(Merry Christmas! The final chapter is here!)

Everything was now dark to Shere Khan as he felt something wrapped around him.

"Soundwave! Let us out! Let us out or I'll!" yelled Shere Khan. He then found a little light and followed it and entered it. Soon Shere Khan found himself in… "My home."

Shere Khan smiled. Then looked down to see he was covered by his blanket. He lifted it up to see Plusle and Minun under it holding onto here other for dear life until the opened there eyes and smiled that there back in Shere Khan's room.

"Oh my friends! Were back! Were alive!" laughed Shere Khan hugging the mouses pokemon, "Oh you wonderful creatures!" Shere Khan put Plusle and Minun down by the window to look around the room.

"Look! They have not been taking off!" Said Shere Khan looking at his bed curtains and all around.

"Yes, the bedpost were his own, the bed was his own, the room was he own," said a familiar voice coming from the window that Plusle and Minun where at. They looked through it and smiled as they saw Mordecai and Rigby!

"Hi, guys! We're back!" smiled Rigby.

"We promised we would be!" said Mordecai/Charles Dickens waving then continued to narrate, "But the thing that made Shere Khan happiest of all was that his life lay before him and it could be changed."

Inside the room, Shere Khan was happier than he ever before.

"I will live my life in the past, the present, and the future! Shere Khan then kneed down and prayed, "Oh Heaven and the Christmas time be praised this day. I swear it on my knees, Cruella and Yzma, on my knees!" Shere Khan looked around anxiously.

"What can I do? I'm as light as a feather, happy as an angel, and merry as a schoolboy!" said Shere Khan happily.

Meanwhile back on the ledge. Rigby looking down, remembering what happened last time he and Mordecai where on this ledge.

"You, think it's safe for us to be up here?" asked Rigby.

"Shere Khan is safe. What could happen?" said Mordecai

Back inside Shere Khan gasped "How long have I been gone?" then as Plusle and Minun got out of the way as Shere Khan swung open the window causing to knocked down the narrators off the ledge like last time.

Shere Khan looked around and noticed Butters, the same boy he hit with the wreath, "Hey, Boy!"

Butters looked up and trembled as he saw Shere Khan, "M-me, sir?" he gulped fearing another wreath was about to hit him.

"What's today?" asked Shere Khan.

"What?" puzzled Butters.

"What's today, young man?"

"Today's Christmas day."

"Christmas! It's Christmas!" shouted Shere Khan at Plusle and Minun, "We haven't missed it! The spirits did it all in one night! They can do whatever they like, of course they can, of course they can!"

"Uh, of course they can," said Butters thinking that Shere Khan had lost his mind.

"I say, boy, do you know the poultry shop in the next street?" asked Shere khan.

"Yes, I do, sire." said Butters.

Shere Khan laughed, "An intelligent boy, a remarkable boy." Butters blushed at this. No one ever said such nice things to him. Shere Khan continued, "Do you know the prize turkey that is on sale in the window? Not the little one, the big one!"

"The one as big as me? It's still there," answered Butters.

"Perfect , what is your name, child?"

"My name is Butters, sir."

Shere Khan chuckled, "Such a wonderful name for a child. Now about that prize turkey, go buy it."

"Oh now, stop kidding," said Butters in disbelief.

"But I'm not kidding! Here I'll give you two twenty dollars. Heck, I'll give you fifty dollars and you can keep the change!" Shere Khan said tossing a ball of dollars at Butters who caught it.

Butters smiled excitied, "Wow!" Then run off to the poultry shop.

Mordecai and Rigby were standing nearby, as Mordecai narrated, "And so, Butters was off like a shot. So eager…" But Mordecai was interrupted as Butters bumped into the two knocking them down.

"Oops, sorry," said Butters then ran off the the poultry shop.

Shere Khan closed the window and smiled, "I'll bring it to Goofy's house. What a surprise! It's twice the size of Max said Shere Khan merrily.

Plusle and Minun then came with the letter Shere Khan left on the bed. Shere Khan looked down, "Oh the letter." Soon finally Shere Khan opened the letter and read it.

Plusle and Minun watched Shere Khan read then saw him let loose a tear. "Oh, Felicia I'm sorry. I will not let you down this time," he said putting the letter in his shirt and turned to the two Pokemon.

"Come my lucky charms! There is so much to do! So much to do!" shouted Shere Khan full of Christmas energy as he put on his scarf, coat, hat and pants, and clothes on and went out of his bedroom door.

Outside while everyone was getting ready for a great Christmas morning, Mordecai standing up began to narrate.

"And a few moments later, dressed in his finest, Shere Khan appeared on the streets of the city to wish "Merry Christmas" to everyone."

The narrators saw Shere Khan with Minun and Plusle following behind leaving the house saying Merry Christmas to other people.

