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The first time Horatio Caine had met Harry Potter was when he opened up his new bakery, right next door to his sister's (Sarah) coffee shop and his other sister's (Angela) book shop. While he didn't think anything of it at first he had just sealed his own fate.


The second time he met Harry Potter was when Tim accidentally ran him over outside of Miami Dade, Harry had been carrying a box of fresh cakes for Frank when Tim had reversed into him. Everyone had converged onto the scene, Harry was fine but that didn't stop everyone from fussing over him Alexx had even gave him a check up. Not that it really mattered he hadn't broken anything, Harry looked at the box of cakes and moaned

"Aww man they got squashed!"

Frank laughed, but it wasn't a humour laugh it was a 'oh-my-god-are-you-serious-laugh'

"You are more worried about a box of cakes then your own life?"

Harry shrugged as he replied

"I had a mad man chase after me for 20 years why would I worry about my own life?"

Horatio vowed to find out what was behind that sentence, even if it killed him.


The third time was when he had decided to see what all the fuss was about, he had heard everyone say how good the bakery was not one bad comment. So he had decided to find out why it was so good, as he entered the bakery he got hit with the smell of cinnamon, coffee and homemade sweets.

Looking at everything in the shop Horatio felt like he was a child in a candy shop, looking at the muffin section he looked up and found a pair of emerald eyes looking at him with mirth

"So find what you want?"

Horatio smiled

"One blueberry muffin to go."

Harry smiled as he wrapped it up passing it to Horatio he winked

"On the house."

Sitting in his hummer Horatio but into the muffin and moaned, looking back at the bakery he spotted Harry severing a young child. Hopefully he would have his very own desert to eat and soon.

The end