Narrator's POV

"Daddy!" little Chloe said with her light brown hair, just like her father's, bounced up and down with each step she took. He scooped her up from the ground and spun her around hearing the giggles that brought light to his world.

"Oh my little princess you are getting bigger every day!" Daniel said sitting the six year old on a log. Chloe let out a small laugh.

"Daddy I got to get bigger! I want to be able to fight to save momma!" She said sitting up tall looking at Daniel with her dark eyes that looked just like her mothers. He gave her a slight smile not wanting her to see the true pain behind it.

"Of course my darling!" He said tickling Chloe. She let out giggles as she pushed away her fathers hands and attempted to run away but her picked her up and placed her back to where she was just sitting.

"Daddy when can I see momma again? I miss her!" Chloe said as tears feel from her eyes. Daniel sighed setting his daughter on his lap.

"Sweetie I will try my hardest to find her! But I can't tell you that story until you are grown more." He said smiling down at Chloe. Chloe smiled at him seeing the tears in his eyes.

"I bet you can't catch me!" Chloe said jumping off her father's lap and running off into the forest. He smiled and quickly chased after her.

"Dad?" Daniel shook his head and looked at his daughter who stood tall in front of him with her light hair moving with the wind. He merely smiled at her grabbing her shoulder.

"There is something you may need to know about your mother." Daniel said looking to his sixteen year old. He thought of how he should tell his child that her mother was evil. Time was frozen when Regina cast the curse and now they can finally get to her.

"What is is dad?" She says stopping in the middle of the forest. He smiles at her slightly hoping she would not worry.

"You know Queen Regina?" He questioned hoping she did't know all the terrible things that her own mother did because of her own grandmother.

"She cast this terrible curse! Does she have mom?" She questioned and he led her over to their favorite place to sit. The old tree still lay in the same spot it was twenty eight years ago like it was waiting for them to return and sit on it like they did every time they had an important talk.

"Sweetie, your mother was so loving but her mother wasn't." Chloe gave him a confused look. She could see the pain in his eyes and she gripped her father's hands.

"What happened?" She questioned hoping her mother wasn't dead. He sighed looking into his daughter's eyes so much like her mother's. He felt like her was with Regina again. He then looked at the innocence written on her face. He let out a sigh.

"Your mother is Regina darling." Chloe jumped off the tree and pulled her hands away looking at him with disbelief. This was far worse than finding out her mother was dead. Regina was such a terrible person she ruined lives and Chloe was her daughter and it made her want to scream.

"No! She is evil daddy!" Chloe yelled sounding so much like her mother did when talking about Cora.

"Princess, she was so kind but her mother turned her heart black when she killed me in front of her." Chloe covered her mouth it was all to much to handle. She felt tears fall.

"Why?" Was all she managed to get out. Daniel sighed and stood up and tried to grab Chloe's hand but she pulled away. "I want to know why!" She practically screamed.

"Cora, your grandmother, wanted Regina to marry the king, Snow White's father, but she loved me and we were going to run away. Cora faked killing me knowing it would make Regina the way she wanted her. She wanted her to rule the kingdom with evil. Then she had you! She loved you so much Chloe! Your grandmother gave you to me and I could hear Regina's sobs but I had to leave or she would have killed you! When Cora took you away from her that was the last straw." Chloe didn't know how to feel she felt that she should have anger to her mother but she felt no emotion she was to confused.

"Lets go get her then." She merely stated picking her supplies up and leading the way. She was going to get to Storybrooke if it killed her.


Regina stared at her hands. She couldn't stop thinking of her daughter for some strange reason. She remembered hearing her mother say her daughter was dead and she remembers sobbing at the lose of the only thing that gave her happiness anymore. She couldn't bear the pain of losing her and she did.

She shook the thoughts of that day out of her head and sighed remembering she got to see Henry today. She walked into her bathroom staring at the mirror she has never gotten up the courage to look at her daughter before. That day was the worst day in her entire life and she couldn't handle seeing her little girl suffer.

She felt the contractions tighter her torso as her father held onto her hand.

"Regina push the brat out!" Her mother screamed clearly getting annoyed. She wasn't happy at all with this pregnancy and it was clear on her face as she didn't even want to look at the child being born.

"Sweetie it will be alright!" Her father said knowing Cora's words made her worry. The doctor they had called frowned not hearing the child's cries.

"What is wrong with her?" Regina asked terrified for her daughters life. Then Cora turned with actual worry on her face like she truly cared for the child.

"She isn't alive Regina. I am so sorry!" The doctor said as he was about to lift the child to her only to have Cora snatch it away.

"No Mother I want to hold her!" Regina said with tears falling. She tried to get up but felt pain rush through her back making her fall back onto the pillows.

"No. I can't let you hold her it will only make you mourn the loved one you have lost." Cora said knowing her that this would break her daughter, she saw how pale and lifeless the little girl was in her arms. Most children you can't tell what they would end up looking like but she was gorgeous just like her mother had been. Cora gave a little smile as a tear stared ti form, but she wiped it before it could even form. What was wrong with her she didn't have any feeling for this child she hated it. Or did she.

Cora stormed out without saying a word only to hear her daughters pleas from behind her. She knew she had to do a spell quick that could bring back the child. She ran into her vault and opened her spell book. She remembered seeing the spell and laughing she wondered why someone would want to save the life of a newborn child but now she had the use.

After mixing up a potion she started to spinning wheel and pricked the child's finger. Soon she let out a little cry and her eyelids opened to reveal brown eyes much like her mothers. She smiled up at her grandmother like she knew what she had done. Cora knew that it wasn't all good the child may be alive but is cursed in a way that would be difficult to break.

Cora began to walk back to her daughters room and she could hear her crying but stopped dead in her tracks. What about Daniel? She thought remembering he was being kept down in the vaults. She looked down at the child and knew to keep her daughter she had to get rid of Daniel and she knew exactly how

"Stand up!" Regina yelled in the glow of the lantern to Daniel who was sitting.

"What do you want?" Daniel said in a cruel voice. Cora only smiled.

"A favor." Cora merely stated. Anger filled Daniel.

"Why should I help you!" Daniel screamed. Cora stood in to light so Daniel could see the bundle.

"To save your daughters life." Daniel looked at Cora in shock.

"My daughter?" He questioned not knowing that Regina was even pregnant.

"Oh yes Regina thinks she is dead and I need you both gone!" Cora said opening the cell door handing Daniel the child. Daniel looked at his beautiful little girl and immediately fell in love with her.

"What shall I do?" Daniel asked knowing he would have to do more than raise the child.

"Leave and never return go far away from here. No matter what if you come anywhere near my daughter I won't kill you but I will make you watch as I kill your daughter." Daniel nodded leaving the fault only pausing hearing the sad yells from his true love for there daughter. He unwrapped the child from the blanket and handed it to Cora.

"Give this to her so she can always remember her child." with that Daniel left and didn't come back knowing that risking that would kill his daughter.

Regina lifted her hand up to the mirror only to stop herself knowing she still wouldn't be able to bear the sight of her daughter's lifeless body. She went into her room and found the little pink blanket that was torn and tattered from years of being held and cried onto. It was merely a blank blanket that Regina intended on sewing her daughter's name onto later. She already knew the name. Her and Daniel loved the name. She scared that her mother would hate it but she knew. Chloe was just right.