Author Notes: This story isn't a AU. A year after The Blood War. I know the manga hasn't got that far yet.





Orihime knew this day would come. Even if she didn't want it to. Besides she should be happy for her friends. But, deep down it made her sick. No, more than sick, disgusted that she could only think of herself at a time like this.

The red haired beauty wore a long sleeveless peach satin dress and white heels with a high bun. Tatsuki, Yuzu, and Karin wore a similar dress but with short sleeves. The three women looked at her sympathetically. They knew how she felt.

"Are you okay?" Tatsuki whispered to Inoue.

"I'm fine." She answered sadly when she faced the brunette.

"Really? I wouldn't blame you for leaving now." Arisawa asked boldly. Inoue gave her a sad look. The twins and priest didn't say a word.

"Other people can hear you."

"I don't care. It's the truth. The brunette retorted with a glare.

"She's right. You shouldn't be here. We know you want to be a good friend. But, this can't be good for your health." Uryu added. He stood a few feet away with his black suit and peach vest and bow tie, cream shirt with black dress shoes. Chad stood beside him with the same three piece suit.

Chad remained silent. He just wanted this to be over. The gentle giant was glad that his best friend found happiness. On the other hand he hated to see one of his closest friends endure so much pain. To him today was bittersweet.

"Don't worry about me. I'll be fine." She told all her friends. "I have to be strong. Don't want to ruin their special day." Orihime thought to herself.

Soft music continued to play. The decorations was simple yet beautiful. Peach and white flowers graced the alter. Everyone in the audience were already seated, mostly friends and family.

"Where the hell is Ichigo?" Karin whispered to Yuzu.

"I don't know?" She replied worriedly.

"Renji's not here either." Ishida said.

"He's not coming. He went back to the Soul Society." Sado told Uryu bluntly. The gang looked surprised.

"I hope brother gets here soon." The gentle blonde stated.

Ichigo ran to the alter out of breath.

"What took you so long, idiot?" Tatsuki asked.

"I couldn't find my shoes." He answered out of breath. Kurosaki suit was similar to the groomsman Ishida and best man Sado. Except he wore a necktie instead of a bowtie and white suit.

Inoue refused to make eye contact with him. He noticed that she kept her distance from him. "I'm surprised she's here. I wonder why Inoue's been avoiding me for the last few months." He thought to himself. Kurosaki stared at the maid of honor in confusion.

Everybody in the audience stood as the bride walked down the isle. She looked beautiful. Her raven hair swept up in French roll,. Dark blue eyes shined with glee. She wore a very long strapless off white satin gown that trailed behind her. The veil was lace instead of satin.

"You look beautiful." Ichigo said to his bride lovingly.

"And, you look very handsome." Rukia replied.

Karin made a fake gagging sound. The couple only gazed at her for a moment.

Orihime began to hyperventilate. It became harder and for her to breathe. Everyone started to worry. "Don't worry about me." She said. The gray eyed lady steadied her breath after a few moments.

"Speak now or forever hold your peace."

Everyone looked around after that statement. The maid of honor tried her best to remain calm. Her first love soon to be married to one of her best friends. She wouldn't dare say anything. Orihime fought back her tears. Her small hands clenched tightly on both sides of her dress. Inoue focused her eyes to her lap. "If I don't do something fast. I'll pass out." She thought.

Before the priest could continue.

She ran from the alter to the front door. The lady didn't look back even when her friends

called her.

Don't look back.


Author's Notes: I know this chapter was kind of short. Let me know what you think. Even though I'm sure it sucks. I couldn't get this story out of my head. So, I decided to make an account. But, I ended up posting two more stories. I assure you that this is a Ichihime fic. I personally dislike Ichiruki a lot. But, this stupid idea wouldn't leave me be.

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