"Mom when's dad getting here?" Adam shouted through the house, walking into the kitchen to find his mother holding his three year old sister, Ayva, in her arms, trying to get the toddler to eat some grapes.

"I dunno sweetie, he was talking to Chloe today, not me." Beca replied, smiling at her son as he huffed out a frustrated breath and continued his journey through the house in search of the red headed woman.

"Chloe?" Adam shouted, finally finding her in his younger brother's room, his adoptive mother being in the process of picking out something for one year old Mason to wear. "You know when dad's getting here for my party?" He questioned.

"Uh… he said on the phone earlier he'd be here at three, he's just picking Jack up from day-care and Lisa from work first." Chloe informed her son, referring to Adam's half-brother and other step mother. "Now, you want to take Mason to the kitchen and I'll give your Aunt Aubrey a call to see where she is?" The red head added, handing the young child off to his older brother, much to the infants delight as he started clapping and giggling the second he realized who was holding him.

"Thanks mom." Adam smiled enthusiastically, turning quickly and rushing out of the room to see how the plans for his tenth birthday were coming along.

Chloe sighed in contentment as she rose from her youngest son's bedroom floor, watching as her two boys left and marvelling at how quickly they'd both grown, Adam especially. The past six years had been all she could have asked for and more, with the boy accepting her into his life almost immediately as her place in his biological mother's life quickly became a permanent one.

She, Beca and Jesse had of course had to talk about her place in Adams life, and at first it had been difficult, Jesse still not fully willing to accept that his son would naturally come to see Chloe as a mother figure. Time really did make it easier though, and six years on everything really had just fallen into place. Chloe wasn't always called mom, but then neither was Jesse's new wife Lisa, whom he'd met a year and a half after his divorce from Beca. Instead she got a mix of Chloe, Aunty Chloe and yes, occasionally mom, the young boy never having been officially told what he was to call her, and simply figuring it out for himself on a day to day bases.

The fact that no one had wanted to make the separation difficult on the boy had also helped, and eventually the relationship between Beca and Jesse had mended, things taking a little more time between Jesse and Chloe, but really it was after Jack and Ayva were born, less than six months apart, that everything was truly put to rest and they really did start to function as some form of family unit.

"Hey Aubrey, you on your way?" Chloe questioned into the phone, having hit speed dial two once Adam and Mason had left to check up on her best friend's whereabouts.

"Yes don't worry Benji and I are just leaving now." Aubrey told the red head, supressing an eye roll as she closed her front door behind her on the way to her car.

"And my itty bitty godson?" Chloe questioned, face crinkling happily at the thought of Aubreys three month old son Scott.

"Oh no Chloe, we decided to leave the three month old home alone for the day." Aubrey retorted with an internal eye roll this time, sliding herself into the driving seat – her compulsion to have control of every situation reaching a lot further than the Bella's – as Benji strapped their son into his seat in the back.

"You've been spending too much time with my wife." Chloe shot back, now walking out of the room to find Beca before guests started to arrive.

"That's what happens when I end up in LA… I get Mithcell'ed." Aubrey informed her best friend with a dramatized shudder.

Aubrey ending up in LA definitely hadn't been intentional. She'd never really known Benji when he'd been Jesse's roommate in college, but had met him again at Beca and Chloe's wedding almost five years ago – Jesse having needed some moral support as his ex-wife married a lesbian – and had hit it off after that, having kept in touch even when she went home again and Benji stayed in LA. They'd reunited a year later at Jesse and Lisa's wedding and this time after a year of doing the whole long distance thing had finally decided to try and make it work properly.

It had been a shock to everyone, including Aubrey, when it had been the blonde that had moved her offices to LA rather than have Benji move to her, claiming it was mainly because she wanted to be there when Chloe had Mason so she could be the person to spoil him most – which she most certainly was. Now though they had a family of their own, and although Aubrey would never admit it she did kind of like the sunshine.

"I'm not letting you coin that term… My wife's ego is large enough." Chloe laughed, just as she wrapped an arm around Beca's waist and smiled as the shorter woman quirked a questioning eyebrow.

"All of a sudden she becomes a big shot music producer and the fame goes to her head. I understand; I'll keep quiet." Aubrey smirked.

"Thank you." Chloe smiled through the phone. "I'll see you in about fifteen minutes." She added then, waiting until the blonde bode her farewell for the time being before hanging up and giving her undivided attention to her wife.

"My ego?" Beca questioned immediately, placing her hands on Chloe's hips as the red head snaked hers around Beca's waist and locked her fingers over her wife's back.

"Mhm… Suddenly you're creating and producing all these big hits. I have to keep you grounded and all that, ya know." Chloe teased, kissing the top of her wife's nose lightly.

"I'm pretty sure I worked hard enough for that break, without having my darling wife burst my bubble whenever it gets too inflated." Beca murmured against the skin of Chloe's cheek.

"Oh god, you're getting into the whole how you worked your way up through the industry monologue." Chloe giggled. "It's only a matter of time before you forget about me completely and move to Milan or Miami or somewhere more exotic like that to surround yourself with bitches and what not." She added, feigning hurt.

"Fat chance of me forgetting about you." Beca whispered, letting her lips trail up Chloe's jaw to her ear, biting down on it softly.

"Hey Beca… where's the kids?" Chloe whimpered; her grip on her wife tightening as Beca went straight for her weak spot.

"Adams room looking at his presents…Why?" she murmured huskily, her breath hot against Chloe's inner ear.

"I think I may need you to show me that you'll never forget me." She moaned throatily, backing her wife against the kitchen counter and attaching their lips.