Beca/Chloe "Unfaithful" by Rihana. Beca feels guilty that she cheated on Jesse with Chloe, but can't help it.

She's more than a woman and this is more than love;
The reason that the sky is blue.
But clouds are rolling in because I'm gone again,
Because to him I just can't be true…

Beca hummed Titanium to herself as her fingers glided across her keyboard, typing up the lyrics to the next big hit that would probably end up being sung by a one hit wonder and yet again fail to make Beca's career, but whatever. This wasn't the kind of career she envisioned herself having anyway, but it was all just a matter of working her way up. She was just a few years behind where she'd intended to be by twenty six.

Well, career wise anyway. She'd somehow managed to come in about ten years early with her personal life, already married with a beautiful four year old son to count for it, but then again an unplanned pregnancy the summer you leave college and a shotgun wedding will do that to you. Not that she complained, Adam was the perfect little boy that loved music almost as much as his mother did, and Jesse still adored her whenever he remembered that's what a husband was meant to do, so she couldn't complain really.

It was her phone buzzing manically in her pocket that drew her away from her keypad for a second, taking a break for the first time since she'd typed out the original draft – having spent the last hour making sure the beats were right and that it had enough swear words to have potential. The name that flew across her screen confused her for a second, but she slid the bar on her iPhone to view the text message in full anyway.

Hey Beca, long time no chat. Look I just got a job in L.A and last I heard you were still out there, so I was wondering if we could maybe go for coffee sometime? It'd just be nice to have a friendly face in a big new city. – Chloe x

It's not that the pair had simply lost touch when the older girl had graduated. In fact they became remarkably close in Beca's second year and especially in her third and fourth year when she and Jesse had broken up for a few months half ways through each of the years. Once Beca left for L.A and got pregnant and married all in the space of six months things just started to fall apart. It wasn't that they fell out, more that they simply couldn't keep up with one another, Beca with a new-born and Chloe with a new job in New York and Aubrey to look after as always – because that girl got nearer and nearer a nervous breakdown every time Beca got an e-mail or Christmas card from her.

Still though, every year a Christmas card was sent and one was received in return, each time with a lengthy essay on the inside about how their lives were going and what was new with them. As Beca typed out her rushed reply she couldn't help but smile.

Yea sure, coffee tomorrow evening? I get off work at half five?


"So you're meeting her tomorrow?" Jesse asked later that evening, sitting on the couch as Beca emerged from Adams room, having just read the young boy his story and put him to bed.

"Yea after work… Just to catch up and stuff." Beca nodded. "I'm actually excited. It's been years since I've seen her." She added smiling.

"Yea about that… I don't want you to go." Jesse told her straight out, switching off the television in the background and turning to face his wife. "I don't want you to meet her, she's a bad influence."

"What?" Beca snorted. "Since when is Chloe a bad influence on anyone?" She queried, finding the image genuinely amusing.

"You know since when Beca." Jesse snapped, losing his cool at his wife's dismissal. "Since she managed to break us up twice in college." He reminded her.

"As far as I remember Jesse, the reason we broke up in college is because you couldn't keep your tongue to yourself when I wasn't around and ended up sticking it down a random girls throat." Beca retorted coolly, feeling a twang of pain spring up in her chest at the memory, though she pushed it down, not being someone that made a habit of dwelling on the past.

"Yea and she was the one that told you!" Jesse reminded her, apparently haven gotten over his own infidelity a lot easier than his wife had been able to. "And the second time we broke up it was because she convinced you that you could do better than me." He pointed out.

"Yea because I found out you were texting other girls… actually you know what, I'm not having this conversation Jesse." Beca authorized; an air of finality in her tone as she pinched the bridge of her nose, hating it when her husband shamelessly brought up the mistakes of his past and blamed them on others, the stench of his ego overpowering her in these situations. "I'm meeting her tomorrow for lunch, and unless she's done a complete three sixty change up in the last five years chances are I'll be meeting her again as well… so get used to me having a friend outside office hours." She concluded icily, before turning on her heel and stalking off to their room.


"Oh my god Beca Mitchell!" The voice was from behind her, but Beca could tell without even turning who it belonged to, and a smile broke out on her face just before a pair of arms wrapped around her shoulders and the smell of strawberry shampoo transports her back five years to long evening spent falling asleep during films and getting help to cram for finals.

"Enthusiastic as ever for life, eh Chlo'" She quipped happily when the girl pulled away, sliding herself into the seat beside Beca at the two person table in the corner of a busy café. "Though it's not Mitchell anymore." She added.

"Oh don't worry; you'll always be Beca Mitchell to me. The girl with the perpetual inability to keep her opinions to herself and the love for music that was rivalled only by mine." Chloe told her, her smile staying firm as she seemed to drift back to a place and time when all this was true.