"Merry Christmas," said Shere Khan to a stranger.

"Merry Christmas." He said to another stranger.

"Merry Christmas." He said to Mordecai and Rigby.

"Wow, thanks!" laughed Rigby as Shere Khan moved on.

Shere Khan, then looked to children playing and he could have sworn he saw Vanellope dancing around and gave him a wink.

Shere Khan smiled then turned around and again he saw one of the spirits. The Grinch smiling as the peanuts gang build a snowman.

As Shere Khan passed by carolers singing Deck the halls, as Shere Khan turned away from them he was shocked to see Soundwave and he spoke with another familiar voice.

"Fa, la ,la, la, la, ha, ha, ha!" said Soundwave with Brer Fox's voice, and as Shere Khan blinked his eyes he saw him disappeared. Shere Khan turned towards Plusle and Minun and gently picked them up and put them in his coat pocket saying as they walked, "Come my, friends, theirs is something we have to do before Goofy."

Meanwhile at the hospital, Felicia looked out the window and saw Brer Fox and Brer Bear in a wagon filled with other people's stuff coming here.

"Shere Khan, are you to forsake me again?" cried Felicia holding onto one of the children.

Brer Fox and Brer Bear got out of the wagon and started to walk to the hospital but then a coach came riding by blocking the two.

"What the?!" said Brer Fox mad. Then surprisingly Dr. Marco came out of the coach door facing Brer Fox.

"Uh, Brer Fox, I thought he was in jail?" puzzled Brer Bear.

"Who let you out?!" shouted Brer Fox, and what really surprise everyone is that Shere Khan came out the other side of the coach, "I did," said Shere Khan glaring at the two.

Felicia stood by the window eyes widened. Had her note worked?

"Shere Khan! What are you doing here?" asked Brer Fox.

"I'm here to finally set things right," said Shere Khan, "Now return everything you took from the people!"

"Take it back?!" gasped Brer Fox, "But we had a deal!"

"Yea, we, we even have your tender," said Brer Bear giving Shere Khan a bag of money.

"A lot of money's worth. We were going to give it to you tomorrow," said Brer Fox as Shere Khan swiped it from him.

"Let me get one thing through you idiots!" snared Shere Khan causing Brer Fox and Brer Bear to flinch back in fear of the tiger, "I will not be needing your services now or ever again!"

"But, but, but," trembled Brer Fox with Brer Bear hiding behind him.

"Now you better have all that stuff back to their owners right now, or you two will find out what happens when you anger a tiger!" growled Shere Khan scaring them back towards the wagon while Plusle and Minun used their thunder attacks on at their butts and with that they ran away.

Shere Khan then turned to Marco and said, "Dr. Marco, I'm so sorry for what you have been wnet through. If you would accept this as a token of my apologue," he said as he gave Marco the bag of money Brer Bear gave him.

Marco's face was just surprised as Felicia's and everyone else. Shere Khan then said, "And if you have enough time, could you check on Max?"

"Yes I can," said Marco still surprised. Shere Khan smiled, "Thank you and have a Merry Christmas!"

Shere Khan then walked away. Felicia finally came out and walked towards Marco.

"Felicia." Said Marco, "Did you have something to do with this?"

Felicia just kept on staring at Shere Khan walking away, "I don't know."

Felicia turned towards Marco and was about to ask something, but Marco smiled and said, "Go on. I take if form here," he said shrugging his head at the direction Shere Khan was walking.

Felicia smiled at Marco and flowed Shere Khan seeing how much he had changed. She then passed by Mordecai and Rigby, as Mordecai narrated, "Everyone was out and about this fine morning and soon Shere Khan encountered two familiar faces."

And the two familiar face happened to be Phineas and Ferb, the boys who visited his office yesterday for donation. The two saw Shere Khan coming and jumped back scared.

"Oh hello, Mr. Shere Khan sir," yelped Phineas.

"Hello, boys," smiled Shere Khan, "Forgive my rude behavior yesterday, and as for the donation put me down for…"

Shere Khan whispered the amount in both the boy's ears. Phineas and Ferb's eyes widened at the amount Shere Khan mentioned.

"That much?!" gasped Phineas.

"And not a penny less! And many back payments will be included."

"Wow, that is awesome, I just wish we could give you something," said Phineas wondering how to repay him.

Ferb then took his red scarf off and presented it to Shere Khan and finally spoke, "Merry Christmas."

"For me?" asked Shere Khan, touched.

Ferb shook his head as he smiled. Shere Khan then put the scarf on and smiled.

"Thank you," he said feeling warm for the first time in years. "50 times thank you both and Merry Christmas!"

"Hey, Mr. Shere Khan," said Butters running up holding the prize trurkey, "Here is your turkey!"

