The Electric Dragon

Chapter 2: First Impressions

The first thing Cynder felt was pain. Specifically, on her head, but she could not recall any recent event that would cause it. She slowly opened her eyes, her vision hazy from her sore head. The light was dim and Cynder was thankful for that; any brighter and she would have a headache. When her eyesight became clearer, an object began to take form. The dragoness blinked a couple of times and the object became a bipedal creature with clothing. A few more blinks and Cynder's fogginess disappeared altogether.

The creature seemed quite old, with balding white hair and wrinkly face. He wore a black coat, a white shirt underneath, with a red vest. In one of his gloved hands he held a cigarette. The creature was studying Cynder taking a smoke occasionally. The dragoness found him a bit creepy, mainly because of this appearance and because he watched her sleep.

Cynder lifted her head from the resting position to get a better view of the animal in front of her. By doing this she realized she was in a cage in some kind of city square of a city. The creature chuckled at her bewilderment of the situation; Cynder turned a cold gaze at him which only made him chuckle harder.

"I bet you're wondering where you are, huh?" The old man sneered.

Cynder was starting to be annoyed by the man; it was already bad enough that she was in a cage, but being mocked because of it? The man continued none the less.

"Let me introduce myself, I am Joseph Bertrand III" The creature proudly said. "and you are?"

Cynder was a bit reluctant to respond at first, but thought that speaking to this 'Bertrand' would get her multitude of questions answered, "Cynder."

"A pleasure to make your acquaintance, Ms. Cynder," As he said this, Bertrand made a small bow.

The black dragoness narrowed her eyes further and asked the first question that came to mind. "Where am I?"

"Why, in New Marais, but you don't know where that is do you?"

The mocking was really getting on Cynder's nerves, like he wanted to anger the dragon. "No, but I know that I didn't put myself in this cage," she said bitterly.

Bertrand chuckled again, "Merely a precaution, my dear, in case you turned out to be..." Bertrand paused to find the right word to say, "...unfriendly".

"Well you have nothing to worry about then."

"Oh, there is no sure way to tell that, for you could be tricking me for all I know."

"What advantage would I have to trick you to set me free and escape? I don't know about this place, remember?"

"Because I know people like you, well, not exactly like you, but to personality. They know that they can find answers once they escape."

Cynder was puzzled at this; Has this man trapped others before her? Her puzzlement accidentally showed and humored the old man once again, forcing the dragoness to turn back to her annoyed look.

"You see, in our world, you are unique, there is nothing that comes close to you."

Cynder didn't know if that was a compliment or an insult, but luckily she did not react to his words. Bertrand continued his monologue.

"In our world, we have these abominations called 'conduits' that plague our pure home. I have tried to keep them at bay, but they grow stronger and numberous each day. I try to look for a solution to this problem peacefully, but the mutants don't care if a couple people die if they are in the way."

Cynder somehow knew the man was lying, but didn't retort as she wanted to keep stalling him until she found a way out.

"That's a shame," She said as coldly as possible. Bertrand took another inhale of his cigar, and turned around to have his back to Cynder

"Sometimes, these things form out of nowhere in particular, and other times the real ugly ones appear from the sky" He turned back around with a small smile. "like you."

The black dragoness couldn't hold herself back any longer. Jumping to her feet, she let loose a fear breath, to show this person who he was messing with. The man was engulfed by the wave, but paid no mind to it, in fact, he didn't even let out a yelp of surprise. She didn't stop her attack until she was forced to draw breath. gasping for air, she saw in astonishment that the man was almost in the exact same place he was in before she attacked.

"Really," he chuckled again "is that all you have? To be honest, I was expecting just a bit more from a dragon."

Cynder scoffed at that and turned around to face away from him, laying down to show that she was no longer talking with him. In her mind, however, she was panicking. For as long as she lived no other creature had ignored her fear breath like that, unless they had no fear at all, or were completely emotionless. Cynder shivered at this thought; Was this person really that strong willed?

Bertrand stared at the dragoness's back for awhile before saying, "I do hope my boys picked up the other one. From what they told me, it was much bigger than yourself."

At that moment, Cynder desperately wanted to shout at him to leave Spyro alone, for that was what she presumed he was suggesting. Instead, she held her tongue for a few reasons: One; She had no concrete proof that he was talking about Spyro, two; he may have been lying, to get her to snap again, and three; if he was talking about Spyro, there is no way he would get himself captured so easily... would he?

Bertrand slowly strode away, saying over his shoulder, "Enjoy your stay, Ms. Cynder, because I don't think you'll be here for long."

And with that said, the old man continued walking until he went around a corner, out of sight. As soon as he was, Cynder jumped back up, used her shadow ability, and dived into her own shadow. She then moved out of the cage to the concrete of the city square before reforming. Smiling in satisfaction with thought of seeing Bertrand's face once he realizes she has escaped, the dragoness spread her wings and took flight to the skies of New Marais.

One thing was evident to Cynder: she was definitely not in the Dragon Realms anymore. The technology and architecture was nothing she has ever encountered before. She could only look below her in awe of the town. The city's inhabitants were what fascinated her the most. They were all bipedal, like Bertrand, yet all different in their own way.

The black dragoness was entranced until she heard a scream from a nearby ally. She stopped on a nearby building and peered over the brim to take a peak. She saw more bipedal creatures, but they were very different compared to the others.

The creatures had four mandibles on their mouth giving them a grotesque appearance. They were also bald with scythes for arms and clawed feet. The torso and head were deathly pale, while the arms and lower body was darker than Cynder's own scales.

From what the dragoness could see from her view, the weird creatures were approaching a female creature, who looked scared out of her mind and trapped in a dead-end. The said creature turned away as she waited for the inevitable end. The monsters seemed to have taken it as an invitation as they all four of them started to charge. Cynder knew she had to do something before the female died.

The black dragoness dropped down from her point and landed right between the female and the monsters. The female took no notice, but the monsters growled in annoyance. Cynder went into an attack stance and shouted bravely, "If you want a fight, you only had to ask."

The monsters roared and started swinging at her with their arms. Cynder easily dodged them and counter attacked with her own claws and tail. Soon all four monsters were dead, with the dragoness standing over them proudly. She then turned around to see if the female was alright, but before she could ask her, the other creature looked up, saw Cynder, and ran past the dragoness screaming.

Cynder was really confused now; usually when she saved someone, they thanked her and they both would be on their way. Did the female think she was a monster like the ones she killed? And what were the monsters anyway? Cynder only shook her head in irritation and climbed up the closest building to get back to flying around.

Once up there, she took a good look around. This world was strange to her, and she could only hope that Spyro was alright. She knew, of course, that the purple dragon could hold his own in a fight, but this was in different circumstances. They were no longer in the Dragon Realms, they knew no one here, and everyone thought they were monsters. Cynder sighed, feeling defeated. She was about to fly off, when she heard a strange noise.

Out of nowhere, a large craft flew in and hovered over her, freaking her out a bit. 'They can fly?' she thought. Before she could get a good look, a net wrapped around her, sending Cynder tumbling across the roof. 'Can't I get a break?!' She thought frantically.

The dragoness struggled in the net, using her claws and teeth to try to cut it open, but the material would not give. Suddenly, something punctured her scales and she started to feel woozy and tired. Before she succumbed to the darkness, Cynder heard someone say, "Tell the boss we captured it, again."