Place: Global Defense Force Central Command, Tokyo Japan

A middle aged Japanese scientist walks to the main control room, the room is large, half the size of a football feild, and has numerous computers, each had someone monitoring it, several of the screens had images of giant monsters, the scientist walk up to a man dressed in an Admiral's uniform, the Admiral looked about in his 50's, he had a goatee and grey streaks in his thick black hair.
"Admiral Tachibana" the Scientist adressed him
"Yes Hayashida" the Admiral replied
The scientist, Hayashida, had shoulder length black hair and a thin moustache
"We have locked on the Red Bamboo base on Songell Island along with the Simion and Nebulan bases, and we have located all kaiju except for Godzilla sir" Hayashida stated
"Excilent" Tachibana said, "All personal, perpare the Dimension Tide and all units in the areas with the kaiju, get ready to hold them off, while the cannons charge"
"SIR!" one officer paniced, "Radiation levels have skyrocketed in Tokyo Bay!"
'Godzilla" Tachibana's eyes narrowed.
The water in Tokyo Bay exploded as Godzilla rose from the depths and roared, the beast peered into the city and looked in the direction of the GDF base, as if he could see through the building between him and the base.
"Sir, this is Captain Douglas Gordan of the Gotango, we are in route to your position" a voice comes from the radio
"Very well," Tachibana looked at the monitors, all the teams are engaging the kaiju around the world, as the building shook as Godzilla was knocked forward as the Gotango shot him with its maser

Tachibana pressed a red button at the communications array and said, "Attention all GDF personal, Godzilla is attacking the base in Tokyo, as you know this is too important to pass up, so I am ordering the last of the Dimension Tide cannons at us and to prevent us getting killed before we can fire on the kaiju, so I will say it was an honor to serve with you all?"

The Dimesion Tide was locked in on Godzilla and Tachibana, with a tear in his eye, nodded at the personal as they all fired the Dimension Tides sucking all the world's kaiju along with all GDF and Red Bamboo personal and the two alien races and sent them to other worlds.

Tachibana along with Hayashida, the GDF personal, the crew of the Gotango, and Godzilla blacked out and will later wake up in a world that is more than meets the eye.