"Do you know what is involved and why I am asking you to do this?" Master Splinter looked at his checklist, and turned to me. I started to blush at the question and nodded my head curtly. I was sat cross-legged opposite the aged sensai in the dojo, nervously biting my lip.

"You have been chosen from a multitude of applicants and specifically brought over from your home universe to experience this with my sons. Are you willing - and eager - to experience intercourse with each turtle?"

I blushed again. This was all too weird. Last night I'd been sitting at home and reading Ninja Turtle Fanfic online. Now, here I was. Before Master Splinter. Going through a checklist to see if I was suitable to bed his sons.

"My sons have all come of age and wish to show their talents in the bedroom. Each of my sons are in direct competition for the honour of being the best lover. Do you have any preference for whom you wish to be first?" Master Splinter's eyes narrowed and he watched me carefully.

I gulped. "No, I mean, of course I have a favourite. I just don't mind who I bed first. They are all hot." My hands were starting to sweat with anxiety of the evenings to come. I had dreamed of this moment for a long time, but it was still surreal.

"Very well. I have already chosen Leonardo to start the procedings as he will set the standard for the others. Is that all right with you?"

I nodded nervously. Was that all right with me? Was he kidding? I'd take any of them, any time.

"Sure. I mean, that will be fine." I looked at the floor, my face heating up.

I glanced up at Splinter. He was smiling affectionately at me, and I smiled back. I quickly scanned our surroundings, looking at the dojo and marvelling at the fact that I was actually here. In their home. About to have each of them in turn. Was this a dream? If so, I never wanted to wake up!

"Do you wish to back out? If you do, tell me now." Splinter asked me gently, his voice soft as velvet.

I had no intention of backing out. I looked Splinter in the eye firmly and said, "I want this. I really do."

"Very well." Master Splinter rose to his feet and held out a hand to help me to stand also. I was not surprised I needed the help. My body was trembling so much. The anticipation of the four nights to come was overwhelming.

"Leonardo!" Master Splinter called. The turtle promptly appeared, bowing before his master.

"Hai, sensai." Leonardo looked at me curiously, his eyes swallowing me up as he looked me over. I looked him over too. His blue mask, the swords strapped to his back - then lower - to the bottom of his plastron. I tore my eyes away, after having them linger there for too long.

"You are first." Splinter took me by the hand and led me to Leonardo's side. "Treat her with respect."

Leonardo bowed again and took my hand from his master's. He led me away, and I turned briefly to catch Splinter sitting down to meditate.