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Title: Messenger's Crimes

Summary: A collection of one-shot plot bunnies of why Gabriel left Heaven and became the Pagan God Loki and the Trickster. Either inspired by songs; myth or twisted plots that pops into my head. Warnings will be listed in each plot bunny.

Warnings In future of these plot bunnies: (will add in each plot bunny). Keep in mind I may or not may post everything in order or use them. The list below is what might come up.

Slash (Yaoi), mpreg, genderbender, AU, bashing, (Gabriel) Canon-sue, angel-incest, lemon, lime, crack-fic, time-travel, angel or human bashing, question Religion (might be called bashing), characters death.

Warnings of this Prologue: AU and Christian Religion talk from the Bible and hinted Angelic Lore.


There have been many theories of why Gabriel, the Archangel Messenger of God, whom presides over all that is powerful would leave the Kingdom of Heaven; because he is the third most known after his older brothers Michael and Samuel whom after his Fall was later known as Lucifer. Gabriel is the one who foretold the births of both John the Baptist and of Jesus; the medium through whom God revealed the Qur'an to Muhammad and as well send a message to most prophets if not all revealing their obligations. He as well started the wars among the Giants, children of the Watchers whom his Creator commented him to do. Or so that's what human literature and the prophets have written about him had said. For it was these writing did the angels of heaven learned that he was alive to begin with; even though the Bible, the Qur'an and other religion texts has small of truth in them the fact that his Name was there begs the question of what and why.

The angels believed Gabriel was killed during the Great Fall; either he had joined his older brother Lucifer into his cause or he is one of the many tragic deaths of the thousands of their kin that was killed during the war either in battle or went missing. Only the high ranking; mainly the rest surviving archangels whom didn't Fall or didn't killed off and the highly powerful knew of the truth of what happened to the Archangel Gabriel and fewer those that have read the ancient forbidden documents that was mostly hidden locked in the Great Library. However those that dare to look into the records are far into between because of what a common solider of God need to know about past history?

Whatever the truth was; it was hushed up.

So many rumors one could easily believe one over another but which is true?

For what I ask, my dear seekers of truth: what do you think happened? And what is truth among the conspiracy?

Words: 545

Author's Notes: I had many plot bunnies of reasons why Gabriel left Heaven in SPN. So I figured to put them all here. You can take any ideas from here; just let me know when you post them so I can read them. Don't forget to give me some credit.

This is just an introduction of what to come! So stay tune!