Title: His Biggest Regret.

By: LaHote's Girl

Summary: Paul LaHote has one major regret in his life. He lost his best friend and the girl who meant everything to him due to a stupid mistake. Five years later she returns, but is she still the same girl everyone remembered her to be? Or has she changed? Will Paul be able to fix the mistake he made all those years ago, or will she be forever just out of his reach?

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This is All Human by the way.

Anyway the first chapter will be shorter than the rest of the chapters but that's to be expected. It's essentially the preface/prologue. This story will bounce between Bella's POV and Paul's POV.

Prologue: What happened

Have you ever said something you said something about someone not realizing they were standing right behind you? Have you ever tried to fix what you shattered beyond repair only to find out the person you shattered has left. Well Paul LaHote was going to learn this soon enough. It was Senior year at La Push High, the high school on the Quileute Reservation. Paul was hanging out with some of his other friends waiting for his best friend to meet up with him.

"So Paul when are you going to admit that you have feelings for the Halfbreed?" Jared Cameron asked.

"What are you talking about?" Paul asked, "I don't have feelings for her."

"Oh sure because you always wait for her before and after school. You fawn all over her." Leah Clearwater said to Paul. The younger guys in the group were ending their Junior year. A mischievous smirk passed across Leah's lips as she saw Bella turn the corner and make her way towards Paul, "So Paul." Leah said loud enough for Bella to hear. "If you don't like her then why don't you tell her."

"Yeah I mean it's so obvious she's got a major thing for you. You need to cut her loose." Jared said.

"You're right." Paul said to placate them, though he had no intention of doing so. He was unaware that the girl he meant everything to and vise versa was standing directly behind him. "I shouldn't have to lower myself to hanging out with Halfbreed's, no offense Embry." The younger boy shook his head and waved it off his hand froze as he saw Bella standing behind Paul. Paul continued talking, "I mean honestly she's the top of the class. The only reason I didn't drop her in Middle School was because I used her to pass myself. You seriously think I could be best friends with Sam's Halfbreed sister?"

Bella was dumbstruck as she heard this. Leah was smirking at her smugly Jared acting as though he didn't notice her. She backed up to leave but Leah stopped her.

"Oh hey Bella." Leah said causing Paul to whip around. He saw in her eyes she had heard him and took a step towards her. She took a step back.

"Bells," Paul said reaching out to her. She moved further away from him.

"So this whole time it's been a lie." She said holding tears at bay. "Enjoy the remainder of your senior year Paul." She said turning so fast her ponytail whipping around and almost hitting her cheek. She walked down the hall with her head held high and headed to her Brother's house.

She entered the house and found it empty. His fiancé Emily must have been out shopping. Bella made her way up to the spare room Sam's mother had given her to use when Sam and Bella's Father Josh had dropped her off with Sam and his Mom. She shut her door and dropped her bag into the desk chair making her way over to the bed. She curled up on her bed as tears streamed down her cheeks.

She didn't fully know how long she was there but she heard a knock at her door and she ignored it. she stayed where she was until she fell into an exhausted sleep. It was dreamless and she woke up to someone shaking her shoulder. She looked up to see Sam sitting on the bed behind her his hand on her shoulder.

"Em told me you wouldn't answer your door when she got home." Bella loved Emily she really did but Emily like Embry was part Makah and part Quileute. Josh Uley was Bella's father and her mother was some women from Los Angeles that she had never met. The woman took off after Bella was born. Josh had brought her to Allison Uley. Sam's mother had raised Bella as her own until she met someone from the Makah Rez and left the house to Sam before taking off. That was during Bella's freshman year. Sam had been out of school for about half the year when Allison took off.

Two years later Sam met Emily Young. He and Emily hit it off and they hadn't dated more than a year before Sam proposed. There were times when Bella felt like she was intruding on their time. She never voiced her thoughts to her Brother just slipped away giving them space.

"Tell her I'm sorry." Bella said in a soft voice.