"Yea well, Beca Mitchells all grown up now." Beca sighed, still not one hundred per cent sure if this notion appealed to her or not. "I even have another human being to look after." She added with a concerned frown.

"Yea, a little human being that is literally the double of you!" Chloe joked, Beca being shocked she knew this for a moment before realizing that she'd continually sent pictures of him inside the Christmas cards for the last few years.

"Yea well as long as he doesn't cause me as much grief as I caused my mom then I'm sure I'll manage." Beca snorted. "You look great by the way." She added after a moment, meaning every word of what she said as she took a good look at the red head for the first time, still looking just as youthful and bubbly as she had done when they'd met nine years ago, her slim dancers figure and fresh complexion having improved if anything, with the only difference being she looked more expensive now, which was understandable seeing as she was bound to have gone up a pay grade or two in the last few years.

"Well, having nothing to do but work and exercise will do that to you." Chloe told her honestly, having had no real friends in New York, even with Aubrey only being an hour away on the train. "You on the other hand… like what the hell Beca, do you have no concept of aging or something?" She teased, looking the girl up and down, and finding no difference in her appearance since last time she'd seen her, the only apparent change having a child had had was slight bags under her eyes, which she managed to conceal well with eyeliner anyway.

"You should try keeping up with a four year old, contrary to popular belief that's the most effective form of exercise." She remarked.

Chloe snorted but didn't reply as the waitress came over to take their order, Chloe instantly jumping in and ordering for both of them, her own cappuccino and chocolate chip cookie being almost as easy an order to recite as Beca's americano and chocolate brownie.

Weirdly it was as if no time had passed at all. They sat and they talked, and talked and talked and drank three cups of their coffees of choice each and four whole hours later found themselves being glared out of the store by the one poor girl that was left waiting on them to leave before she could clean up and go home.

"Okay I'm still new at this whole LA thing… nearest taxi rank?" Chloe pondered, her arm linked with Beca's as they strolled down the footpath, neither of them being in a rush in the cool August breeze.

"Just around the corner, I'm parked near there so I'll walk you." Beca only half lied, her car actually being across the street, but feeling the need to walk her friend to the safety of a taxi she decided to tell a little white lie on the location of her own vehicle.

"We really need to do this again sometime." Chloe mused as they walked a little further; the taxi's now being in sight. "I'm pretty sure it's the most fun I've had in years." She added smiling.

"Same." Beca agreed absently. "It actually kind of felt like we we're both back in college again or something… it just feels natural to be around you I guess." She tried to explain awkwardly.

"I know what you mean." Chloe agreed. "Part of me was actually expecting this evening to be a little on the awkward side at first, seeing as we haven't really spoken in a while, but it wasn't… it was as if we've been getting coffee together for years."

"If we were that barista back there would have us both dead by now." Beca joked, causing Chloe to snort with laughter.

"So that's a yes to doing this again sometime?" Chloe smiled, leaning closer to the shorter woman.

"Definitely." Beca agreed instantly. "How does Saturday sound? Jesse's out of town for the night at some meeting, so you could come over and I could cook?" She offered.

"By cook you mean order a really good take out right?" Chloe frowned, having far too vivid a memory of Beca's attempts at cooking in college, the few times she'd been silly enough to let her.

"Whatever." Beca grumbled as they reached the front taxi. "Just be there at eight with some good wine and I promise I won't poison you." She told the other girl.

"Deal." Chloe laughed, swooping down and pulling Beca into an impromptu hug. "I'll see you Saturday." She added, before opening the front door of the taxi and hopping in.


"It's almost ten o clock." Were the first words Jesse said to her when she walked through the door, looking up from the spread sheets he had lying across the kitchen table.

"Yea I know, I just lost track of time, sorry." Beca mumbled in response, rolling her eyes at just how childish he was being about this as she threw down her handbag and keys on the kitchen island and sat in the chair across from Jesse to remove her shoes. "Adam's in bed?"

"Yea, he went at eight." Jesse informed her. "How was your evening?" He asked then, his voice seeming cold and distant when he spoke about it.

"Good yea, I had a lot of fun." Beca admitted, not feeling in the mood to fabricate a story about how horrible it had been simply to keep her husband happy. "It was really good to see her again after so long." She added with a smile.

"That's nice." He replied, his expressionless answer telling her he thought otherwise. "You two have plans to do anything again?" He asked then, the same disinterested expression on his face, though he kept an icy tone.

"No." Beca lied instantly, not caring for an argument at this hour of the night, and not seeing how it was any of his business anyway. "No we made no plans." She clarified, smiling tightly at him. "Want to go to bed?" She added then, feeling the need to change the subject quickly.

"I'd love to." Jesse smiled up at her genuinely. "After you m'lady." He added, taking her hand politely and guiding her out of her seat, causing Beca to roll her eyes and giggle.

I say I won't be long just hanging with the girls
A lie I didn't have to tell
Because we both know where I'm about to go
And we know it very well…