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Stella let out a shaky breath as she made her way down the long hallway, making a mental note of all the exists. For this job time was of the essence and failure was not an option. She quickly made her way towards a locked room; pulling out her lock pick she quickly popped the lock. Pulling out a small flash light she slinked inside the dark room. Hearing a strangled cry made her nearly jump out of her skin, turning her flashlight towards the sound she saw the man chained to the chair. Feeling the bile rise up as he called out to her.

Without hesitation Stella made her way to the man who looked a little younger then she was. "It's ok I will get you out of here." She reassured pulling out her lock pick once again and started working on the chain that kept him secured to the chair. "Hurry before he returns" He warned her causing her to stop for a fraction of a second. The one who hired her to do the job never gave her any details, just said it would be a quick in and out job to retrieve some kind of rock thing, but it was turning out to be anything but.

After a few moments Stella managed to pop the chain freeing the captive man. She caught him as he sagged to the ground. Being 125 pounds soaking wet was making it difficult to help support the man's weight with her own, but she managed to get him to his feet. "Are you ok to walk out of here?" He gave her a haunted looked and nodded. "We won't make it out anyways Crowley will see to it, you were dead the second you walked through the door." Swallowing the lump in her throat she turned her green eyes on him. "Don't talk let that we are getting out of here."

Before they made their way toward the end of the corridor, the ex-captive put a hand on her arm stopping her. "There is another here, one of my brothers. We cannot leave him." Letting out a small sigh of frustration she nodded turning around to find the other captive. This was the last thing she needed, she had a job that needed to get done the woman who hired her didn't seem the kind to appreciate her letting things like this getting in her way, but she couldn't do it she wouldn't leave them behind.

Finding herself being lead to yet another locked room, it took her mere moments before they were inside. In the back corner there was a cage, the man inside looked disheveled, his clothes was torn and he was covered in what appeared to be dried blood. Once again she felt herself swallowing back the bile that threatened to rise up in her throat. The caged man didn't even look like he was breathing he was just staring blankly at the ceiling.

He bolted up right when Stella had the cage door open. There was an animalistic look in his eyes that frightened her. He grabbed her wrist pushing her back towards the cage door. "Who are you?" He hissed.

The younger man stood up pulling him away from her, with a look of apology in his eyes. She gave herself a second to collect herself and to get her heart to stop beating so rapidly. "My name is Stella Dupree." She answers softly. "I was sent here to recover something."

Both of the men stared at her with curiosity, she didn't care to elaborate on the subject she started to walk to the door when she noticed the men didn't follow her. She turned around with a demanding looking in her eyes and her hands on her hips. "Do you want to get out of here or not?"

"What's the point? Crowley will never let us out of here, alive anyways." The older man stated in an emotionless voice. Sending a glare there way as walked out the door. It was the second time she heard the name Crowley, she had no idea who he was but something told her she didn't want to cross paths with him.

The trio made it to one of the exists that Stella found previously when a British voice stopped them. "Going somewhere darlings?" Stopping dead in their tracks they turned and came face to face with a man in a suit.

"You're Crowley, I'm assuming." Stella stated looking at the man with eyes full of hatred, she didn't even know him but she already hated him, guess that's what happens when one stumbles upon another's torture chambers.

"Forgive me if I have no idea who you are, love." He waved his hands and a couple of 'body guards' appeared behind Stella and the men. "But I'm curious as to how a little human like you got in, I could use someone like you."

For the third time she felt like she was going to vomit, she did not like what he was implying. "You will not touch her, Crowley." The younger man hissed pushing his self in front of her. The other man just stood next to her stoically but she could feel him tense up getting ready for a fight.

"Are you going to stop me Samandriel?" It was a challenge and the shape that Samandriel was in Stella was sure it was a challenge that shouldn't be met no matter how grateful she is for him sticking up for her.

Crowley snapped his fingers and his henchmen had them surrounded. For a minute there Stella saw their eyes turn black and she swore. She knew all about demons, but that knowledge that she had didn't make her a hunter even though she had spent some time with hunters, she barely knew how to defend herself when it came to situations like this.

Everything afterword's was a blur, she remembered the men jumping in front of her, also she remember a lot of white light surrounding them. At one point during the scuffle Stella was pushed forward and she lost her balance and her head hit the table in front of her. She could see white spots dancing in the corner of her vision, she tried to pull herself to her feet but she kept wobbling. She was pulled into a strong pair of arms, looking up she saw the light green eyes of the man she let out of the cage, she made a mental note to ask him his name before she blacked out.

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