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"AAAAAAHHH" Mario screamed as he ran through the Smash Mansion, his
rear ablaze. Apparently, setting up Christmas lights was harder than
he intended.

I should probably explain now that nearly everything was ready. Link,
Meta Knight, and Marth had set the tree up (the latter two having
mysterious traces of Deku Stick and Deku Nut bruises all over them),
while Samus, Sonic, TL, Olimar, Snake, and Captain Falcon had just
brought all of the food, beverages, and paper junk. Ike and King
Dedede had just finished setting up a small Nativity scene outside the
Smash Mansion (thankfully, that actually went well), and the only
thing left was the Christmas lights.

Yes, the Christmas lights.


Uh huh, you heard right.

Christmas lights.

Think about it for a second. You have a mansion with more than 36
people, thats a big mansion.

Christmas lights, to the Smashers, at least, is a horror. Mario
learned that the hard way as one of the bulbs popped, igniting his

"WAAAAAAHHHH! I-A NEED HELP-A!" the italian plumber screamed. He
slammed into Red.

"AUGH! MAGIKARP, USE SPLASH!" he screamed. Of course, since splash
does absolutely NOTHING, it couldn't extinguish the fire.

"HALP! WHERE'S SQUIRTLE?" Red shouted, now panicking. He searched
his pockets and eventually pulled out a Pokeball. He slammed it on the
ground and Charizard flew out, pelting Mario with even more flames.

"Oops, wrong one." Red chuckled nervously as he continued shuffling
through his pockets. DK stopped him, and approached Mario. He easily
blew out the fire by simply clapping, Hulk style. Mario breathed a
sigh of relief before passing out on the ground.

"Okay, that worked out well!" Ike announced cheerily. "Now let's put
some more lights up!"

Fox and Falco then walked up, along with Lucas and Ness.

"Um..." Fox began. "Peach says that having just you, Red, and Mario
set up the lights is very unsafe, and asked us to help."

"Impossible, we are in no need of help!" Ike replied boldly.

"Uh, didn't Mario just nearly die?" Ness asked.

"Well, yeah..."

"And don't you fight for your friends?"

"*sigh* Yes..."

"Then you should have NO problem with our help!" Ness picked up a
package of lights and made his way to a ladder.

Ike sighed. "Well, before you guys start putting them up, could you
bring more lights down from the attic?"

Fox paled. "Um... sure!" he said in a somewhat frightened voice. He
and Falco motioned for Lucas and Ness to follow them as they went back
into the Smash Mansion.

"Okay, guys." Fox began, in a very important-like voice. "We all know
how messy the attic is, and that it's floor isn't very sturdy. If we
step in the wrong places, we could fall through the ceiling."

The others nodded as they walked up the first flight of stairs.

"But... how do we know where to step?" Lucas asked.

"We marked the path off with wooden planks. If you stay on the wood,
you won't fall through the ceiling, and possibly break your rear." Fox
replied. Suddenly, memories flooded through him of when he had last
broke his rear.


"Hey, Wolf, look at me! I'm not walking on the planks!"



"Ooooohhhh... my rear... I think I broke it!"

"Don't worry, Fox, I'll call the ambulance! ...Oh no..."

"What is it?"

"Fox, quick! What number do you dial to call 911?"

"I... I don't know, but my butt really hurts..."

"I'm sorry, Fox, I can't call help if I don't know the number."


~End Flashback~

"...Fox? You okay?" Ness asked with concern.

Fox remained staring into space, before shaking the memories away.
"Yeah, I'm fine. Let's just- WHOA!"

Fox was interrupted as he slipped on a banana peel. He face-planted on
the stairs with a groan. Ness and Lucas helped him up, while Falco
investigated the banana peel.

"...DK did this." Falco growled, speaking for the first time in this chapter.

"I SHALL GET MY REVENGE!" Fox shouted, shaking his fist at DK, who was
nowhere to be seen. So he was basically shaking his fist at no one.

"Well, that can wait. Let's get the lights down." Lucas replied, now
freaked out at Fox's peculiar reaction.


"Okay... so this is the attic?" Ness asked, opening the light wooden
door and entering the room he obviously hasn't been in before.

"Let's hurry, I hate being up here." Falco snapped as he grabbed a box
and went back downstairs. Ness and Lucas did likewise (being extra
careful to stay on the wooden planks), leaving just Fox.

Everyone's favorite orange-furry-thing-that-drives-a-starship sighed and grabbedanother box. He turned and headed towards the door...

...but wasn't walking on the planks.


"OW! Fox yelled as he crashed through the floor of the attic, and then
the floor on the 3rd story, then the floor on the 2nd story. He
splatted on top of DK, who was barbecuing in the kitchen.

This turned into an all-out brawl.


Meanwhile, Ike, Red, and Mario (who just now recovered) were still
hanging lights from the mansion. Ike had climbed up on the top to lay
down another strip of lights when...

"Hey, who the smell are you?" Ike asked a fat guy wearing a red suit.

"Uh, I'm Santa, kid." the man replied.

"GET OFF MY ROOF, YAH CREEP!" Ike shouted. He slammed the poor dude
off with his sword, and he splatted right in front of Mario and Red.

"GASP! It's-a Santa!" Mario exclaimed.

The fat man growled at them. "Yes, and I was also the kokiri that
tackled Marth, and was the employee that Snake kicked in the gut."

"WHAT?" Red shouted. He yelled so loud that it caused Kirby (who was
flying overhead) to crash through the Smash Mansion's front window.

"Look, mister." Red said, pointing at Santa. "You can't just crash
through a roof and tell people your Santa Claus!"

