Chloe awoke with a start. She sat up quickly feeling the sweat on the back of her neck. She had another nightmare. Her mother left her again and continued to fulfill her role as the evil queen with Cora at her side. The thought sent shivers down her spine. She looked around to see she was alone in the living room.

'No' she thought as she slowly put her feet on the floor. 'They really left me... I am worthless just like Cora said' she quickly stood searching the house hoping she was wrong. Se saw the suitcases they brought still by the door, but her father's was gone. Her heart started pounding.

'Was last night a dream. She acted like she cared so much.' She then thought that she should not have told Regina about meeting her in the enchanted forest. They probably both hated her. Tears fell from her eyes as she grabbed her bag heading towards the door.

"Daniel!" Chloe jumped hearing her mother saying that while laughing. She dropped the bag by the door and turned to see Regina over Daniel's shoulder as he walked down the stairs.

"what Regina?" He said laughing at her expense. She playfully punched his back with a huge smile on her face. He finally had mercy and set her down. Regina froze once she saw how sad her daughter looked.

"chloe?" She said giving Daniel a concerned look. He knew something was wrong with his little girl just by looking in her gorgeous eyes. He walked to her and grabbed her shoulders.

"princess? Whats wrong honey?" Their eyes met and that was all that needed to happen for the sobs to come out of Chloe's mouth. Daniel automatically pulled Chloe into a hug running his fingers through her hair. Chloe placed her chin on his shoulder and sobbed.

"I thought.. I thought you left me daddy." She said holding him tighter letting more sobs escape thinking of how scared she was.

"I would never leave you! You know that!" Chloe just held him tighter. Regina stood there speechless. Her heart broke in half seeing her daughter so upset. She felt bad for not waking her daughter when they took Daniel's stuff upstairs, but she wanted her to sleep.

"Chloe? I'm so sorry..I should have woke you up!" Chloe let go of her dad. She shocked them both when she ran into Regina's arms holding her tight. Regina placed her hand on the back of Chloe's head. She looked to Daniel with pain on her face. She could see it on his face also.

"we will never leave you honey." Daniel said as Chloe pulled back from the hug. She nodded and wiped away her tears and giving a small smile.

"I'm sorry that was really stupid.." Chloe said getting embarrassed. Daniel grabbed her arm immediately.

"none of your feelings are stupid princess. Now how about your mother and I show you your new room." He said with a wink. Chloe smiled and gave a nod. Daniel grabbed her bag and they all went up the stairs and turned right. As her parents went ahead of her she turned and saw a door cracked it seemed to be a child's room. She felt a wave of panic fill her, but she shook it away hoping that there was an explanation. She caught up to her parents before they noticed and Daniel looked at her before opening the door.

"ready to see it?" Chloe eagerly nodded as Daniel opened the door. Shock filled her seeing the enormous room with window to the front with a bench so she could sit at read. The bed was directly across and was purple with Gold detail, and it also had a gold canopy with purple curtains so she could pull them closed. She saw a bathroom that was directly across from the door. There was a beautiful walk in closet right beside the bed.

"how?" Chloe managed to get out. It was like Regina knew her so well. She looked at them both confused.

"Well this morning your father helped me with it and I just poofed up everything you needed! There are some clothes that will help you blend in more in the closet." I looked at her and smiled widely. The thought of magic did scare Chloe, but she knew her mother has changed for the better.

"thank you so much!" Chloe said exploring her new room.

"Well you get settled in okay honey? We will be downstairs." Daniel said smiling. As they started to leave Regina stopped Daniel at the door and Daniel knew that look he smiled and nodded heading down stairs to give her and Chloe alone time.

"Chloe?" Regina said to Chloe who was looking out the window. Chloe jumped thinking her mother had gone downstairs.

"I'm sorry I thought you went downstairs. Whats wrong?" She asking knowing there was a reason her mother stayed. Regina sighed and sat on the bed patting the spot next to her. Chloe sat down and Regina took hold of her hand firmly.

"You know I love you?" Regina said looking straight into Chloe's eyes. She knew Chloe was hiding something.

"yeah.." She said looking at her hands not wanting to face the look on her mother's loving face. She knew if she did she would start crying so she tried to hold back her tears. Regina grabbed Chloe's chin forcing her to look up.

"Hey, sweetie look at me." As soon as their eyes met Chloe's filled with tears. She tried to turn away, but Regina wouldn't allow it. She wiped her daughter's tears with her thumb and used her other hand to grab Chloe's.

"tell me sweetie." Chloe sighed knowing she couldn't hide anything from her mother even though she has not known her long a mother also knows when something is wrong.

"I had a nightmare before I woke this morning..." She said trying to look anywhere but her mother's loving eyes.

"you left me because Cora said I was worthless. You were on her side. You wanted to kill me." Chloe pulled her face away from her mother's hand and looked down not able to force herself to look at whatever emotion was on her mother's face.

"oh honey... I would never be against you! I would definitely never join forces with my mother against my family! I love you honey!" Chloe looked at her mother almost in shock. She wasn't used to so much love from anyone other than her father. Regina saw the shock on her daughter's face and her heart broke in two.

"I...I just.. I love you mom!" Chloe said launching herself into her mother's arms. Regina held her daughter close as she heard the sobs escaping her lips.

"Shhhh sweetie its alright. I will always protect you!" Chloe pulled away letting go quickly and wiping her tears. She hated looking weak in front of her mother.

"I know you will." Chloe gave Regina a smile as she stood up.

"If you need anything honey your father and I will be right downstairs." Chloe nodded as Regina closed the door. As soon as the door closed she let her tears fall once more. The fear was still in her mind. She sighed and went back over to the window trying to remove the terror from her mind and focus on the fact that she finally had both of her parents. For now...