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The Electric Dragon

Chapter 1: Legendary Appearance

"Come on Spyro, keep up!"

"Sorry if I'm a little tired from stopping Malefor from destroying the world."

Cynder rolled her eyes at that. The two dragons, after successfully preventing the Dark Master from fulfilling his evil scheme, were finally flying home toward Warfang. There, the dragon guardians wait for the arrival of the two heroes. The needed vacation was welcoming to them, especially since they would be relaxing together.

For Spyro, he had forgotten the last 20 seconds before Cynder revealed her feelings towards him. As such, he is oblivious about it and Cynder is a bit more reluctant to repeat herself, now that the world isn't ending.

Cynder turned her head to face Spyro, who was trailing behind slightly from the exertion to stop the catastrophic events. She smiled, knowing that she could now have all the time in the Dragon Realms to spend with him.

"You okay, Cynder?" questioned Spyro, for the said dragoness had stared at him for almost a full minute.

Cynder shook her head, breaking her trance. Realizing her mistake, she turned back around to face forward, blushing slightly.

"Oh, uh, nothing, Spyro, just glad we made it out in one piece," she said a bit desperately.

Spyro did not question further; he, too, was glad of the well being of both himself and Cynder, particularly the latter. When Spyro awoke after he reconstructed the world, he could only remember fragments of what happened after Malefor was defeated. He swore that Cynder had said something to him, but he couldn't find the words, or courage, to ask the young dragoness. In his heart, he loved Cynder, but did she love him back? He knew they have been through much together, but was that enough for one dragon to love another? The more he thought about the events, the more frustrated he became, both to his lack of remembering and to his feeble courage. How is it that he can fight a giant golem without hesitation, yet can't ask Cynder a simple question?

"So, Spyro, how much longer 'till we reach Warfang?" asked Cynder quizzically.

Spyro was whisked from his thoughts and flew faster to catch up to Cynder and flew beside her before replying.

"I think it's about a two-hour flight, if we don't stop that is," He said with a heavy voice.

Cynder only sighed in exasperation, and the two continued their trek home. As they continued, the weather started acting strange. The clouds became heavier and darker, the wind howled and blew stronger. This did not faze the dragons, rather it was ignored out right, for they were deep in thought about each other. However, as drops could be felt and thunder could be heard in the distance, their attention was brought back to flying straight.

"Where did this storm come from!?" Shouted Cynder over the howling wind.

"I don't know! But if we don't stop now, we could be stuck by lightning!" Spyro yelled back. The continued thunder did not aid in their conversation.

Before Cynder could reply in agreement, a strange blueish vortex spouting lightning appeared from right above them. Looking up in bewilderment by the phenomena, they soon realized that it was dragging them in. Both dragons turned toward the ground below and tried to get away. Despite their efforts, they were slowly being pulled in. Cynder wavered in her struggle for a second and was almost yanked from the world before Spyro grabbed her paws with his before that happened.

Spyro now had to pull both his weight and the dragoness' to escape the vortex that still lingered above. He gave it his all, and was desperately trying to save themselves from an unknown fate. Cynder wished she could help, but was totally spent, not being as physically fit as Spyro. Either the vortex was getting stronger or Spyro was getting weaker, but the purple dragon seemed to be fighting a losing battle as his tail was almost inside. Suddenly, they heard a loud bang from the spinning vortex. In surprise, Spyro turned his head to see what it was that made the noise, but by doing so lost his grip with the wind and both dragons tumbled into the vortex, all the while yelling for each other. After swallowing up the two, the vortex collapsed on itself, and disappeared, as if it was never there in the first place.


Currently, in New Marais, all was well, considering the actions of both the Militia and the Corrupted have been at an all time low. For Cole MacGrath, it was a well deserved break from all the hustle and bustle of the city. For he, as many citizens knew, was a hero of the large town that he called home. With his powers of electricity, Cole has been keeping order by putting a stop to any Militia and Corrupted activity. But as of right now, Cole was on the roof of Zeke's apartment enjoying a drink on an outdoor couch with his best friend.