"What, the red suit and white beard won't convince you?"

"Pff, your kidding, right?"

"Um... no?"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever. SCRAM SCUM!" Red shouted again, raising a
pokeball. Santa jumped up and ran like his life depended on it.


Meanwhile, back in the mansion...

"Poyo!" Kirby announced cheerfully. He had just crashed through the
window of the kitchen, and was more than happy to find all the food.

With vaccum-like power, he easily devoured every crumb of food in the
kitchen. His size began to grow...

"ROOOOAAAAAAARRRR!" the pink puffball exclaimed as he began
rampaging through the mansion. He ignored the screams of horror as
each step he took obliterated another room in the mansion.


"Aaaaannnd that about wraps it up!" Red announced as he, Mario, and
Ike finished the lighting. He turned to Lucas, Ness, and Falco.

"Sorry guys, but we won't be needing those after all."

The three he was talking to groaned and were about to carry them back
up. That is, until Fox and DK burst out the door.

"RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!" Fox screamed. All the other Smashers ran out soon after.

"HE'S GONE CRAZY!" Link shouted.

Mario's mouth dropped open as Kirby burst out of the Smash Mansion's
roof, now bigger than the mansion itself.

"Mama Mia..."

They turned and ran away, dodging pieces of the mansion that were
being torn off and thrown by Kirby.

Zelda groaned and quickly changed into Shiek. She threw multiple
knives at the overly filled balloon, in hopes of popping the puffball.

Kirby merely roared in triumph as the knives deflected off of him, and
back towards the Smashers.

"DIVE!" Pit screamed as they all ducked under the lethal blades.

Meta Knight peered out over the remains of a brick wall. "Kirby...
what HAPPENED to him?"

"OOK OOK! DK says he overeat!" DK announced, jumping up and down in
excitement (probably because he was watching a giant pink thing
destroy a mansion).

"We've gotta stop him..." Olimar said allowed.

"But... how?"

It was then that Santa flew overhead on his slay.



Santa's sliegh was apparently equipped with several turrets. He
blasted Kirby until he was at normal size.

"Poyo..." Kirby groaned, laying on the ground with a feirce stomach
ache. Santa approached the rest of the Smashers.

"Um, I'm sorry for treating you like dirt..." Ike said, scratching the
back of his neck.

Santa laughed. "Oh, no worries! I get that a lot anyway."

Diddy Kong looked up. "Wait... you do?"

"Of course!" Santa answered. He pulled off his beard, revealing...

"...Ganandorf?" Link and Zelda asked in unison.

Ganandorf let out a hearty laugh. "Well, DUH! Whenever I waited for
Link to come save Zelda, I'd make toys to help the time pass! You guys
seriously never knew that?"

The Smashers were silent.

Ganandorf sighed. "Anyway, let's get back to our main problem. Kirby
took out the roof of the Smash Mansion, thankfully not dealing enough
damage that-"


"Um... I think I left the oven on..." Peach mumbled.

As the Smashers watched the mansion perform an epic explosion as it
combusted into nothingness, Master Hand and Crazy Hand appeared.

"Hey guys!" Master Hand greeted. "We just got back from our super long

Mario gulped, and quickly pointed to Peach. "She-a did it."

Peach gave Mario a death glare. "It wasn't me! Fox did it!"


"OOK OOK!" DK shouted. Let's translate his monkey-language...

"My good sir, it is beyond my conceivable knowledge as to who caused
the much-appriciated Smash Mansion to spontaniously combust. In fact,
I am so oblivious as to who did it, that I, in fact, cannot blame it
on anyone. If it were to explode, and we were to see, say, Mario laughing gleefully, and holding a stockpile of explosives, then
we would assume like the gentlemenly chaps we are that..."

Whoa, I'm not even half-way through on what he said, and my translator
exploded! I guess monkey-language is just too compact...

Anyway, when DK was done speaking, Master Hand spoke up.

"Well, since you all apparently can't be left here without being
watched, I should probably give you all your Christmas present..."

He and Crazy Hand then created a large orb of electricity, and then
everything became engulfed in a blinding light.

When the light faded, a now-repaired Smash Mansion stood before them,
complete with christmas lights, a large christmas tree, a wooden
structure depicting the Nativity scene, a large Frosty on the roof,
and, of course, snow!

Meta Knight was crying tears of joy. "W-We don't have to fix the
mansion and decorations? THIS IS THE BEST PRESENT EVER!" he hugged
both the Hands.

"Um... dude? This isn't your christmas present..." Crazy Hand said
after a few moments of awkward silence.

"It isn't?"

"Nope! Here's your REAL present!"

It was then that a blonde-haired woman wearing a silver crown
appeared, gently floating down from the heavens.

"This is Rosalina!" Master Hand announced. "You may reconize her from
the Mario universe!"

"So... your basically giving us a luma guardian for Christmas?" Pit asked.

"Nope, she's your new babysitter!"

"WHAT?" the Smashers all shouted at once.

Master Hand shrugged. "You guys have proven that you can't be left
here alone without burning the mansion down. Therefore, I got you guys
a babysitter for Christmas."

"Your kidding, right?" Wolf growled.

"NO! NOT A BABYSITTER!" Sonic screamed in horror, running around and
pulling at his quills.

"Relax, guys. This isn't your only gift." Ganandorf said, reappearing
in his Santa outfit and dragging a bag of gifts in front of everyone.

Snake sighed. "Yeah, but did we REALLY need a babysitter?" He hid in
his box and began to cry.

Master Hand stared at it. "Well, at least we can leave the mansion


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