I slowly stepped out of my mother's completely white Maybach Landaulet and looked towards the large building in front of me, composing myself. I had wanted to go to St Lobelia Academy ever since I was a child. It seemed extravagant, magical and, most importantly, a place where talent could flourish. Seeing it in all its grandeur was very different from the pictures I'd seen on the Internet.

After saying my goodbyes to my overexcited mother, I made my way to the entrance. According to the letter, all new students were to gather in the meeting room. The map that had come with the letter navigated to me to the room, where about 50 girls were sitting on plush red chairs lined up next to each other in the same Lobelia Academy uniform that I was now wearing. Strange, I thought to myself, I thought I was early. I looked down at the red Rolex. No, I was early. I looked up from the Rolex to the girls, and I realised why there were so many of them already. Their enthusiastic expressions and the way they were chattering and giggling with each other showed that they were far too excited to arrive at any time that wasn't ridiculously early. I had to admit that I had the same problem, and their enthusiasm made it difficult for me to contain my own. I allowed myself a small chuckle behind my hand before I walked towards one of the many remaining scarlet seats.

A girl sitting next to me turned towards me, huge grin on her face and long blonde hair falling around her face in waves. "Hi there! Isn't this exciting? We've all been picked to be students at St Lobelia Academy! Squeee!" she gushed at me, her hair bouncing with her as a she spoke. Her excitement was infectious, and I found myself shooting a grin towards her to match hers. "I agree. This seems to be such an academic and creative school for young girls to attend." She nodded vigorously, glad to see I had the same positive opinion. "But it's not only the school that you should be interested in!" she tutted, shaking a finger. I raised an eyebrow in expectation, and she leaned forward to whisper in my ear. "You can't possibly ignore the glitz and glamour of The Zuka Club!"

That caused another smile from me, though this one was smaller and more mischievous. Ah, yes, the Zuka Club. I had definitely heard about them. They almost ruled the school, with the power they held. They organised all productions and were the famous figureheads of the school. While each member held considerable power, there was always one who was seen as the leader of The Zuka Club, both because of their popularity with the girls and because of their wealth. The current leading members of The Zuka Club were Hinako Tsuwabuki, Chizuru Maihara and Benio Amakusa, the President of The Zuka Club. Anyone who claimed to know about St Lobelia Academy had to know about The Zuka Club. In fact, it was an ambition of mine to join The Zuka Club when I've been here for more than a year and proved my worth as an actress and a singer.

The girl and I continued to talk and soon enough most of the other girls had pulled their chairs closer to us to join in on our conversation about The Zuka Club. It seemed that some of these girls had signed up to this school just to meet The Zuka Club. Still, I couldn't criticise them. It was a part of the reason I decided to sign up to the school as well. After about ten more minutes, all of the girls had arrived and they were all in their own little groups, chattering about whatever new reason for their excitement to expand came to their minds. Then, suddenly, the lights turned off. We all gasped, and some girls wondered aloud if the lights were broken. But, just as one girl was about to stand up to investigate, a bright light came from the front of the room. We all sat down and turned towards it, seeing the silhouettes of three girls through fog machines and the creative use of shadows. Soon, we heard a word sung in perfect pitch by different voices from the stage.




And then the three voices came together into one, with one last "Lobeliiiaaa!" and confetti cannons were let out into the audience, causing us all to laugh or squeal with delight. The three girls stepped out of the shadows to reveal themselves as the three leading members of The Zuka Club. There was only a second of silence, where we were all in shock of seeing the women we had been gushing about only minutes ago. But then we were all standing up as one, screaming like this was the apocalypse. I don't know what was making me act like this. It was completely different from my usually composed behaviour. I supposed it was the peer pressure. After all, everyone was screaming all around me, and I would look like the odd one out if I didn't. It was only wise to act as the people around you act, in order to gain their favour, and therefore gain a lot more, like future business deals. I suppose my father's way of thinking had rubbed off on me, along with my mother's enthusiasm. The Zuka Club talked in turn about the history of the school, what sort of activities we could sign up for, the lessons we'll have and more. Everyone had calmed down by this point and were listening patiently, though that was probably because of the presence of the Benibara-sama Guardian Club, another group I had heard about in my research, who stopped any of Benio's fans acting too disorderly. However, on the many occasions where Benio would smile or wink towards the audience, many of the girls couldn't help themselves and started screaming again. The blonde girl who was sat next to me seemed to be in hysterics at this point. This caused another chuckle from me, though I tried to concentrate on what The Zuka Club were telling us and not how ridiculously we were all acting, as I would probably need to know the basic knowledge of how this school functions if I want to stay in it. After another five minutes of diagrams and maps, they bid us farewell, much to the dismay of their captive audience.

Soon, we were filed outside by the Benibara-sama Guardian Club and given a tour of the school by another group, while the Benibara-sama Guardian Club hurried after The Zuka Club. Some overenthusiastic girls tried to run after The Zuka Club as well, but the tour guides reeled them in, and soon our attention was taken away from The Zuka Club as we took in the beauty and harmony of the school. Soon the bell rang, calling for break for the students who regularly attended this school. I admired the way the girls filed out of the classes to the courtyard, a teacher leading them. It managed to seem organised without looking oppressive, as the girls were all laughing and talking together in groups as they marched outside.

We were allowed a break as well, where I became friends with a few more new students, collecting them like shells at a beach. After the tour was over, it was already evening, so we had dinner in the dining hall, which looked as glorious as the rest of the school, with rosewood tables and red plush chairs not unlike the ones in the meeting room. Afterwards, they showed us to our rooms, as this was a boarding school. Luckily, I shared the room with someone I already knew, the blonde-haired girl that seemed so excited at the start and still did, her cheeks pink with overexertion. We chattered away like excited little girls, though both of us were 16, until exhaustion settled in after the long yet wondrous day we'd enjoyed.

In my dreams that night, my mind was filled with images of The Zuka Club and standing with them, singing my heart out on a well-lit stage. Benio was flirting with all the other girls with her usual winks and wry smiles as she stood on stage with me, sending them into hysterics, but when she turned to me, I didn't see that same flirting manner. I saw care in those dark brown eyes and, when she smiled, she really smiled. It wasn't flirty, it wasn't charming, it wasn't dashing. It was just a smile. It was honest, and it made me give a true, honest smile back.

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