Godzilla looked around him, there was still some of those metal creatures that attacked him, and the two machines that he had battled countless times before, and to top it off more of the human's military was approaching, he was in no mood to fight as he rubbed his eye where that grey creature stabbed him, the first serious injury he got since he first fought the metal duplicate of himself the humans made. Godzilla roared and walked forward towards the water as the Autobots aimed their weapons at the creature.

"Hold it, it looks like he's heading back to sea" Tachibana said over the comm freaquency.

"Who is this?" Chase asked

"I'll explain later but Godzilla just fed and is going to rest somewhere, that should buy us time to think of a way to take him down" Tachibana said

The Autobots stepped aside as Godzilla went into the water and swam off, no one could see where he was headded. The Gotengo and Super X then landed and the occupants stepped out.

"What the hell Admiral? I could of taken his mind!" Lopez stormed towards his commanding officer, only for Ratchet to step inbetween them

"You mind on telling me what in the All-Spark just happend?!" Ratchet ordered

"There's no way for sure you know that you could, even when the Kilaks took his father's mind, it didn't last long and he wiped out most of their forces" Tachibana replied to Lopez

"WHAT THE SCRAP IS A KILAK AND WHERE IN THE PIT DID YOU GUYS COME FROM?!" Heatwave yelled, feeling that he and the Autobots were being ignored.

"From what we can gather, we're from another universe, and that creature was Godzilla, the king of the monsters" Gordon said, "Arcee filled us in about the Autobots and Decepticons,"

"Okay, and who are you" Blades asked

"We're with the Global Defense Force, we've been formed in 1957 after an alien invasion, our job is to protect human kind against alien invasions and kaiju attack" Tachibana explained, "and Gordon and his team might know who you guys are but I don't so explain"

"We are Autobots, autonomus robotic organisims from the planet Cybertron, the others that that creature fought were Decepticons, we've been at war with them for eons, and it cost us our home world," Ratchet said

"And they made their way to earth due to deposits of Energon, thier main fuel source" Gordon added

"Okay and what about that Godzilla creature?" Boulder asked

"After the second World War and the world entered the Atomic Age some mutations appeared, most of them were of thought to be extinct like dinosaurs, Godzilla was one of them, the first one destroyed Tokyo in 1954 and killed 30,000 people" Tachibana was cut off

Suddenly there was an explosion, everyone looked out at the sea where a navy destroyer was sinking, in flames

"Damn it!" Tachibana said ,"I thought I sent the cease fire order to everyone!"

Godzilla rose up from the ocean and roared, the navy ships opened fire on the kaiju

"Attenion all navy ships, cease fire and retreat, you can't stop that creature" Tachibana said over the communicator

Godzilla fired his atomic breath at the ships, destroying them all, back at the aircraft carrier where the refugees were taken to, Huxley's camera bot caught it all on camera and it was sent all over the internet.

"As you just saw, the creature just destroyed the Decepticons' warship and then wiped out an entire navy fleet like nothing," Huxley gulped "God help us all with this monster"

Godzilla looked at the aircraft carrier, he was enraged now and saw another creation of man, he charged up his atomic breath, everyone of the ship began to panic, some of them even jumpped overboard. Godzilla was ready to attack, until the skys boomed and vortexes appeared all over.

"What in God's name is going on now!?" Gordon shouted as a bright light started to envelop everything.

Back at New Kaon, at what is now called Darkmount, Megatron threw several Eradicons at one another in a fit of rage.

"How in the name of Primus did we get bested by that Godzilla creature" Megatron roared

the other Decepticons looked at Megatron as if he were crazy.

"Uhh Lord Megatron, how do you know that's what the creature was called?" Knockout pointed out

Megatron looked confused as he realized what he said

"I have no idea, all of a sudden it feels like I knew about that creature since I arrived to this planet" Megatron pondered, "and yet I remember that it never existed until now"

"I think it's best that you let Knockout check to see if you're alright mentally," Starscream suggested, "I think our defeat took it's toll on your min..." he was cut off by a booming sound as the vortexes and light appeared over the fortress...

to be continued