Well, hello, everyone! I haven't written a fanfiction in a looong time, so excuse me if I'm a bit out of shape. This is probably going to be one of those stories with multiple chapters, but I'm quite busy with revising and stuff, so I can't say when I'll be uploading chapters. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this introduction, and please review!

It was a Tuesday, near the end of summer, with enough sun revealed in the sky for it to be warm but with a comfortable breeze that stopped it from becoming uncomfortable. My mother was in her tanning booth, ignoring nature's alternative sun for an electric one, while my father was typing away on his laptop in the kitchen while talking rapidly on his phone about another business deal. I had placed myself in my room, sitting at my desk, trying to focus on my computer, my wide screen TV on the wall still on mute, anything other than my mobile phone that lay on the desk I was sat at. Every minute that small red device made no sound, even though it was set to be at full volume should someone call, was another minute where my normally settled calm came closer to shifting into impatience. My fingers started drumming on the shiny rosewood surface of the dark red desk, until I reminded myself that that particular gesture was viewed as rude, and slowly settled my hands in my lap, switching my focus to the computer screen in front of me. As expected, the thing that flashed back at me was the very thing that had me so impatient; the website for St Lobelia Girls Academy. I had already sent my application letter in, my personal details, my CV, everything they'd asked for. Yet, after a month of waiting, I had received no reply. What had started off as a settled acceptance of the need to wait soon dissolved into tapping feet, drumming fingers and angry glares shot at my always silent mobile phone. I could not recall a time where I had been so impatient. I had always been taught as a child that patience was a virtue, and I practiced it regularly. I lived in a stunning house with a perfectly good family and a bright future ahead of me because of the promise of a large inheritance. I never had a reason to complain. If I wanted something, I would get it. It was the same with everyone else I knew. But this time, it seemed I would be deprived of what I wanted most, and that infuriated me to no end. I managed to calm myself by moving gracefully from my desk to my state of the art speakers and CD player and picking out one of my many CDs and gingerly placing it in the open deck before closing it with a delicate push of a button. The Best of Times from the musical La Cage aux Folles began to flow through the speakers, reaching my ears in less than a second, causing a smile to slowly spread across my face as I lay back on the queen size bed, sighing as my head sunk into the soft texture of my pillow. However, I kept the music quiet enough so that I could hear the phone.

Soon, my patience was rewarded. Just as I was about to drift off, even though I had yet to change into proper evening attire and it was only 6pm, my phone went off with a sharp ring. I shot up like a bolt from the bed, my long black hair in a state of disarray. I jumped from the bed and grabbed the phone, before realising that I was acting like a maniac. I smoothed my hair down and took a deep breath, the phone still impatiently ringing in my left hand. I pressed a button to receive the call and pressed it to my ear, softly speaking a "Good evening, this is Akahana Himura speaking, how may I assist you?" I was met with a reply that caused my heart to pound. "Good evening Himura-san, I'm sorry for calling you at an impolite hour and I apologise if I interrupted your dinner, but as you already know, St Lobelia Girls' Academy is a busy organisation." This was the call I had been waiting for, I thought to myself. Now all I had to do was wait for the result of my hard work. My impatience stirred at that, but I stilled it with a silent reassurance that all my questions would be answered soon enough. "After reading through your application form and evaluating your accomplishments, we have come to the conclusion that you are more than worthy to be part of our community." In the next sentence, I swear I could hear a smile in her voice. "Congratulations. You're officially a member of St Lobelia Girls Academy. A letter will be arriving at your household soon stating your schedule, class group and other important details. Good luck and goodbye."

With those last words, she hung up. I didn't hold it against her- the organisation was a busy one after all, but I was still a little shocked that someone who worked at such a prestigious school would hang up so rudely. Still, I was too pleased to complain. I received the letter on an evening a few days later, as promised, which stated everything I needed to know, including that my days at the school would begin in early September, which was less than a week from now. The letter came with a package which contained my new uniform. I immediately rushed up the stairs to try it on in my walk-in closet in front of multiple mirrors, all positioned around me so I could see every angle of the outfit. I allowed myself the smallest giggle of delight before taking it off, replacing it with an especially designed crimson nightdress, one of many especially designed dresses, and placed it carefully back in its packaging. After spending the next hour removing my makeup and applying my face creams, I settled into the bed, lying on my back, the sound of music floating through my mind as I drifted into the world of dreams.