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As I said before You may take any ideas from here; just let me know when you post them so I can read them. These plot bunnies are just something I like to share and get some ideas out of my head.

Title: Messenger's Crimes

Summary: A collection of one-shot plot bunnies of why Gabriel left Heaven and became the Pagan God Loki and a Trickster. Either inspired by songs; myth or twisted plots that pops into my head. Warnings will be listed in each plot bunny.

Plot Bunny Number Four:

The Game

Warnings: AU. Gender-Bender.

"I am bad and that's good,
I will never be good and that's not bad,
there's no one I'd rather be than me."
-Wreck-It Ralph (2012)


[Micheal] You're wrong. You know how I know? Think of a million random acts of chance, that let John and Mary be born. To meet. To fall in love, to have the two of you. Think of the million random choices that you make, and yet each and every one of them brings you closer to your destiny. Do you know why that is? Because it's not random. It's not chance. It's a plan that is playing itself out perfectly. Free Will is an illusion, Dean. That's why you're going to say yes. Oh buck up! It could be worse. You know, unlike my brothers I won't leave you a drooling mess when I'm done wearing you!

5x13 "The Song that Reminds the Same"

You might have heard this saying before 'no one is born evil'. But one would argue that everyone has the seeds of potential of becoming either evil or good; as the choices one makes with free will and what is taught to us by one's own peers and elders that will eventually reveal if a person will end up good or bad.

But what if there are those born without Free Will and told since the beginning that they are either good or bad? Are they included of having a choice in the matter in the end? Is it their fault or those that made them like that? And should we punish those that do great evil if that is all that they know? Then would be cruel or merciful to lock them up forever either for their own safety or peace of mind for those that are good knowing that those that are bad are gone?

It is fair?

And in the end what is the truer evil; the monster or the one who creates it?


"You will be always be the shadow of Lucifer." (1)

"You are a trickster; a creature of chaos. You will never truly be part of the Heavenly Host."

"You are a messenger. It is not your job to question what is said, will be said and never be said."

"You are a coward. You are weak. And in the end you will be exterminated for your imperfection."

Gabriel can still hear the voices in his head that always been there whispering him since he can remember.

He can faintly remember when he was a child (everything has a beginning even Archangels) and the rest of his siblings that was once was carefree, playing among themselves in the newly created worlds not knowing about anything or caring much of anything like death, time, duty and pain. He thinks he had a mother once; but the memory of having one has faded into nothingness in the back of his mind or is it a faded illusion that he imagined as a child that he used to lie to himself that his life wasn't always bad and lonely? He doesn't know and he never asked his siblings if they have the same illusion or it was just him.

The Seraphim (2) as they are much later known as took them away from whatever paradise they once lived in and they trained them into perfect terrifying weapons; always whispering into their ears telling them of what they are and their purpose.

They were never named only numbered. What soldiers needed names? Only much later did the humans and other the intelligent creatures of the other worlds named them of such or in Gabriel's case few Gods as well. None of yet had been his one True Name only an aspect of it: Loki, Gabriel, Jibril... (3) And so on in other cultures and languages. And as a Messenger he knows them all.

They have tried to delay of what to come; they believed that they could delay it by ignoring the signs and the whispers. They once thought they can stop Fate but much later it wasn't so.

The Great Battle between brothers. The Great Fall. It happened many times and it will happen again and again forever.

Since he can remember those of Hell and Heaven played, acted sort of speck into some sort of game as if it was expected of them to hate each other and to kill each other. Each of them had a part to play; no one ever choose what part, they were created to do it. Lucifer and Michael would tell you that they hated each other but at the same time; they are brothers they love each other as well. And sometimes the line between love and hate would blur; sometimes behind closed doors each of them were be civil and they would go back to their childlike selves until Fate comes knocking at their door reminded them of their sole purpose.

The game would restart again. It has always been so.

It would not be stopped by two mere mortals or an Angel that Could. Many have tried and all failed including themselves. The game doesn't always end or start the same; sometimes Lucifer wins, other times Michael does. Other times it's a stalemate. The game could last for a short time as other times centuries. But at the same time it end similar; one brother is victories and the other gets killed. Depending on the side who gets the upper hand; he Gabriel would ends up getting killed (by either brother mostly and few times by his own hand); choose which side to fight in (again he played both side before); the world get destroyed and humanity gets restart or Earth gets to live on but they, the Angels would get a do over. It fascinates him that humans try to think up the reasons why there are so many sub species humans. Half of them are true; but most of it was because of the game. When the world gets destroyed another type of human gets reborn. If Earth gets to live on by not being destroyed, a new sub-species of the surviving human race pops up and whichever sub-species human outlives the other, wins. And they wonder why there are gaps between last gone human species.

After a while starting and ending the game the same way shortly gets boring as well; so as a Trickster by nature he would do something different then the last time just to get some creativity in his life. Sometimes he plays as a woman which throws most of his siblings (the younger ones) off each time he does it. That's always a plus to see the look on their faces.

He is so tired of this he wants it to be over. He lost count of how many times the game been restarted.

However this time around he will do something he never done before. He will leave the moment when Lucifer rebels and gets kicked out of Heaven. Maybe with him not being there neither by Heaven's or Hell's side, maybe just maybe the game would stop or freeze or whatever and they could be a true family that they once were?

He couldn't handle playing anymore anyway. And if he fails, doesn't matter. He will be reborn when the game renewals whenever the games ends. So why not it just to see what do happens? Being dead is not too bad; you just flout in limbo and half the time you wouldn't know what's going on.

With that decision in mind; he watch as the Devil fall from Heaven along with the rest of the Fallen. Without looking back, Gabriel too had left and with a smile he joined the Pagans.


"Gabriel, how you are alive?" Castiel asked staring at his brother, no his sister. "Is this a trick?"

The said angel laughed at the naivety as Castiel himself is a very young angel as this is the first restart of the game for him. Gabriel popped out a cherry sucker from his—no her mouth with a grin as she pulled back to her long hair behind one ear. "Nah Cassy, the game just restarted itself."

(End of One-shot)

Words: 1,739

(1) Lucifer is known to be the Judeo–Christian Devil. And in SPN Gabriel is Loki whom is known as the Norse Devil.

(2) The Seraphim: is a type of celestial or heavenly being in the Abrahamic religions. The word seraphim, literally means "burning ones". Medieval Christian theology places seraphs in the highest choir of the angelic hierarchy HOWEVER tradition places seraphs in the fifth rank of ten in the Jewish angelic hierarchy and as well the Kabbalistic angelic hierarchy.

They are the caretakers of God's throne. They are described as "dragon-shaped angels" and the most known Seraphim are Seraphiel, Metatorn and Jehoel (Yahoel).

(3) The true name meaning of the name Loki is unknown but it is believed to mean "to break" or it may be related to Old Norse luka, meaning "close". As well the Dog Star, Sirius, is referred to as "Lokabrenna." Which means in Scandinavia "burning done by Loki", or "Loki's torch".

Gabriel means "strong man of God"

Jibril is the Arabic form of the name Gabriel.

Author's Notes: I somewhat took the idea from Wreck-It Ralph and many other sources that even though it's your job as a "bad guy" doesn't make you a bad guy. Everyone has a job or rather all Supernatural creatures have even if you don't understand why.