"Good! Follow me," said Shere Khan as Plsue, Minun, Butters, Phineas, Ferb and even Mordecai and Rigby followed along with other people as they began to sing.

Shere Khan: With a thankful heart

With an endless joy

With a growing family

Every girl and boy

Will be nephew and niece to me

The crowd and narrators then sang along.

All: Nephew and niece to me

Shere Khan: Will bring love, hope and peace to me

All: Love, hope and peace to me

Felicia hiding soon sees everyone enter a bakery singing to the people inside as they helped gatherer good food.

Shere Khan: Yes, and every night will end and every day will start

With a grateful prayer and a thankful heart

Felicia then hid behind the door as everyone left the store with more food and more people.

Shere Khan: With an open smile and with open doors

I will bid you welcome

What is mine is yours

With a glass raised to toast your health

All: With a glass raised to toast your health

Shere Khan: And a promise to share the wealth

All: A promise to share the wealth

They continued throughout the city to Shere Khan's counting house as he continued singing.

Shere Khan: I will sail a friendly course

File a friendly chart

On a sea of love and a thankful heart

All: On a sea of love and a thankful heart

Inside the counting house Shere Khan, Plusle, and Minun placed down baskets of coal for each of the bookkeeping staff with a note saying Merry Christmas.

Shere Khan: Life is like a journey

Who knows when it ends?

Watching quietly from a window, Felicia watched Shere Khan giving a warm smile to the two pokemon.

Felicia's eyes let out a small tear seeing Shere Khan act like she has not seen him in so many years.

Shere Khan: Yes, and if you need to know

The measure of a man

You simply count his friends

Shere Khan came out of his office and lifted up the two mouse pokemon and holding them up to the crowd. Then continued his song.

Shere Khan: Stop and look around you

The glory that you see

Then he went past the crowd still singing.

Shere Khan: Is born again each day

Don't let it slip away

How precious life can be

Shere Khan laughed as he leads everyone throughout the city as he continued his Christmas plans.

The first stop was at Tigger's house. Tigger, Kanga, and Roo were celebrating when Shere Khan came in.

They were shocked by his appearance and were shocked more when he came to each of them and gave them a hug. Shere Khan then released them and gave each of them a present. Then he waved at them as he left on his way. Tigger, Kanga, and Roo were puzzled at first, but they all smiled even Tigger who bounced happily.

Shere Khan's next stop was at an old folk's home and it is where and old looking Spongebob, Sandy and Yoda live. They saw Shere Khan enter and gave them all a hug surprising them. Then waved them goodbye. The three seniors looked at each other then looked at their gifts and started to shack to see what is in them.

Later, everyone in town was following Shere Khan as he continued to sing.

Shere Khan: With a thankful heart that is wide awake

I do make this promise

Every breath I take

Will be used now to sing your praise

All: Used now to sing your praise

Shere Khan then looked to Danny, Sam and Tucker and gave them presents.

Shere Khan: And to beg you to share my days

Shere Khan then gave treats and presents to other kids and teens.

All: Beg you to share my days

He then went to the alleyway where some Rabbits live. He patted Buster Bunny on the head as he sang.

Shere Khan: With a loving guarantee

That even if we part

He then gave Babs Bunny some juicy carrots, making all the rabbits happy.

All: I will hold you close in a thankful heart

Soon the large group stopped at the house of Goofy. Shere Khan smiled as he finished his song.

Shere Khan: I will hold you close

In a thankful heart

All: In a thankful heart!

Shere Khan went to the door but before he knocked he turned motioning everyone to hide.

"Oh hide!" said Rigby and Mordecai getting everyone to hid Felicia soon arrived and was about to come up to Shere Khan but then Phineas and Ferb came dragging her away to hide much to her protest.

Shere Khan turned to the door knocking it once, then turned again to find Butters still there holding the turkey, and quickly waved at him to hide.

"Oh sorry," Butters said quickly finding a hiding place.

After that Plusle and Minun climbed up to Shere Khan's shoulder as he made himself look angry as he knocked the door again yelling, " !"

The door opened to show a very scared Goofy.

"Oh, M-m-m-mr. Shere Khan sir. Hello," trembled Goofy.

"So there you are," said Shere Khan glaring at Goofy even though on the inside he is laughing. "You were not at work this moring like we had discussed!"

Goofy looked scared and confused, "But, sir, w-w-w-we… sir, you have two Pokemon on your…"

"Never mind them they were here on time!" said Shere Khan, as Plusle and Minun also pretend to look mean, "Now why we're you not at work!?"

Goofy gulped, "D-d-don't you remember, Sir, you gave me the day off."

"I. Shere Khan. Gave you. A day off! Does that sound like something I would do?" said Shere Khan faking being ticked off.

