At Vaati's Palace of Winds...

The Sorcerer of Winds sighed as he slid into his bathtub full of water and lilac sented bubble bath. It was his own private bath that was connected to his room. He needed to time to finally relax. Vaati's been stressing out too much lately, due to Dark Link and Ghirahim giving him a hard time and making trouble as often as they could around the palace of Winds. Dark Link with his shadow clones and giant bombs. and Ghirahim... well just being creepy by stalking and spying on him, while making creepy comments. Why where they even there? Dark, just being the annoying shadow he is always tagged along with him. As for Ghirahim, well, ever since Vaati met him at that get together party he just wouldn't leave him alone... Creeper. They're both positively obnoxious.

Sighing again, Vaati slid deeper into the water, till the water was up to his nose. His long lavender hair floating above the water around him. He closed his eyes. The steam from the hot water and the sent of the bubble bath was soothing and helped him relax. A nice hot bath, peace and quiet. Just perfect. no one to annoy him, or trying to vanquish him...just relaxing.

Suddenly the bathroom door swung open, causing Vaati's eyes to snap back open and he frowned when he saw Dark Link standing there in the doorway, grinning like a idiot. "Hey Lord Vaati! What's up? Wanna-"

Dark was stopped short when Vaati threw a bar of soap at his head hard enough to knock him out onto the floor. Vaati sighed in annoyance. Dark just HAD to walk in, didn't he? What could he possibly have wanted? Didn't matter now. Well, at lease it was just him this time and not, Ugh, Ghirahim. Maybe he can finally relax- "Why, hello Vaati. Having a bath I see. Mind if I join you?" Ghirahim said casually leaning on the bathroom door frame, smirking, and batting his eyelash's. He just jinxed himself. Vaati frowned and groaned in annoyance, then glared at creepy white haired man named Ghirahim. He just can't get any privacy these days, could he? ...Nope.


AN: (This is a Oneshot fanfic) (I might and may have to edit parts in this later, to make it a bit better, or if I need to do space's. I'm not the best at explaining things in words. that's why drawing is kinda easier. I'm more of a artist and not a writer. ^^;) (I wrote it on WordPad.)

This was on my mind lately so I decided to write it down. and yes, I'm gonna make this a short comic strip later. ;D lol YAYZ!:dummy: My first attempt at a bathroom scene! I was laughing and giggling the whole time I was writing this.:XD: It only took... 10, 20, or 30 minutes? I think.:O_o: I hope this turned out ok. ^^; I haven't wrtten something in a long while. and this was just a spur of the moment.

Well, anyway, enjoy this bit of crack humor oneshot! ^^ (I also got the idea from the latest Vaati picture I uploaded. you know. The "Slumber party craze" one. lol So I thought this would be funny.)

Ghira's such a creeper. XD

Vaati: Grrrrrr.

(and no. this isn't supposed to be yaoi. Sorry to disappoint you. BUT you can think what you want. ;D)

Feel free to reveiw if you want. No flame's though.

Vaati, Dark Link and Ghirahim belong to (c) Nintendo.