, though now I suppose he may very well become so."

Kallen was silent for a few moments, before responding with, "Do you really think you can save him?"

"No, I don't think I can. I know I can. He's a soldier now, but he is still my friend. Now that he has seen the corruption of Britannia for himself, he might join us."


She trailed off, prompting him to ask, "Yes? What is it?"

"What is your goal? Why are you doing this?"

He was silent, for a long, long, time.

When he finally answered, he chose his words carefully. "My goal is to create a softer, gentler world for my sister. One where she can live in peace, and find happiness. I chose this after I witnessed the corrupt, harsh reality of what my father has made this world into, after he sent us to our deaths when I questioned his complacency in my mother's murder. In order to do it, I will uphold the oath I once made. To obliterate Britannia from the face of the earth."

"But how? How can one man hope to destroy an empire, even with the power you have?"

The Prince shook his head, unsure himself of how he would go about it. "I do not know. Not yet, anyway. I intended to do it without this power, but it allows me to start much, much earlier."

She shifted uncomfortably, rolling her next question around on her tongue. "Your friend said it only works on someone once."

"R2 was telling the truth, though I'm not sure how he knew."

"...Can we trust him?"

Lelouch wasn't entirely sure of how he would answer that question if he asked himself. "He knows far more than he lets on, but I don't believe he intends us harm. If he wanted either of us dead, we would already be buried by now. If I had to guess, I would say he is doing this to amuse himself."

"To... Amuse himself?" Kallen was shocked; who would conspire to commit treason for laughs?

"He seems bored with life, so he does whatever he pleases to fill that void. R2 had said he was over three hundred years old, which would explain that mindset, if he truly was telling the truth."

She blinked, her trail of thought broken by that information. "Wait. Three hundred? There's no way."

"He introduced himself as one of Washington's rebels. That alone would give him reason to ally himself with me, but how he knew my intentions is a mystery."

"And he knew I had a knife. Is he psychic, or something?"

Lelouch's answer made her blink. "He might be. According to him, there are others who have similar powers to my own, and one of them can read minds. From what I can tell, Geass is the ability to manipulate the brain, like hypnosis. Mine allows me to order anyone to do anything, through eye contact. But only once."

The young woman shuddered despite the warm water, asking, "Others?"

"Apparently... The Emperor."

Kallen's mouth dropped. "Wha-! Oh, dear Kami."

"Indeed, though it matters naught. I'll find a way to deal with him, geass or not." Suddenly, they were interrupted.

*Knock, knock, knock!* "Kallen! Lelouch! You've been in there for a long time. I hope you aren't desecrating that shower! Not without me!"

Both teens blanched, Lelouch shooting to his feet and taking a step away from the shower, his cheeks stained dark crimson.

"Damnit Milly!" He muttered, moving over to the door and opening it, glaring at the giggling blonde.

"Ah-ha, there you are, Lulu. Oh? It seems I was right! We interrupted them, guys!" She gleefully announced, pointing at the bulge Lelouch had forgotten he'd acquired.

He had, indeed, been ogling Kallen's form in the shower after all.


Back with R2, sitting in Lelouch's dorm, paring his nails with a knife.

With disinterest, he noted footsteps approaching from outside.

'Hmm. Either Lelouch or Kallen, Sayoko moves too quietly for me to hear.'

As the door slid open, in walked a girl with bright green hair, wearing some kind of straightjacket-type outfit. Weird. As she stepped inside, she stared at me.

I nonchalatnly greeted her without looking up. "Oy. Sorry, the men in white coats won't be here until Thursday. Though your partner will be arriving shortly." As I looked up, I noted the look of surprise on her face, though she quickly schooled her expression back to cool disinterest.

"And just who are you?"

I flipped my knife. "I am called R2. It's nice to finally meet you, C2."

She continued to stare, eyes boring holed in my own."That doesn't answer my question."

Damn right. "It's not as if you'd answer any of mine, so I'd say we're even."

Her eyes narrowed. "What do you want?"

I raised an eyebrow, chuckling to myself. "Ah, what do I want... The same thing as Lelouch, to an extent. But for now, I'll trade you geass for answers."

Her eyes widened considerably as she stared me down. "You want geass?"

"Yes. As is, myself and Lelouch are fighting an empire. I'm a damned fine soldier, but I cannot take on an army by myself. Not yet. And besides, the more contracts you make, the greater the chance of one of them taking your Code. That's what you want, isn't it?"

Her eyes resembled saucers as she glared at me, thoroughly suspicous. "Who are you? And how do you know that?"

I simply smiled, quite pleasantly, even. "A contract for answers."

Her eyes narrowed to the thinnest of slits, and she didn't answer for a long time.


"It means be advised. I'm mean, nasty and tired. I eat concertina wire and piss napalm and I can put a round in a flea's arse at 200 meters. So why don't you go hump somebody else's leg, muttface, before I push yours in. "
-Clint Eastwood