(Hello, readers, Z-King here! And ready to join the ranks of other Fanfic authors who made a parody of a Muppet Christmas Carol but I am also adding stuff from Christmas Carol the movie. For those who don't know it Nicolas Cage was in it and just to remind you all I don't own any of the characters I use in this story they are each own by their respected company.)

Our tale begins in London. Here, the people are getting ready for tomorrow which will be Christmas, and folks rich and poor are getting ready for the happy moment. During this day a Hutt and a well dressed cat had gotten off a cab.

"What a great meal, Ziro," Cat R Waul said proudly.

"Indeed, my feline friend!" laughed Ziro the Hutt.

"Where to now then?"

"How about lunch?"

As the two left in laughter, a wagon made of Ice went by. The driver, named Ice King, was yelling at some of the Penguins (all named Gunther) because they were making noise in the back. "Quiet, Gunther!"

"Whack, whack,whack," sorry that's penguin talk. In English it's "I'm being stolen, help me, help me!" said a penguin as it was being stolen by a short pointed nose man called The Penguin. (Buda, bum)

Meanwhile kids were running around, having the time of their life. Gumball and Darwin were watching from nearby. Then Mr. Robinson from a window nearby grew annoyed as he threw a snowball at the two boys knocking them down.

"What about my nose?" yelled Frollo from a window. Then let out an "OW!" as the shutters closed on his nose.

"Banana peels coming down!" laughed Mother Gothel as she tossed down some rotten banana peels from another window.

"Get your turkey! Get your Christmas turkey!" called out Wile Coyote.

Suddenly, the Roadrunner popped out of Wile's cart. With turkey feathers glued on him, he turned to Wile, stuck out his tongue three times and with a "MEEP, MEEP!" ran away.

"Not again," sighed Wile as he chased the Roadrunner.

"Get your Boomeranginators. Oh! Guaranteed to blow your nemesis to pieces," laughed another seller named Heinz Doofenshmirtz. "Watch this!" he said as he was about to throw his boomeranginator… It blew up in his face.

Anyway, our attention is on two sellers of Christmas apples. One of the sellers was a humanoid blue jay named Mordecai wearing a Christmas scarf and a Victorian hat. The other was a small humanoid raccoon named Rigby who also wearing a Christmas scarf and a Victorian hat.

"Come get your apples!" yelled Mordecai. "Come get delicious Christmas apples."

"They are delicious!" yelled Rigby. "Just a couple of bucks, get them while they last!"

"We…" Mordecai stopped as he noticed Rigby chewing on one of the apples.

"They aren't going to last long if you keep eating them like that, Rigby!"

"What, I'm raising the prices," said Rigby as he kept chewing.

"Rigby, Benson is not gonna…"

"Uh, Mordecai," Rigby said as he pointed to the audience.

"Oh, hey there," smiled Mordecai. "Welcome to Z-king's Christmas Carol. I'm here to tell the story."

"And I'm here for the food," said Rigby stuffing another apple in his mouth.

"My name is Charles Dickens," said Mordecai.

"And I'm Rigby," but then Rigby looked alarmed. "Hold it, you're not Charles Dickens."

"I am in this story!" snapped Mordecai/Charles Dickens in annoyance.

"No way! If Eileen told me anything it was that this Dickens guy was some book genius!"

"You're too kind."

"And why should I believe you?"

"Well I know A Christmas Carol story like the back of my hand."

"Then prove it."

"Fine," said Mordecai as he turned around and lift one hand. "Um, there's a little mole on my thumb and, uh scar on my wrist for when Muscle man…"

"Not your hand! The story!" yelled Rigby.

"Oh Okay," said Mordecai clearing his throat.

Mordecai/Charles Dickens then began to narrate. "Cruella and Yzma were dead to begin with."

"What?" Rigby asked.

"That's how this story begins, Rigby. Cruella and Yzma were dead to begin with."

"Oh okay."

Mordecai/Charles Dickens then began again. "They were as dead as a door nail."

"Good, spooky but good," said Rigby.

"Thanks," said Mordecai/Charles Dickens.

"You're welcome, Mr. Dickens."

Mordecai then continued. "In life, the two had been business partners with a shrewd moneylender named Shere Khan. You will meet him as he comes around that corner."

Rigby then looked around. "where?"

"There," said Mordecai pointing to a corner that had an ally with fog coming out.



