Author Note: Hey, Clockwork's Apprentice here. Sorry if certain stuff isn't mentioned (I'm only on episode 10-at the very beginning of episode 10). However, you might just want to forget the episodes, as nothing in them happen in this- except for maybe certain things. I apologize for spelling mistakes in the names. I don't know what state Sweet Amoris is in and no matter how much I love the guys on MCL:

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Title: Secrets

Rated: T

Summary: It's a new town for Krysta and Angel. Krysta doesn't want anything to do with the kids at school, but love finds a way. Angel, on the other hand, falls head over heels in love. But what happens when Krysta's past threatens to rise? Will love pull through?

Characters: cast from MCL, Angel and Krysta

Point of View: Mostly Angel or Krysta, but for the first few chapters it's gonna switch between the girls (Angel and Krysta), and the dudes from MCL.

Love interest(s): You'll find out ;)

Genre: Romance/Humor/Drama

Notes: Please Review! Who do think they'll end up with? By the way, this is T for a good reason and will be up to a low M later on.


Name: Krysta Venn

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Height: 5' 7" (5 feet, 7 inches)

Hair Color/style: Black/long and covers the right eye

Eye color: Green

Normal clothing: light gray skinny jeans, black combat boots, a red crop top, and signature clothing item(s).

Signature clothing item(s): Black fingerless gloves and (later) a black chocker with a red ruby

Personality: Sarcastic, short-tempered, secretive,

Love(s): Being alone, listening to music, hunting, chocolate

Hate(s): Bullies, snobby people, (and will almost kill ya if you mention parents), crying (but she does cry if someone mentions her parents), hospitals

Hobby: Hunting, mechanics, playing the piano, and singing (though she hates singing in front of people)

Relationship to Angel: Best friends

Love Interest: ?

Name: Angel LeAnn

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Height: 5' 5" (5 feet, 5 inches)

Hair color/Style: Blonde/long and wavy

Eye color: Dark Purple

Normal clothing: blue skinny jeans, black sneakers, and dark pink blouse (and signature clothing item)

Signature clothing item: a white handbag that has a pink tint, with a black flower key chain attached

Personality: Shy, caring, loving, preppy, smart

Love(s): Chocolate, flowers

Hate(s): Bullies, snobs, nosy people, people who are quick to judge,

Hobby: Cooking and photography

Relationship to Krysta: Best Friend

Love Interest: Nathaniel

Prologue (Angel's P.O.V.):

I can't wait! Krysta is finally coming! I mean, I haven't seen her for a whole week! I'm so excited. I just moved to a new town called Sweet Amoris in New Jersey. It's near the beach and the woods. But the city isn't that far of a drive. I live with my Aunt Rachael, who is a bit crazy, but I call her Auntie. I moved with her because of my parents are going on a long business trip for a whole year. Auntie told me I would start school at Sweet Amoris High tomorrow. Normally, I would be excited to start school, and I kind of am. But I've been really depressed since I haven't seen Krysta all week. Ever since she told me about…her life… I've felt sorry for her, not that I would tell her that. But anyway, she's coming to live in this town too. She said that she didn't really have a reason not too, her parents aren't exactly her parents, and I was her only friend. She's saved a lot of money. I do mean, a lot, and just bought an apartment close to my Auntie's house. Auntie and I offered for her to live at the house with us, but she refused.

I was snapped out of my thoughts by my phone's ringtone. I quickly answered it. I flipped it open (yeah, it's a flip phone).


"Hey, Angel."

I smiled widely, "KRYSTA! Have you arrived here in the town yet?"

I heard her chuckle slightly, "Yeah. I just arrived at my apartment actually, its room A239. Can you come and…"

The rest was muffled, but I understood. Krysta hated asking for help. I giggled.

"Sure. I can help you move in your stuff."

"Thanks. See ya in a bit, bye."


I snapped my phone shut and practically ran out of my room.


Soon, my aunt appeared dressed in a fairy costume.

"Krysta just arrived, I'm gonna go help her move in, okay? Okay!"

I didn't give her a chance to answer as I ran out the door, but I heard her laughing.

"Those two are practically sisters the way they act!"

I laughed and continued running. It took my five minutes to reach the apartment building, and I ran up the stairs to A239. I knocked and the door opened to reveal my best friend. She has her hair over her right eye, but I saw her left, green, eye widen in surprise. She whistled.

"Phew, didn't except ya so fast. Thanks."

"No problem."

She moved aside and I walked in. I could tell why Krysta picked this apartment. She likes darker colors. The whole apartment was really nice. Black carpets, light blue walls, and black doors. I guess Krysta started unpacking already. There was black couch, a TV, and an empty dark red book stand. There were boxes everywhere too. The kitchen wasn't really a separate room since I could see it while standing by the couch. I think Krysta already unpacked the things for it, because the cabinet doors were opened, they were filled with dishes, the shelves were filled with dishes too, and I suppose the fridge is already filled too. I could be wrong though, Krysta did just get here after all. I sighed; I plan on bringing some actual food later for her. Or at least cooking something, or inviting her to diner.

"Wanna help unpack my bedroom first?"

At my nod, she continued, "Cool. I do appreciate this."

"No problem." I followed her down the short hallway and into a room that was filled with boxes and pieces of paper, that I think are posters. The apartment only had one bedroom, though it was a really large bedroom, a bathroom, a kitchen, a living room, and a small spare room for storage.

The bedroom already had a bed, though it was small despite the size of the room itself. There was a large window too.

An hour later, we stepped back to admire our work.

"Perfect." Krysta whispered, and I agreed. The walls and floor were like the living room, so no difference there. The small bed had a black comforter with white skulls on it, along with solid white pillows and a black sheet. The window was covered with some dark gray shades. There was a black dresser with a full length mirror attached that was against the wall. There was a black rug, a black table that had a red laptop on it, and a red bean bag chair in the center of the room. The walls had a corkboard (that also had a dry erase board on it). There were also four posters on the wall inside a frame. One was a Winged Skull poster, one Green Day, a Linkin Park, and Slipknot. All the empty boxes were moved to the living room.

Krysta and I smiled slightly at the work we had done.

"What's next, the bathroom?"

Krysta laughed slightly, "No. I got that one done."

"Good. Because I need to go."

Krysta shook her head, "First door on the left, not that it's hard to find."

I quickly ran to the rest room. I took a peek inside the storage room. I saw a black piano leaning against the wall, huh, so that's where she put it. I continued on my way to the rest room.

Whoa, Krysta really did finish decorating it. There was a sink, counter, and a long mirror. The mirror had a shelf above it that was filled with various decorations and statues. The shower's curtain was a blood red curtain with black skulls and cross bones. The curtain was opened and I could see the various shampoos, conditioners, and soaps. I shook my head, did my business, washed my hands, and left. I found Krysta in the living room.

"This room is practically done, I just have a rug, a table, put up the books, and some curtains I need to put up. I have boxes in the storage room, but those things I will do myself. I just need…… with the empty boxes in the living room. I could do it myself, but it's quicker with two people. There's a dumpster outside the building."

I nodded and helped her. Soon we were done, and it was around 8 o'clock. Opps, time for me to leave.

"I'll see you later Krysta."

I waved and started to leave, but turned back around.

"Wait! Krysta, what school ya going to?"

"Sweet Amoris, but I won't start until a few days."
"Damn. That means I will have to go a few days of school without you. I start tomorrow."

Krysta chuckled, "Well, good luck. I plan on going shopping tomorrow. And then later, I shall go hunting."

I waved my goodbye again and left.