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The red haired beauty ran as fast a possible. She wasn't sure where to go. All Orihime knew was that she doesn't need to be here.

It's not like they'll stop for me. The wedding will go on without me.

Tears welled down her face. A part of her felt ashamed and another side was glad to be free.

"No more pretending. No more holding back." She told herself for reassurance. Inoue's breath finally got the better of her. The beauty looked around to take in her current surroundings.

She just realized that she ran down five and a half blocks from the church. Her feet ached from the heels. Orihime took them off quickly. As soon as her breath steadied, she continued down her path.

She knew if she caught a cab, no one could catch her to make her go back to that emotion hell they called a wedding.

But how could she catch a cab without her purse?

The gray eyed lady was so caught up in running away. She just noticed that she'd stopped crying. Her face stained with dry tears. Orihime decided to walk home. She knew that Tatsuki would bring her things she left at the wedding. There was sure to be a lecture later on from her best friend.

None of that mattered anymore. It was time for a change.

Orihime arrived home thirty minutes later. She flopped down on her bed and cried herself asleep.





Everyone at the ceremony was shocked to see the maid of honor leave. But, Tatsuki, Chad, Uryu and Rukia wasn't as surprised as the other guest. The wedding continued as planned. The new raven haired bride was a little sad that her closest female friend ran out on her special day. She knew why she left.

The reception started a few minutes ago. The newlyweds already had their first dance. Everyone sat at their assigned tables. Ichigo, Yuzu, Karin, Isshin, Rukia and Byakuya were at the same table.

Tatsuki sat next to Chad, Uryu, Keigo and Mizuiro who was pre occupied with his phone most of the time.

"I can't believe she actually ran out in the middle of the wedding." Tatsuki said angrily. How could she do this to her friends?"

"Don't act so surprised. You can fuss all you want. It's not going to make a difference now. But, I must admit it was selfish." Ishida replied.

"Maybe she couldn't handle it. She didn't seem so well. I thought she would pass out." Mizuiro kept his eyes on the phone texting one of his girlfriends.

"That's no excuse to leave in the middle of the service." She didn't care what anyone of them said. It was their day not hers. None of his friends have any right to tell Ichigo who he can and can not be with.

"Don't you think you're being a little too harsh, Tatsuki." Keigo decided to join in on the conversation at the table. Arisawa sighed in defeat. She played with the little bit of food left on her plate.

"Has anyone talked to Ichigo and Rukia yet? They must feel embarrassed." Sado interjected. Everyone at the table stared at him.

"Not any of us. I think his family did though." Uryu stated.

Rukia had been silent most of the time. She barely spoke to anyone. Her brother came over to talk.

"Rukia, what's wrong?" He asked in a neutral tone. She gave him a sad look.

"Nothing at all." She held back her unshed tears.

"You're lying."

"I'm fine."

He didn't believe her but he left anyway. It was nothing Byakuya could do. Ichigo was headed to the table with two plates when his dad stopped him.

"Hey, how's my son doing?" Isshin slapped his shoulder with force. The strawberry blonde became irritated.

"I'm fine. You've been here the whole time. That was a stupid question to ask."

"Well, you should be happy to be married to such a fine lady."

"Whatever old man. Can you leave me alone now? I don't want to drop any food." The younger Kurosaki stated a hint of irritation in his tone. Ichigo was finally able to sit down and relax. He sat next to his new wife.

Ichigo wrapped his arm around her to comfort her. "Come on, Rukia. Cheer up. It's our time to shine." He wanted to reassure her. But, it didn't work since he was really pissed that Inoue walked no ran out during the ceremony. Kurosaki tried his best to control his anger.

"SAY SOMETHING, DAMN IT." He yelled angrily to fully get Rukia's attention.

She whipped her head around to face him. "What am I suppose to say? That my best friend didn't show or that Inoue ran out on our wedding day?" The black haired lady didn't hold back her tears anymore.

Ichigo wiped away her tears and gave her a gentle kiss on her lips. "Let's not talk about that now."

"Ichigo, are you kidding me? They're your friends too. They both should be here with us, celebrating. Don't act like it doesn't bother you. Unless you don't care at all." Rukia retorted. She took a sip of her drink to calm herself down.


"You want me to go after my idiot brother?" Karin asked with a hint of sarcasm.

"Nope. He needs time to cool off."





Tatsuki rang Orihime's doorbell a hundred times but no answer. She even banged on the door a few times.

"ORIHIME." She remembered the extra set of keys under her rug. The raven haired lady quickly unlocked the front door. She locked the door behind her. Tatsuki looked around the apartment. Everything seemed to be in place. It was particularly quiet. She'd at least expected to hear sobbing of some sort.

The lady walked into her room to see her laid out on her bed with the dress still on. "Orihime? Wake up. It's already 9pm." Arisawa kept her voice at a even tone. She decided to shake her sleeping form until she responded.

Orihime opened her eyes to see her best friend sitting on the right side of the bed. "What is it Tatsuki-Chan?" She asked her in a worried tone.

"You already know. How could you do that to them?" The red head knew her friend would be angry.

"I know what I did was selfish. There's no excuse for it." Orihime started to cry from the guilt. It wasn't like her to bail out on her buddies like that. "I deserve to suffer. I'm such a selfish person."

Tatsuki eyes softened. She needed someone to be there for her too. She patted her back for comfort. "What you did today was wrong. But, you're not a self centered person."

"You're just saying that to make me feel better." Orihime continued to cry.

"I'm saying it because it's true. You know you have to let go of him now. It's not going to be easy. It's gonna hurt like hell. But, you'll get through it. I'll make sure of it." A half smile appeared on her face.

"I think I know more than anyone else. That's the reason I left . . ." More tears streamed down her face.


"It would've mattered. He loves_h her." Orihime stuttered. The last few words pained her so much.

"You didn't know for sure."

Tatsuki stayed with her that night. A few days passed by. Everything was back to normal. Except Orihime continued to avoid Rukia and Ichigo. She just felt so guilty about what she'd done a week ago.

Since school was on winter break, Inoue kept herself busy. Orihime quit her job after graduating high school. She needed all the time she could get. Plus the scholarships and grants were enough to get the lady by. Most of her friends attended the same college.

The red haired lady strolled down the aisle looking for a few items. This was the first time in days that she actually felt good. She heard someone laughing in the background. The voices sounded familiar, too familiar.

I'm not ready to face them yet.

She walked away as soon as possible, hoping she wouldn't bump into them.





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