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I dug my toes into the sand. It was; ironically, cool, despite the hot sun at its highest point. "Mmm…" I imagined going into the water, but I didn't know how to swim, I would drown.

"It's nice out today." Nathaniel said coming up behind me. "Oh! Yeah…I would love to go into the water…but I'm pretty sure I'll drown." I said. "Really? Why is that?" I blushed.

Looking at his big toe I said. "Don't laugh…its personal, so don't tell anyone either! I-" An annoying high pitched shriek cut me off the trail.

"NATHANIEL! COME QUICK! EMERGANCY! CALL 911!" Nathaniel sighed. "Oh boy. Better check what's up with Amber. See ya later." He rose, and walked away.

I made a disgusted face. Whatever Amber was yapping about, was probably a fly on a table minding its own business.

"What a freak show…" I mumbled to myself. I leaned forward to get a better view to the ocean below. Then I felt something cold and wet on my back. I gasped and stoop up. I tumbled into someone, but before I fell, the someone caught me. "Is…is it okay if I put on the sunscreen?" A familiar low voice said.

"Uh…sure...why not?" I slowly sat down and took off my light tank top. My bikini was under. Shutting my eyes tight I jolted every time he put his cold hand on me. "C-Castiel! D-Don't go that far!" I blushed. "Oh…I'm sorry…" He made his way around my stomach.

I started to giggle. "D-don't go there either! I'm-I'm tick-" Too late. I was cracking up too hard and I fell backwards, on top of Castiel.

My fit of laughter stopped immediately. I felt Castiel's strong arms embrace me. "Be careful. A lady does not fall backwards while laughing." He stood pulling me up too. "Come. Let's go for a swim." I pulled away.

"I-I can't…" I stuttered. "Why not? It'll only be in the shallows." Castiel insisted.

"You don't understand! I mean I can't." I said trying not to give too much away.

Castiel looked confused for a second. "But that's what you said earlier…"

I sighed. "Don't laugh…or tell anyone, it's personal…now for two…"

Castile nodded. "I won't." he said.

"I-I can't swim. I know it's very unusual, because I'm in high school…but I never learned." I turned my head away so he couldn't see how my face was redder than his crimson hair. After a while, he took my hand.

"Then…" his face came close to mine. "…I'll teach you." He led me down to the water.

"N-No…heh…it-it's okay! I don't need to learn! Don't waste your time teaching me!"

Castiel stepped into the water. But, I want to." He grabbed my hand and pulled me in close to him.