Haruna stared into space. The room had no talking despite having many

children in it. There was low volume music, the turning of pages, clicking

of mouses and buttons, tapping of styluses and typing. The kids of Sun

Garden were just doing their own things. The door softly creaked opened.

Hiroto popped his head in. "How's everyone doing? Dinner's getting ready

soon." He flashed the smile that would always comfort a crying kid and

melt and a girl's heart. We're fine, but bored to

death," Nagumo said, sprawled out on the floor, lifting his head up from

his black DS. "Don't worry, dinner will be ready soon." Then he frowned.

"What's that you listening to in your headphones, Clara?" Clara blushed

and closed her laptop. "My friend said that a soundtrack she had caught

her elder brother listening to on the web seemed fishy and recommended

that I don't listen to it but I was curious and decided to listen, so…"

Hiroto shared a worried look with Yagami. They both knew many

disgusting songs thanks to a school sports event that was playing music

from a weird radio station that seemed pretty fishy. Interestingly enough,

the teachers seemed more alert about the sporting events than some

wincing kids that were groaning at the music while waiting in their stands.

Hiroto, Yagami and a few Sun Garden kids had always been pretty good

at sports. Yagami, Yuki, ( She is not an OC, she is actually from Diamond

Dust) Clara and some other girls had always been good at VolleyBall.

Yagami widened her eyes a little. "Um… just don't let Hitomiko catch

you." Haruna smiled. "These kids can behave pretty well." Hiroto smiled

and gave an uncertain look. "Yeah…

probably when they are allowed top go on their laptops, DS , (I don't

actually know the plural for DS, so…) iPods and others… "Oh. But

I'm sure that they are nice otherwise." Haruna grinned. "I-it actually just

depends…" Hiroto stammered. Haruna didn't seem to hear him. "Time for

dinner,"Netsuha yelled, racing up the stairs. Holding her Teddy, Hana

sniffed the air. "Baked potatos, beef and mixed vegetables?" Netsuha

nodded. "Yeah. And wow, I'm happy no ones appreciates that I set ALL

the tables." "Thanks, now can we go to eat?" Yuki murmured, staring out of the window. "You seem forlorn," Satoshi remarked, lifting his eyebrows. "But

Yuki's always forlorn under that mask-" "Ugh, just shut up so we can go

and have dinner, Tooru!" "Okay, I was just being a responsive brother,

don't be so mean, Fuuko!" Tooru glared at Fuuko. Fuuko glared back, a

little scarier. "Forget it, let's just head downstairs guys! I'm starving!"

Touji snapped. The rest of the kids ignored him and headed downstairs,

then went to sit anywhere on the small cushions placed on the floor.

Tooru took out the potatoes and other food while Clara got out the water.

"Water is all we get to drink at dinner…" Ai complained. "Well it's good for

you," Haruna smiled. Shuuji just sat there for an strange reason.

"Hey… why don't we have a little fun time, all of us kids at midnight? It should be fun."

Clara whispered to Yuki. "Well I'm not sure… we need to arrange. We

need plans for fun at the ready. And what's the point of having a playover

if we just do our own thing by playing with toys and stuff? We could have

exciting stuff. Like detectives and games that include all of us and stuff.

And I first suggest that we tell Haruna or someone like that." "Okay, let's

quickly eat our dinner then tell Haruna, Hiroto, Shuuji and Midorikawa

about it in secret," Yuki responded. " Hey… don't you guys find that

Clara and Yuki's a bit secretive today?" Segeta whispered. "Look, she's l

leaving the table with Yuki… then talking to Midorikawa…then Hiroto…

then Haruna… and Shuuji… then LEAVING! " Maki hissed.

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