Clarabelle listened behind the door and listened to the entire conversation as her husband said, "No. I mean yes! Well… you did."

"Mr. Goof. I have had enough of this!" said Shere Khan.

Now Clarabelle acting like a mad cow (so to speak) ran out and stood by Goofy yelling at the tiger, "And I have had enough of you, you overgrown cat!"

"Clarabelle!' said Goofy in alarmed, fearing that his wife could get him fired or worse.

"And therefore, Mr. Goof…" began Shere Khan getting ready for the big reveal .

"And therefore, you can just leave my house now!" yelled Clarabelle.

"And therefore, I'm about to raise your salary!" shouted Shere Khan.

"And I'm about to shove my hoofed foot right up your…" Clarabelle then stopped in confusion, "Pardon?"

"Pardon?" asked Goofy who was just as shocked as his wife.

Shere Khan smiled, "That's right. I'm going to raise your salary, help pay your mortgage and do whatever I can to help your family, and even better you will no longer be a clerk but become my business partner. What do you say?"

Goofy and Clarabelle's jaws just dropped at what he said. They never would have imagined that Shere Khan who was a scrooge yesterday now is a saint today.

"Why, yes, Sir! Very much!" said Goofy as Clarabelle jumped for joy.

Shere Khan smiled and said, "Goofy, how would you and your family like to join us for a little turkey dinner on this fine Christmas day?" Shere Khan turned around so that Goofy's friends and family could see Butters and nearly everyone in London smiling and saying "Merry Christmas!"

"Wow!" said Goofy in surprised as everyone went inside to celebrate.

Shere Khan smiled then he felt Plusle and Minun tugging on his shoulder. Shere Khan turned around and was shocked to see.

"Felicia!" gasped Shere Khan.

"Hello, Shere Khan," smiled Felicia, "It would seem you read my letter."

"Yes, I did," Shere Khan said trumbling.

"But I have a feeling that my letter was not the thing that changed you, was it?" asked Felicia.

Shere Khan smiled, "It was one of the things that changed me. The rest well…you could say it was a ghost of a chance."

Felicia and Shere Khan both laughed at this as Plusle and Minun got off of Shere Khan's shoulder and sat on the ground as the two stopped laughing and silently looked at each other.

Shere Khan looked at Felicia's fingers, "You never married?" he asked.

Felicia lifted one finger, "There was no one else."

"Felicia I, you were right, I let my greed and want for money blind me, but I'm prepared to change my ways," Shere Khan said as he took out his old engagement ring. "And I'm willing to start over again if you want. But if you don't I…"

Felicia rested on finger on Shere Khan's lips with a teary smile on her face, "In all the years we have been apart, I never once forgotten you."

Felicia then removed her finger and took out her old engagement ring and put it on her finger as Shere Khan put his ring on his finger. Then the two gave each other a loving kiss, as Plusle and Minun gave each other a kiss as their checks sparked.

Shere Khan and Felicia pulled back to see everyone watching and cheering for them.

"Come on now everyone, let's have a party!" said Shere Khan as he and Felicia went inside.

Outside, Mordecai and Rigby laughed.

"Well, it's nice that those two got back together," smiled Rigby.

Mordecai nodded and turned to the audience as Plusle and Minun went inside the house, "And Shere Khan was better than his word. He did it all and infinitely more."

"And Max?" worried Rigby.

"And Max…" Mordecai then grinned. "Who did not die…"

"Another happy ending!" said Rigby.

"To Max, Shere Khan became a second father. He became as good a friend, as good a master, and as good a person as the good old city ever had," Mordecai narrated.

Back inside, everyone including Shere Khan and Felicia was getting ready to have a feast as Mordecai continued.

"And it was always said of him that he knew how to keep Chrsitmas well if nay man alive possessed the knowledge," Felicia then helped Max onto Shere Khan's lap, "May that be said of us, and all of us! And so, as Max observed…"

"God bless us, "said Max smiling.

"God bless us," smiled Felicia.

"Everyone," said Shere Khan kissing Felicia.

Then Everyone in the whole room began to sing with Shere Khan, Felicia, and Max.

All: The love we found

The love we found

We carry with us

So we're never quite alone

The love we found

The love we found

The sweetest dream

That we have ever known

"Goodbye! See ya later!" laughed Rigby waving to the audience.

"Goodbye! Merry Christmas!" laughed Mordecai waving goodbye.

All: The love we found

The love we found

We carry with us

And in the distance we could see Vanellope, The Grinch, and Soundwave watching everyone and started to walk away as they slowly disappeared.

All: So we're never quite alone

Great story, Charles Dickens," said Rigby.

"Thanks," smiled Mordecai, "If you like that you should read the actual story."

The End.

(Well I'm finally done with this story now I'm going to take a break from story writing. So Merry Christmas to one and all!)