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There was a canon pointed in my face. Life's a bitch.

I hate life. I really, really hate my life. There is a canon, a fucking canon, and nobody was there to save me and my sister.

"Kitty!" I heard Prowl shout.

The canon powered up. Ski and I had little time left it seemed. Good bye cruel world.

Then a large, blue vehicle came and blocked the shot. It was Ultra Magnus and, not so much, Sentinel to the rescue! Ha-ha. Defiantly NOT Sentinel. He is such a dushe.

Ultra then transformed and looked down at us. I smiled slightly and waved. His ey-er- optics softened as he looked at me. I felt a tugging sensation in my chest. Ultra seemed to have it to for his optics (ha! Got it right that time!) widened and he frowned, looking away. I blinked and looked away from him as well… Just in time to see Sari being run down by a Policebot. My eyes widened and I did the natural thing. I ran towards the danger to save her.

"Kitty, look out!" Jazz cried out from the sidelines. I heard them coming. I dodged with grace, flipping into the air as I did. I land near to Sari.

"Sari, run in between the crates! They can't reach you there!" I shouted. She did as she was told… Aaaannnddd the haywire Policebot turned towards me. Joy.

"Well shit. That was a fail." I mumbled to myself. I wasted little time hauling ass outta there. I climbed up a crate and leaped to the next one, the Policebot still following me.

"Shit, shit, shit, shit." Was what I repeatedly said as I ran across the crate tops like I was Batman. I looked to the next gap I would have to jump to see that there was no crate and just open space.

"Double shit!" I cursed. There was no way I could slow down enough to stop in time. I was totally and utterly fucked. Like I said before, and I quote, Life's a bitch. So, I jumped of the edge a good thirty feet or so. What fun I have! Not.

"Kitty!" Ski screamed. I closed my eyes and braced for impact… That never came. I was encased once again by warm metal. Only this time, whoever this hand belonged to could cover my entire body with their hand. I looked and saw that it was Ultra Magnus who had caught me. I blinked.

"I thought you didn't like humans." I stated blankly, brushing myself off.

"I don't."

"Then why save me?" I said looking him dead in the optic. He paused.

"You have a strong spark." He answered putting me down. I looked up at him, the tugging feeling coming back. I stepped back and turned to look at the others. Optimus looked at me with respect, Bumble Bee in awe, Prowl emotionless, Bulkhead looked relieved, Ratchet looked annoyed (go figure), Jazz looked a little upset, and Sentinel looked disgusted (once again: go figure). Ski looked relieved and pissed at the same time.

"YOU FUCKING IDIOT!" She roared. I winced at her volume. She then preceded to glomp me sobbing.

"You could have died." She whispered as she held me close.

"I know. But, this is a perfect lesson to learn."


"We have to learn to let each other go. 'Cause if one of us actually does die then we will be more prepared for it." I held her at arm's length, looking her in the eye. Her eyes search mine, looking for an answer. I released her and was hugged at my legs.

"Thank you." Sari said while holding me tight. I smiled gently and pried her off my legs. I locked my gaze with Ski's.

"Come on Ski. We have to go and try to find the truck to finish the job we were originally sent to do." Realization dawned on her and she tilted her head back and groaned.

"Boss is gonna fire us!" She moaned out. I sighed and nodded.

"Bye Sari, Autobots excluding Sentinel Doushebag." I said as I gazed up at them. I gave a fleeting glance to Ultra, then turned to run off, Ski not far behind.

"Hey Kit, Ski! Don't go! Please come back!" Sari said. I could hear the tears in her voice.

"I'm sorry Sari." I whispered as I ran.

Next Day Kitty's POV

I was tired. It was a sleepless night for both me and Ski. I think that we might have broken her little heart.

"Hey Kitty?" Ski asked me as we walked towards where the Autobots were headquartered.


"Do-do you think that we made a mistake leaving?" She asked her voice small and unusually quiet. I looked over at her.

"I don't know."

We then walked in silence. I gazed at random buildings thinking about when the Elite Guard had to leave. I became even more depressed then I already was. Dark thoughts began to overtake my mine. An ancient consciousness pressed against mine and seized a weak control over me. I felt like I wasn't in control anymore. Panic welled up inside me. Then I heard it. I heard the voice. You cannot hide from me. No matter where you are, no matter where you hide I will find you! Those fools that you call heroes cannot save you. You are mine! Then, he was gone. I looked at Ski with a fearful expression. He was back, and he wanted us again. I had a feeling that he would stop at nothing to get what he wanted. It was time. We were need again. It's probably hard to imagine but, we were once mighty warriors. Proud and fierce but no longer are we warriors. We had to find the Autobots. For we was the only chance that this world had left for survival. This world was fucked.