Even though you've always thought that I helped you and soccer…I've always thought that both of you have always helped me, and I was only returning the favour back.

Fey sat on the soft, warm grass. A cool yet comforting breeze blew through the hill that he sat on. It wasn't what you

would call a "small" hill, but it wasn't big either. To Fey, it was just the perfect size to contemplate and have a little time on

his own. Tenma, who was considered as a close friend of his, and the rest of Raimon, whom he also considered as close

friends to him did not know his secrets. But…on one of the days when they were time travelling, Tenma and Shinsuke…

almost made him reveal one of his secrets. Fey knew that he should trust them, in fact, he trusted them very much, but

sometimes, some secrets just should not be told, or would be better off not told. That secret, which was one of his darkest

secrets was that…he…didn't belong…to… a family. Fey held back tears and lowered his head as he thought of this. But he

knew that they were going to flow freely anyway. He didn't bother fighting back this time, even though he always tried to

even when he was alone. Fighting back was much harder than most people, even those in depression, could imagine. It was

very emotionally stressing to him, and because it was, it also made his body weak in terms of immunity. Sometimes, he

would silently cry in his sleep, but all of Raimon was always too tired to notice. However, the next morning, although he

always hid it, he felt slightly unwell. Although he always avoided thinking of it, today, he just decided to do a little play back

of how he lost his family, just so that he would not forget them. To be honest, he could not remember very much, since he

was only 7 years of age. Young…but definitely old enough to remember something so traumatising. Fey had been playing

soccer for most of his life, but it was when he lost the most precious things to him in the war, (You guys know how El

Dorado said that there was a war, and soccer started it, so soccer had to be eliminated? Yeah, I based it off

that war.) that soccer became that thing that was the most precious to him, and the only reason why he could continue

living despite losing his family. Fey closed his eyes and let all those vague memories that he had of the incident play back in his head