"When was the last time we hung out like this?", asked Zeke, turning to Cole who was sitting on his right.

Cole only shrugged, and took another sip of his bottle. Zeke faced forward again and answered his own question.

"It was back in Empire City, on my old apartment. That was right before we went and recovered the food drop, remember that?"

Cole could only smirk at that; it was the first time that he ever applied his powers for good use to help feed the people of the city. Cole took another sip before responding, "Yeah, that's right. After that, I was always to busy to do it again, especially after..."

Cole trailed off, and looked down with a grieved face. Zeke knew what he ment: after he betrayed his best friend for powers of his own. Cole and Zeke continued drinking in silence, feeling the awkwardness set in. Zeke suddenly chuckled to himself; catching this, Cole raised a brow. "What's so funny?"

Zeke only started laughing louder, making Cole really curious about what struck Zeke's funny bone. "Come on, quit laughing and tell me." he said in a cheery voice, somewhat glad that the silence was broken.

Zeke jumped up from the couch, putting his bottle down on a nearby table as he did. He turned his body toward Cole with a wide grin on his face. "I just thought of a great prank we can pull on the Militia."

Cole chuckled and took another sip before asking, "And what, pray tell, do you have in mind?"

"Alright, we rile up a bunch of Militia and have them chase you, right? You lead them to the swamps, or more specifically, to a group of corrupted. You see where I'm getting at?"

Cole only smiled and stood up, setting his drink down as well. Cole loved getting into Zeke's antics and was glad for the distraction from the previous conversation.

"Alright, Zeke, sounds good, now we just have to find-"

The two men then heard a loud bang as the sky quickly darkened from the overhead clouds. They both ran to the edge of the roof, to see if they could find the source of the noise. What they say next only made their jaws drop in disbelief.

In the sky, a strange vortex zapping with electricity formed looking like an upside down tornado in the cloud cover. From there, two orange glowing meteorites fell in separate directions. When they crashed it seemed to have shaken the city as many car alarms and screams were heard from below.

Cole furrowed his brow toward the vortex as it slowly grew smaller until it disappeared altogether. He then looked down to the nearest smoke column from the crashed rock. "Let's go check it out, I have a feeling this was no accident."

Zeke shook his head, still trying to figure out if what he saw was truly real. Zeke suddenly scolded himself; He had lived with a conduit for more than a month and he can't believe this? "Alright, brother, you get going to that one", he pointed toward the closest column of smoke, "and I'll meet you there in my truck."

Cole nodded and jumped off the roof. The conduit then used his static thrusters to glide to the next building. Zeke watched him for a second, "Damn, and just when we were about to have some fun," he thought. Zeke made a run for the door to get to his garage.


Cole jumped to the last building that would overlook the crash site. The whole way over to it, Cole contemplated what could have crashed like it did. Every excuse he thought of was quickly turned down by the fact that it fell from that vortex. The electric man felt like he saw it before, and what made that loud bang that came from the vortex?

When Cole finally got to the ledge of the building, he saw many things at once. First, and most obvious, was the large crater that was formed from the crashing object. second was the huge group of Militia that was swarming the area. From what the conduit could see, they seemed to be locking down the area, as if there was something very valuable to protect. The last, and most shocking, thing was the crashed mass itself. It looked like, well, he couldn't really tell what it looked like through all the smoke. All he could make out was a strange royal purple with hints of gold.

Cole shook his head, deciding to worry about it later and instead focused on taking out the Militia. From his count, there were 21 members here. Cole then smiled devilishly. "Didn't have a challenge like this for a while, hope they remembered to pack more fire power."

The conduit took a few steps back before running to the lip of the building and jumping out. In the air, he used his thunder drop attack and took out 3 men right below him, surprising everyone else. Cole took out his Amp and said wickedly, "You ready for this?" And thus the chaos ensued.

The air was full of gunfire as Cole charged to the nearest group of enemies, charging his weapon with electricity. The conduit started taking them out one by one with his Amp. After finishing the last one in the group, Cole heard a rocket launch and dodge rolled out of the way before a missile exploded where he was a second ago. The electric man quickly launched his own rocket back at the man, blowing him up.

