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I touched the necklace. My eyes drifted to the back of the hall in the mirror. I saw blonde hair, them Ambers head attached to it.

I smiled. "Thank you Castiel!" I said a little louder than normal. I watched in amusement as Amber gaped furiously.

I stepped closer to Castiel and put my arms around his neck. "Play along! Amber's in the intersection!" I whispered winking.

"I absolutely LOVE this necklace! You're so kind to give it to me!"

Castiel nodded, and then laughed. He grabbed my waist and twirled me around. "Oh, you're welcome! How could I not? You're my sunshine! You are my everything!" he said.

I blushed. Even though it was a fraud, I knew he meant it. I bit my lip. I was about to lay my head on Castiel's shoulder when I felt a sharp, painful tap on mine.

"Ahem!" Amber cleared her throat. She made a much calmer approach than I thought she would.

"Get away from Castiel! He's mine! I met him first! I knew him longer! He did something for ME FIRST!" Amber hissed. She raised a hand as if she was going to slap me.

She was.

I braced myself for the worst. I watched as her hand raised higher and higher, then back down with not that much speed.

At the corner of my eye I saw Castiel's hand reach out to stop Amber's. With one hand grasping Amber's hand, Castiel wrapped his free arm around my shoulders.

"Stop it Amber! Just stop thinking for yourself like a selfish swine, and think for others! I have not once seen you do that. And that event happened WAY back in kindergarten! I never had positive feelings for you, so I don't know what you're thinking! And,"

Castiel brought me closer to him. "And Middnitte is my girlfriend. So if you touch her in any way, make her upset, or bother her with anything, I'm going to be very mad."

He dropped Amber's hand like a torn rag doll and wiped his hand on the wall. "Come on, Middnitte, let's leave this ungrateful girl." Castiel gave Amber a look then turned and walked away, holding my hand tight.

I could hear sobbing then glass shattering. I swirled around. Amber was crouching on the ground with her hands tight against her chest.

The sound of footsteps thundered down the hallway. Nathaniel ran up to Amber, worried. She whispered something in his ear then showed him something.

Castiel and I plunged toward them. "What happened? Is she hurt?" I blurted. Nathaniel gave me a shocked look.

"You…you're all better? How?" Castiel and I shared a look. "Long story! What happened to Amber?" Castiel said.

I nodded. Nathaniel stood. "Well she says Middnitte pushed her hand to the mirror and hand smashed through it…now it's all…bloody…"

Castiel frowned. "That's impossible! Middnitte was with me from the beginning! Amber did it herself!" Castiel waved his arms angrily.

"My sister won't do that!" Nathaniel looked at his sister.

"Do you think I'm capable of such things? Why would I hurt myself? I'm not emo!" Amber ranted, tears pouring down her cheeks like water falls.

"Yes. Yes you are. You have done other horrible things before. Like stealing the exams and getting Nathaniel in trouble. Stealing Ken's money, taking his phone number and emailing him, passing as me, with a hate letter! You have also pushed me around hundreds of times! So stop lying about this! I did nothing to you…"

I felt my eyes burn. I looked up at the ceiling. I saw something peculiar.

*sighs* I want to go on…but this is the end of this chapter…I have to tell you guys something before I go on., Middnitte's aunt was the one who got her hurt. She's really a magical being. She knew that Castiel and Middnitte were supposed to get together, so she made lots of things occur. She made all the bad things that happened to Middnitte happen. Now, don't think she's evil, she did it for Middnitte's sake. Since Middnitte's past was horrible…she needed a boy like Castiel to comfort her… I hope you liked this chapter!