The Electric Dragon

Chapter 12: Battle for the Departure

The trip back to the apartment was uneventful, so much so that it made Cole very nervous, like the Militia were watching and waiting for the right time to strike.

Once at the apartment, Spyro and Cynder laid Kuo and Nix to rest. To Cole's astonishment, Zeke was still nowhere to be found. The conduit even tried calling him again, but to no avail.

"Maybe the Militia are keeping him busy so he can't respond," Spyro had suggested.

Cole doubted it; even if Zeke was given a job from their enemies, he would've slipped out, or at least made contact with his best friend.

Right now, the dragons and Cole were on the roof, not worried about being attacked again, and rethinking their strategy to get Spyro and Cynder home.

After pacing so many times in front of the two dragons, Cole finally stopped and faced them, "I say we continue with the plan. Kuo and Nix should be fine here, and we don't have much time until the portal appears."

"Maybe so," Cynder said, "but what if the Militia come back? They could be captured again."

Cole shook his head, "I don't think so; they probably will thank twice before trying to capture us again, especially after what I did to their compound." During that last bit, Cole had a devilish grin on.

"Alright then," Spyro announced, "let's go home then."

The other two nodded, and they all walked to the buildings edge. The dragons took flight as Cole began jumping from rooftop to rooftop. In the distance, they could see the crater, and the storm clouds that started to hover over it like a hurricane was building. Cole was now determined more than ever to get them back to their world, 'They won't meet the Beast, it isn't their problem,' he thought to himself. However, he couldn't help but feel guilty for alluding the whole Beast scenario to them.

Spyro and Cynder, flying side by side towards the crater, remained silent. Spyro was still surprised and relieved that Cynder loved him. He truly believed he should say the same, but every time he thought of it, he felt embarrassed. He was upset with himself for this; he shouldn't have any reason to feel this way, but the sensation occurred with its own free will.

For Cynder, she was uneasy of how she reacted in the compound. Sure, she finally revealed her feelings for Spyro a second time, but he hasn't brought it up since their escape. Does he not feel the same way? Her stomach dropped every time she thought of that. However, she could not think anything of it at this moment, for the group had finally arrived to the crater.

The area remained the same as when Cole first arrived, except for some small changes. For one, there was no Militia troops anywhere in sight. Another thing was the dark ominous clouds luming over their heads. The clouds were crackling with lightning with thunder not to far off.

Spyro and Cynder landed inside the crater with Cole running from behind to join them. They all looked up to see the clouds start to pull apart to reveal a vortex leading to the world of dragons.

Cole sighed sadly, having Spyro here made him feel less lonely, and understood more then anyone could ever understand. They both were in their element, working together for a common goal, and now they must be separated. The dragons simply do not belong in this world. He understood this, but he didn't have to like it.

Cole walked in front of the dragons with a heavy heart, "Well, I guess this is goodbye."

Spyro stood frozen, in deep thought, "No, this isn't goodbye."

Cole was slightly shocked to hearing this, but the purple dragon wasn't finished, "We may be in separate worlds, but I have this strange feeling in my gut that says that we will meet again."

Cynder smiled, "Yeah, I mean, we can't forget each other, right?"

Cole chuckled, "of course not," he then rushed forward and pulled them in a group hug. The dragons hugged back, holding back the tears that began to appear.

The conduit pulled away with a sad smile, same with Cynder and Spyro. "Cole," Spyro announced, gaining the attention from the conduit. "I promise you that we will meet again, no matter what happens."

Cole would have loved to agree full heartily, but the thought of the Beast lingered in his head. "Yeah, of course," he said quietly, feeling like he was lying to them.

Cynder started to hover with her wings, "Goodbye, Cole," she said waving a paw to him, "sorry about almost killing you."

Cole laughed, and waved back, as she made her way to the vortex, stopping to wait for the other dragon.

Spyro began to hover as well. He looked at Cole one last time, smiled, and nodded, "Someday."

Cole smiled and nodded back, "Someday."

Spyro flew to the portal home, and when Cynder saw him approaching she flew through it. the purple dragon would've done the same, if he hadn't heard the loud footsteps of an approaching enemy.