Cole chuckled, and slowly turned around to the last of the Militia. They were all pointing their guns at him, "Get down before I blow your brains out, freak!" Yelled a man.

The 'freak' made a scared face, throwing his hands in front of himself, and pleaded, "Please, scary men, don't shoot me!" The men looked at each other in confusion, giving the conduit all the distraction he needed.

Cole made a full 360 degree turn while forming a large, concentrated amount of electricity into his hands before releasing it creating a miniature twister toward the Militia. In panic, the members either fled or fired at the large mass of air approaching them. Which ever they did, it was futile as the tornado scooped all of them up and launched them in every which way.

After the Iconic Vortex died down, Cole took a good look around with a smirk, crossing his arms in achievement, 'It never gets old,' he thought to himself.

Cole finally headed toward the fallen star in the center of the crater, and as he got closer, and the smoke started to dissipate, the odder the object became. It wasn't until Cole was 5 feet from it that Cole gasped in marvel.

In the center was an unconscious dragon, with scales of a royal purple, and gold horns. It's crescent was also gold that started from his forehead and ended at his tail. The tail itself had a spear-like blade at the end of it that was gold as well. Cole could only stare with rejection on mind. "How could a dragon exist? I thought they were only in legends," he said aloud to himself.

The electric man knelt next to the beast, and put his hand on its throat, searching for a pulse. After finding it, Cole let out a sigh of relief. He didn't know if the thing was a new conduit, a test subject of Bertrand's, or a genuine dragon. Cole continued to stare at said dragon, thinking of where it came from and what to do with it. The conduit did this until he heard Zeke's truck pull up to the lip of the crater in a nearby street, and even then he didn't budge from his spot.

Zeke parked his truck, and got out to see Cole standing over the dragon. Zeke could easily see the dragon from the distance for the smoke had finally dispersed from the crash site. Zeke jogged over to his best friend staring wide eyed at the purple thing the whole way. Once he was behind Cole, he made to ask what they should do, but stopped himself. Seeing that the conduit made no move to indicate Zeke was here proved that Cole did not know either.

Cole finally sighed, turned to Zeke with a concerned face, and slowly spoke, "Hey, Zeke." Cole cursed himself for not coming with something better, but considering he was standing over a dragon; needless to say, it was understandable.

Zeke tried to speak again, but choked on the words. All that came out was, ""

Cole glanced back at the purple beast and said, "Yeah, I know, I found it here with the Militia investigating it."

"The Militia?" Zeke repeated, finally noticing the bodies of the members laying about.

Cole nodded, and looked down before continuing. "They were locking down the area, I guess they thought it was a conduit, but... I don't think it is one. At least, not one I'm familiar with." Cole looked up at Zeke, "Anyway, this was what crashed here, and made the crater." He shuddered for a second, "Brings back bad memories."

Zeke broke free from his speech impairment, and asked the question on both their minds. "What do we do now?"

Cole looked back at the dragon with a hand to his chin, wondering that himself. They couldn't just leave him for the Militia to take. For all they knew, it could be just as confused as they were, and having the enemy having a potential weapon did not sit well with the conduit. However, they did not know if the animal was hostile. Cole finally came to a conclusion; it wasn't one he liked, but it was the best he could come up with.

"We're taking it home."

Zeke was about to protest, but caught himself, following on to Cole's train of thought. He groaned, and began walking back to his ride with his hands in his pockets. "Alright then, brother" He turned around taking a hand to point at the electric man. "But you're carrying it."

The electric man smiled and nodded and used his Kinetic Pulse to lift the beast up. Cole made his way to Zeke's truck with the man himself already in the driver's seat. The conduit slowly settled the dragon in the trunk, careful not to wake it in case it attacks. After this, Cole banged on the truck with his fist to signal that he was done. Zeke gave the thumbs up and drove off.

Cole sighed to himself, hand on his forehead, and muttered, "I hope I'm not making a big mistake here."