"Bells did something happen today?" Sam asked Bella nodded. "What?" Her older Brother practically growled out. So she told him what she heard Paul and his friends talking about. When she finished telling him what happened Sam's Brotherly instinct took over. He pulled Bella by the shoulder into a seated position. "Bells don't worry about them, you graduate in a few weeks and then you'll be free of La Push."

"What are you kicking me out after I graduate?" Bella asked.

"No!" Sam said gripping Bella's shoulders. "However, this came in the mail today." He said passing her a thick envelope. She looked at it for a moment before opening it. Her eyes lit up as she read the top letter.

"I got in!" She shrieked. Emily who had been heading up the stairs bolted into the room as Bella hopped off the bed. She pushed the letter into Emily's hands. "And on a full Academic Scholarship as well." Sam smiled glad that this had taken his Sister's mind off of the betrayal from someone she thought was her best friend.

"We have to celebrate." Sam said, "Get dressed girls were going to Port Angeles for dinner." They did as requested and Sam took them to an Italian restaurant in Port Angeles.

One Month Later:

"Now it is with great pride I call forth the Valedictorian of this year's Graduating class. Bella Uley." Sam and Emily watched as Bella stepped up to the podium. Neither their Father nor Sam's Mother had bothered to show, but Sam was there and he knew that was all Bella needed.

"Thank you Principal Fuller." Bella said before turning to face the crowd. "Friends, Family and Classmates, I know this is usually where some Valedictorian's would usually ramble about Taha Aki knows what, but I have no intention of making a long winded speech." She held up her note cards as proof, "See not even a dozen note cards just a few." Sam grinned as her gaze found his and Emily's. "I never realized just what high school would bring me when I was a Freshman. I had a best friend who I thought would always stand by me. Anyway as we step out of our comfort zones and into the unknown we know that even if we fall we can pick ourselves back up and strive for what we want to accomplish. I know firsthand that's what I am going to do. I leave you with this thought to ponder. Remember this, Lewis Carroll once said that 'If you don't know where you're going, any road will get you there.' If anyone of you falls and when you get yourself back up remember that if you aren't sure of where to go next than the remember that any path will take you somewhere. Congrats guys, we did it." Bella said and returned to her seat.

The principal returned to the podium and began calling out names. When he reached Bella's name which was the last Sam and Emily stood, Sam clapping and Emily snapping pictures.

"Well it is with my greatest pleasure to introduce to you all the Graduating class of 2007." The principal said. The caps were tossed into the air and the new graduates went to find their families. Bella was halfway to Sam and Emily when someone grabbed her arm. She recognized the hand instantly and spun around so quick Paul lost his grip.

"I think you're lost Paul." She said, "Your friends are over there." She pointed toward Jared, Leah, Jacob, Quil and Embry.

"Bella please I need to talk to you. I've been trying for the last month." Paul said. Neither had noticed Sam come up behind Bella.

"Paul." Sam said to the younger man, "Congratulations on graduating now if you don't mind Emily and I want to take my Sister out for a celebratory lunch." Sam told Paul as he led Bella away. They went to lunch and then upon returning home Bella went up to her room to decide what would be coming with her and what she would be leaving behind.

"Bella what are you doing?" Emily asked, "You have all Summer to organize."

"I know but I want to get it done now so that I can have the Summer to relax." Bella said.

That Summer passed quicker than any other Bella remembered. She spent the first month relaxing and if the waves were good she surfed. The second month she began packing her stuff. Sam had gotten her a Chevy Tracker when she got her license. It had enough room to hold her stuff. When it was time to for her to leave Sam handed her a box.

"What's this?" She asked.

"Open it." Sam said. She did as was told and found a GPS settled in the box.

"Awe Sam thanks." She said hugging him.

"You're welcome. Make me proud Bells." He said letting her go. She hugged Emily before getting into the driver's seat of the Tracker. "I'll call you when I get there." She said. She started the car and backed out of the driveway. She was heading down the road her radio on, when she saw Paul and his friends walking down to the Clearwater house. Bell drove passed them and when she looked in the review mirror she saw Paul staring at the back of her vehicle.

He knew it was hers of course he had ridden in it with her enough times. She pushed those thoughts away as she drove past the La Push sign. One chapter of her life had ended and now she was starting the next.

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