Caroline's POV

It was night time. Around 10:30 and I was starving. I needed to feed, as I have had to every night for as long as I can remember. I sat at the bar in some small town named Mystic Falls. I never stayed in one place too long. America was full of small towns. One by one I went through them, taking what I needed and then leaving. Maybe a week or two was all I could manage before people started to notice. I would be safely away and quickly forgotten by the time any trouble could emerge. I was in a place called the Mystic Grill. I couldn't help but notice how everything in small towns were named after the town.

I was wearing my signature black leather skin-tight pants. My brand new blue shirt was low-cut enough to attract the right attention. And my blood-red nails tapped casually on the counter.

"What can I get you?" Said a bartender behind the counter. His name tag said Matt and he was a handsome blond boy with blue eyes. I could feed on him tonight. He was attractive enough to get my fill before discarding him.

"Jack and coke." I replied with a smile.

"I don't think you are quite old enough for that. How about I get you just a coke?" He said uncomfortably like he never heard this request before.

I put my hand on his and looked him in the eye.

"How about you get me a jack and coke." He smiled now, more than happy to do it and turned around to get it. I sat there for about 30 seconds looking around the room wondering what else was on the menu.

He put the drink in front of me. The napkin under it had his number scribbled on it.

"On the house." He said and walked away giddy as if to tell one of his friends. He was so young and innocent. And even as I sit here looking for a meal, I don't want to feed. Every night was a challenge. I destroyed all the lives of everyone I had ever touched.

I reconsidered going after him to feed, knowing I had to have someone, but realized he was working and most likely his boss would notice if he went missing.

I sat alone a moment longer considering my other options. I took a few more sips looking around the room. Not much to look at in this town. A brunette boy, who was a bit younger looking than the bartender, with a brunette girl around his age. She was hopelessly flirting with him and he barely even noticed. Two boys arguing over one girl in the corner. I think I'll stay away from them at all costs. Love triangles were not my thing. I noticed an attractive drunk man across the bar and was about to move to him when I heard the stool next to me move and someone sit down.

"We don't get many tourists here." Said an attractive English man wearing a long sleeve grey shirt and black jeans.

He would do. He looked about twenty-five and had blond hair and blue eyes. He had a few days worth of missed shaves on his face and a smirk that almost made me melt. He looked a lot better than most the men I snack on.

"You're one to talk; I doubt you're local." I said back obviously noting his accent.

"Oh this, completely fake. Just use it on the broads in here to get them to talk to me." He switched to a fake American accent half way through.

"And they fall for this, these "broads" you speak of?" I asked

"They love it. Works every time." He said still using is American accent.

"That must be why you're still alone." I said with attitude before smiling.

"Well it only really needs to work on one." He said switching back to his original accent.

"Whoever she is I already feel bad." I said looking down and taking another sip of my drink.

"She would not feel that way tomorrow." He said.

"She must not be very smart then to fall so easily for your fake charm." I said challenging him.

"No such thing as fake charm, you either have it or you don't" I looked by the door into the kitchen and noticed the blond bartender getting yelled at by middle-aged women which must have been his boss. She was yelling at him for serving alcohol. Not because I was a minor. But because he was. Oops.

"Well someone should tell him his charm isn't very charming." I said my head back in the conversation.

"Someone should tell her charming isn't what he was going for."

"And what was he going for?"

"He is just looking for some company."

"Maybe she just wants to be alone."

"No one wants to be alone. They just want someone to save them from the loneliness." He said wearing his face very seriously. I saw Matt the not-so-much-bartender point at me with a smile. He and his boss started this way.

"Do you want to get out of here?" I said abruptly.

He smiled back at my boldness, taken back a bit.

"You're place or mine?" He said. Poor bastard. Guys were easy. Most time I did not even need to use the mind control on them.

"I haven't really settled in yet so," I said trying to push toward his place instead of my nonexistent one.

"Say no more, I'll drive." He said grabbing my hand.

Klaus' POV

I was instantly more excited. Before I was more than willing to sleep with her before draining her, now I was not even sure if I would take all the blood out of this beautiful creature.

She led me outside hand in hand. I hoped I impressed her with my car. Where did that come from? I suddenly felt a need to protect and provide for her. I looked at her again and smiled. After 1000 years I was sure I was in love. I only met this girl. She doesn't even know my name and I still don't know hers. And she defiantly does not know I am a vampire.

"Thank you." She said as I open her door and then closed it. I walked around to my side and started my car heading towards home.

I could hear her heartbeat in my ear. She smelled better than any other human in the world. Even with all the other scents from the grill, hers stuck out from the other side of the room. It was why I walked over in the first place. But now being with her in the car alone, it was almost too much.

If I was not such a sinner I might have believed God had sent me an angel.