Cole heard it too, and whipped around to see a large ice creature. It was almost three times as tall as the electric man, and had a humanoid form with large limbs of ice. What surprised Cole the most was seeing Zeke inside the beast like a cage.

"Cole!" Zeke shouted, "Get out of here, man! Forget about me!"

The conduit allowed electricity to flow through his right arm, arcs radiating around it, preparing to fight the Ice Titan. "Cole!" Another voice from above yelled. Looking up, he saw Spyro lowering himself towards him.

'What does he think he's doing!?' He thought frantically, 'He needs to get home now!'

"Spyro!" Cole shouted sternly back, "Get through the portal before it disappears!"


"Now! You need to go, I can handle this! Just go!"

Breaking his gaze from Spyro, he faced the monster in front of him again, just in time to see a large ice chunk fly towards him. He dodge rolled away just in time to avoid it, and was about to retaliate when he realized he couldn't attack while Zeke was inside.

He cursed silently, and thought of ways to take this thing down. The said monster shot a beam of white with blue radiating from it straight at Cole. The conduit ran to the side while the beam followed closely behind.

Cole shot a bolt at the Ice Titan, and to his dismay see that it hurt Zeke more than the monster itself.

'There is no way to take this thing down without hurting Zeke,' he mentally told himself, 'unless...'

The idea came to him, but it felt cowardly to even think of it. However, it seemed to be the only way to get Zeke out without his death.

After the beam faded away, Cole stopped running, turned to face the Ice Titan and knelt, face down cast.

"Cole what are you doing?!" Zeke yelled out, "Just run!"

"I can't do that, Zeke!" He shouted out to the other man at last, making him flinch.

"If I run away, you'll still be captured, but if I submit, it'll let you go. I don't have a choice."

"Cole," Zeke whispered to himself, realizing that the conduit was going to sacrifice himself to save him.

The kneeling man, to the Ice Titan, showed that he was giving up. With out hesitation, the monster walked lubberly to Cole. When he was within range, the beast lifted its right arm up, about to crush the man in front of him.

The next thing it knew, however, a blast of fire melted his arm, and it stumbled back in shock.

Cole gazed back up to see Spyro finishing a fly by of the monster, which had lost its arm in the process. In his surprise, he realized that Spyro was still here, and grew angry. "What are you doing, Spyro!?"

Spyro landed right beside him, as Cole stood back up, temper flaring. The dragon grinned coolly, "Saving you and Zeke, by the looks of things." he retorted.

"What about your home, and Cynder?" The conduit asked of him. To which Spyro only chuckled.

"I can always return when you use another Ionic Vortex," the dragon joked.

Cole could not stop an annoyed and small smile from appearing on his face, "Yeah, well, it looks like you're not leaving until you help."

Spyro gave a nod of affirmation, and the conduit sighed. "Fine," he gave in irritably, "But when this is finished, you're leaving. Not that I don't like your company."

Spyro chuckled, and they both turned their attention to the Ice Titan, who was still recovering from the attack.

"If you can get Zeke out, I can hold it off," Cole explained.

"No problem," Spyro said boastfully.

With that, the dragon flew quickly at the monster. He hovered in front of it, dodged a strike made by the beast, and breathed fire at the cage that held Zeke. The said man covered his face with his arms to protect himself from the heat, but looked up to see Spyro inside with him, "Hop on, quick!" he ordered, which Zeke did without argument.

The second Spyro and Zeke exited the monster, Cole let loose a barrage of rockets that hit their mark. The monster groaned in agony as it regained its balance and threw more ice blocks at Cole. He dodged them, but the last one hit him, and was knocked down. He jumped back up, and saw Spyro returning to the scene. The dragon did another fly by and used his fire breath again, taking out the Ice Titan's left arm. The monster fell down to its knees, as if trying to do regain its strength, and an idea came to Cole's mind.

The conduit ran up to the beast, with his Amp out, and jumped on it where it's face would be. He jammed his weapon down, and pulled, as if pealing off the ice cover. When the cover did come off, Cole fell back to the ground, and gazed back to the face of the monster, which was now revealed.

