Krysta' P.O.V. (ten years later):

I still remember that day when we were trapped in that cave. It was the day they all learned the truth, besides Angel that is. Castiel and I were twenty-seven. We still lived in New Jersey, Sweet Amoris.

I changed my normal attire. My pants were black jeans (not skinny), black shoes, and a tight red long-sleeved shirt. Castiel wore black jeans with a chain, a dark red shirt with his band's logo (a skull with flames with two crossbones behind it), and black shoes.

Castiel became a successful singer and musician. He was part of his own band, he was the leader. It had more members as time went on. It was the same band that he and Lys started in high school. In fact, he's so famous they are making a movie out of his life. The best part? Most of it is home movies from Castiel's life. And later, we even play ourselves, which is cool. Lys is also a famous musician, part of Castiel's band (after all he was a founding member), a famous fashion designer (he still wore his Victorian clothing), and he married some girl that I remembered from high school, Isis. She is a good friend now. They have one daughter named Elizabeth in memory of Lys's younger sister. She is two years old with her father's mismatched eyes and Iris' hair. She's a darling.

Leigh, I crinkled my nose in disgust, was not doing well. When word spread at what he done, the shop was almost out of business. Luckily, Lys informed me that he moved all the way to Texas to start anew. His parents were not happy.

Angel and Nathaniel are doing well. They are married and have one baby girl, which is two, her name is Victoria. She has Nathaniel's eyes and Angel's personality and hair. Angel is finally a famous photographer, and Nathaniel is a successful lawyer.

I think a very funny thing is that Castiel's band, called Lethal (the members were: Castiel, Lys, a guy named Alexy-whom Cassie and I met in high school, but didn't come into the band until shortly before they became famous, and some guy named Drake that we all met on a beach trip in college), has many fan girls, fan boys, and fans. I am still laughing about the time Castiel and I went to the store. Castiel was disguised (rather poorly), and when his hat fell off a lot of people recognized him. All the girls, a few men, boys, and a few women went after him. They all backed off when security showed, luckily for us.

The tabloids don't know much about me, which I'm thankful for. They just name me as Krysta, Castiel's mystery girlfriend. Though, they don't have a clear picture (with Angel to thank), so people don't recognize me. The tabloids aren't even positive that it's Castiel's girlfriend.

Castiel and I were also married. We married when we were twenty (the news was so much fun to watch when they announced it). I still remember when he proposed.

Oh that was a pretty epic day. I whistled while I worked in our very nice two-story home. I could hear my little son playing in his room. Yes, we already had one son. His name was Jason, and he was three. He had Castiel's natural, blacker than black hair, and my green eyes. He loved it when I, or Castiel, sang to him. He loved superheroes and was always running around with a blanket tied around his neck like a cape. He was the world to me, as was my husband. Soon, another was going to be my world too. I was nine weeks pregnant, and I would be having her soon. It was going to be a girl; the doctor had told me so. Castiel and I had agreed on Charlotte.

I dropped the dish I was cleaning and clenched. Oh no. I was going into labor!


I sat in the hospital bed. I was in labor for thirteen hours. Castiel fainted while he watched. Typical men. Jason didn't know what was happening; only that he was going to have a little sister. She had a small tuft of black hair, more of my shade than Castiel's, and she opened her eyes to reveal Castiel's gray eyes, but they small green swirls. Oh, she's gorgeous. Castiel was revived and led into the room, with Jason holding his hand. I was holding my little girl and I handed her over to Castiel, and got a picture of him holding her for the first time (a nurse used my camera to take a picture of me holding her for the first time for me).

Yeah, life is good.

Author Note:

Now this is done, I'm posting Secrets: Drabbles, One-Shots and deleted scenes. You should read it! It has all these one-shots I made, including Castiel's proposal and them seeing the movie *mentioned above as the movie about Castiel's life*, when Krysta found out Castiel smoked, one is a crossover, when Lysander asked out Iris, the news report that was mentioned when they announced 'Castiel Skull's' marriage, and many more… not to mention the deleted scenes… including a scene that was deleted of Castiel asking Krysta out.