Then a tall figure came out of the alley. He was a humanoid tiger wearing a sharp business man like suit.

"There he is. Shere Khan the scrooge," said Mordecai.

Shere Khan walked by with a long sharp cane, going past Mordecai and Rigby.

"Sheesh, did it get colder now?" shivered Rigby.

As Shere Khan walked toward his destination, a couple watched and began to sing.

Dimitri: When a cold wind blows it chills you

Chills you to the bone

Anya: But there's nothing in nature that freezes

Your heart like years of being alone

Shere Khan passed a couple of more people as they sing.

Dib: It paints you with indifference

Like a lady paints with rouge

Then Zim and Tak appeared and grabbed Dib.

Zim: And the worst of the worst

Tak: The most hated and cursed

Zim: is the scrooged tiger Shere Khan

Shere Khan then passed two familiar boys while one was holding a blanket.

Charlie Brown: Unkind as any

Linus: And the wrath of many

Charlie Brown: That's the stingiest Share Khan

Soon a crowd began to sing as Share Khan walked right past them.

Crowd: Oh, there goes Mr. Humbug

There goes Mr. Grim

If they gave a prize for being mean

The winner would be him (pointing)

Woody, Buzz, Jessie, Rex, Mr. Potato head: Share Khan he loves his money cause he thinks it gives him power

The Rugrats gang: If he became a baby you can bet he'll be a brat

"Not even the sprouts like him," said Grandpa Lou.

As Share Khan passed under an arch, the Eds began to sing.

Ed, Double D, and Eddy: There goes Mr. Skinflint

There goes Mr. Greed

The window opened from nearby as The Kanker sisters joined in.

May, Lee, and Marie: The undisputed master of the underhanded deed

Then Alex, Marty, Melman, and Gloria sang sadly.

The Madagascar group: He charges folks a fortune for his dark and drafty houses

Us poor folk live in misery

Buster: It's even worse for rabbits

Share Khan passed by a old drafty house where a group of rabbits were staying. One of them named Babs with a sad face said. "Please, sir, I want some carrots."

A female choir, made up of Disney princesses (Ariel, Jasmine, Belle, Repunzel, Cinderalla, and Tiana), was singing.

Disney Princesses: He must be so lonely

He must be so sad

He goes to extremes to convince us he's bad

He's really a victim of fear and of pride

Look close and there must be a sweet cat inside

Share Khan stopped in front of the group. They smiled but he scoffed them and walked away.

"Nah!" remarked the Princesses.

Share Khan passed a crowd that was watching a show by Stan Smith and Roger.

Crowd: There goes Mr. Outrage

There Goes Mr. Sneer

Stan: He has no time for friends or fun

"Like me!" Stan also said.

Roger: His anger makes that clear

Stan then hit Roger on the head with a club making the crowd laugh.

Then a cart driven by Kermit the Frog passed by.

Frou-Frou and Spirit: Don't ask him for a favor cause his nastiness increases

Kermit: No crust of bread for those in need

Buster and Babs: No carrots for us rabbits

As Share Khan continued down the street, Mordecai and Rigby where there, Mordecai was narrating, while Rigby was eating popcorn.

"Share Khan liked the cold. He was hard and sharp as a flint. Secretive, self-contained, as solitary as an oyster," narrated Mordecai.

Meanwhile, Share Khan pushed through a few people, annoying them, as he continued on. The crowd continued singing.

Crowd: There goes Mr. Heartless

There goes Mr. Cruel

He never gives

He only takes

He lets his hunger rule

If being mean's a way of life

You practice and rehearse

As Share Khan arrived as his destination, which was the place he worked, a crowd gathered. One of them, Link, mumbled to Zelda nearby.

Link: Then all that work is paying off

Cause Share Khan's getting worse

As Share Khan tried to open the door, the crowd finished their song and pointed accusingly at him.

Crowd: Every day in every way

Share Khan's getting worse

Then Share Khan turned and snarled at the crowd. The crowd then nervously left to their business.

"Oh dear, come on, R2," said C-3PO as he led his Astro droid away.

"How time flies!" said Bugs Bunny.

Share Khan watched as everyone left. He frowned and said before he closed the door. "Humbug!"

(The Share Khan I'm using is the one from Tale Spin. If anyone has any idea on who could play Bell (Scrooge's girl) for this story, please tell. After all this is my first Christmas story.)