It was ugly, to say the least, and it seemed to be covered in frostbites. The monster roared, and stood back up. Then, to the amazement of Spyro and Cole, it regrew its arms. "Aim for the face!" Cole suggested to Spyro.

The dragon took this to heart and unleashed many fire bursts on to it, however, it did not finish it off. 'How the hell do we take this thing down? Wait, we can use our attack like with that Behemoth.' After that thought, he waved his arms above his head, signaling to Spyro to come to his position, which the dragon complied.

"What is it?" he asked as soon as he landed.

"We need to use our attack that we used on the Behemoth," Cole announced.

Spyro would have argued that wouldn't be necessary, but after fighting this monster, and without coming up with his own plan, he agreed to Cole's idea.

The dragon took a few steps backward, preparing his lightning breath, while Cole also prepared to receive the energy. After a second of anticipation, Spyro realized his attack, which was absorbed by Cole without pause. Feeling the electricity flow through him, he started to form a rocket in his hands. As the team began to do this, the monster was preparing another beam to shoot at the group.

As Spyro was shooting the electricity at Cole, his mind flashed the recent events since he arrived in New Marais: Meeting Cole, fighting Nix, laughing with Zeke, rescuing Cynder, and more. Even though the situation overall was desperate, it was also, in a way, fun. He enjoyed fighting with Cole, and leaving this place became a lot harder for him.

Cole finally finished the concentrated rocket, and launched everything he had at the monster. When it hit, a deafening explosion occurred, sending chucks of ice, that made up the Titan, flying in multiple directions.

The duo was breathing hard, and looked at each other with appreciation of the other. But Cole's face slid to horror in recalled the portal, and looked back up to it and saw it beginning to collapse. "Spyro! Hurry!" he shouted out, pointing to the vortex.

Spyro realized the desperation, and instantly took flight heading straight for it. As he grew closer, the portal grew smaller. To Cole, it looked like it was going to be close. And right when Spyro arrived at the vortex, there was loud bang, like when they first appeared. Spyro was gone, and so was the portal, as the clouds dissipated to nothingness.

Cole let out a breath he didn't know he was holding, and fell down in a sitting position. He could hear the hurried footsteps coming towards him, and looking behind him, saw Zeke running from where he was hiding. "Hey... Zeke..." Cole let out, still breathing hard.

Zeke stood aways behind Cole still in shock, "Cole, he's gone..." Zeke said dumbfoundedly. "What if we never see him again? What if he doesn't find another portal so we can join up?"

Cole gave a small smile, 'Always the theorist, he is.'

Cole looked up to the sky that once held the vortex, smile growing bigger. "We will, Zeke. Someday..." With that said, he collapsed to the ground, exhaustion overwhelming him.


After flying with all his might to the portal, he finally arrived in the Dragon Realms. He landed on the soft grass, not so expertly, and just laid there, breathing heavily. Suddenly, he was tackled from the side, and began rolling with whoever did it until he was laying on his back, facing Cynder.

She was crying, with tears dripping from her cheeks onto Spyro's scales, with a scared look. She hugged him, not wanting to ever let him go. "I was so worried," she managed to say through her sobs. "I thought something happened, and I couldn't come back, and-" she couldn't finish as she was crying to hard to do so.

The purple dragon knew that he worried Cynder, and he knew of only one way to comfort her. When they pulled away from the hug, he looked up in her emerald and tear-stricken eyes, and kissed her. Cynder was shocked at first, but soon kissed back as they continued to embrace each other.

When they finally broke apart, Spyro gave a reassuring grin, and said, "I love you, Cynder, there is no way I would leave you."

Cynder was stunned by his words. 'He loves me back? He really loves me?' she questioned herself, but she soon was smiling widely, and kissed him again. Spyro was glad to get that off his chest at last. Even though he may never see Cole again, though he knew he would, he was finally and truly happy and content to be with Cynder right now.

And nothing could take that away from him.

Thank you so much for reading this story! It took about two and a half weeks to finish, but I'm glad I did. Before you ask, there WILL be a sequel. It'll take place in the Dragon Realms with Cole coming by. I don't know when I will get around to it, but I promise I will type it, and I keep my promises. If you have suggestions for the story, I would like to hear them. And don't forget to review or PM me about this story!