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Matt was at work after skipping school.

He put on his blue Mystic Grill shirt and walked onto the floor.

He took an order from a young couple he knew from school and walked towards the kitchen.

His phone rang he was about to turn off the ringer when he saw it was his girlfriend.

"Hey Rebekah." He said with a smile.

"I am so sorry about last night. You would not believe what happened to me." He said worried about how much groveling he would need to do.

After she told him she knew what happened he sighed in relief.

"I love you Rebekah and only you."

"Can I see you tonight?" He asked.

"I'm off at six. I can be at your doorstep at 6:15."

He hung up the phone and looked up to his boss standing there.

"You punched a guy yesterday Matt. You also served alcohol. And now you are on the phone." She said.

"I had a rough day yesterday. Call it temporary insanity. It's all fixed though."

"You are a good loyal employee Matt. But any of these things is grounds for dismissal."

"I promise it's all over with now. I'm back to my good loyal self."

"No more warnings Matt. Next time you're gone. Get back to work."

"Thank you." Matt said and walked away.

Caroline had just finished shopping.

She used Alaric's card at six local stores and it still hadn't been declined.

She got home and went through what she had. She got eight new tops, three new pairs of pants and six pairs of shoes. She also bought some bags and other accessories.

She found a necklace with crisscross daggers on it at her last stop which she put on immediately.

She also put on a black floral top and black jeans. She put a handful of bangles on one hand and a ring on the other. She put on a pair of black booties and Versace Sunglasses that she had found in a cute little boutique.

Caroline was going back out tonight to the Grill. Matt would not be attached to her anymore, but she was hoping to find Alaric again.

She left and walked out the door waving to Mrs. Flowers on her way out.

She got into her car and drove to the Grill.

She felt better than she usually did. She felt more confident than she had in awhile.

Usually she waited until night-time to feed.

She wasn't even hungry yet, but she wanted to go out now.

She thought it might have something to do with feeding off the vampire last night.

The clock said 2:30. She hoped Alaric was a day drunk. Otherwise, she would have to find someone else or wait.

She got to the Grill shortly after and walked up to the bar.

Alaric was nowhere to be seen.

She only saw a few scattered youth who no doubt just got out of class.

She had slim pickings.

There was a young boy sitting with a group of girls. He was cute. But she would have a hard time not attracting attention taking him away from five pretty blond girls.

He had his arms out wrapped around two of them. All five of them were fawning over him.

She walked towards the bar and saw the blond not-bartender with his boss.

His boss walked away after a warning look and then a smile.

He would have to do. Most likely he would be embarrassed about his forwardness last night. But after she took him home he would feel better.

Tonight she did not feel guilty about anything.

Caroline walked up to him.

"Matt!" She said with a smile.

"You!" He said with venom in his voice.

She was taken back.

"Get away from me." He whisper yelled.

"Matt what's wrong?"

"I know what you are!" He yelled.

Caroline reached out to grab his hand. He quickly pulled back.

"Don't think about using your magic against me." He said.

All five of the blonds sitting with the attractive brunette started laughing hysterically at something he said. Matt looked over at the commotion. Caroline reached out quickly and touched his cheek.

Matt looked back smiling.

"You." He said again. This time he was calm.

"Much better." Caroline said.

"You look amazing." He said.

"I know." Caroline quickly replied.

"You kissed Alaric." He said with a slight frown.

Caroline looked up at him sympathetically.

"You want to get out of here?" She asked.

"Yeah, I do." He responded.

"Let's go." She said. He was walking towards the door when his boss found him.

"You have a lot of nerve coming back here missy. You know how much trouble I could get into because of you? A lot! Get out before I call the police!" She yelled attracting the attention of most customers including the group of six in the corner.

"I quit." Matt simply responded.

Caroling smiled and took his hand, leaving the grill with a strut. His boss' jaw remained on the floor until they walked out.

They got back to the bed and breakfast and she waved to Mrs. Flowers. Mrs. Flowers picked up her phone after waving back and made a call.

Caroline brought Matt to her room and quickly made love.

Afterwards, the guilt she had yet to feel today finally kicked in.

Matt tried to kiss her lips again, but she pushed him off.

She put on her clothes and walked out of the room and out the back entrance not wanting to see anyone.

Matt was putting on his shirt when Klaus Mikaelson barged into Caroline's room.

"Matt?" He asked.

"I told you she loved me." He responded with a smile.

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