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"Kitty! You're going to miss the show if you don't hurry your ass up!" My sister, Ski, yelled up at me from the living room.

I was currently in my room reading a book. But I liked my show better and even though it was just a re-run, I still my favorite show on television.

"Coming! Give me a minute!" I shouted back at her.

"Yeah, well I can wait but time doesn't slow down!"

"Shut up. I'm right behind you." She spun around and smiled at me. "You used the 'secret passage' didn't you?" She asked knowingly. I winked and turned towards the living room to see everything was in place and ready.

"'Kay now let's get this party started!" My hyper active twin exclaimed. I merely shook my head at her antics.

Our show, for your information, is Transformers Animated. We love that show. Ski's favorite character is Jazz. He's alright. Too '80's for me. My favorite character is Ultra Magnus. I don't know why. He just appeals to me.

When our show came on it was our favorite. I forget what it's called (and I truthfully don't feel like looking). It had both Jazz and Ultra Magnus in it. When it was over we said our good nights and went to bed.

Next Morning

"Kitty! Wake up! Look where we are!" She sounded excited.

"Hey! Who's this?" A young, familiar voice asked. I opened my eyes to look at Ski. Her eyes held worry, fear, and excitement.

"This is Katlyn. If you value life, call her Kitty," my twin dead-panned. I looked over at the girl next to her. It was Sari Sumdaic.

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