Who's ready for The Truth?

I am! I'm so excited to start a FanFiction starring the Mystery Twins!

Mabel: I thought you hated that.

Dipper: I'm starting to accept it!

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Anywho, let's get started with Chapter One!

Waddles the pig strutted down the hallway in a hand-stitched Army uniform. When he reached Mabel, she squealed and gave him chocolate. The pig also squealed in delight.

"Wow, he's improved! Now his walk is a strut!" Dipper commented. He meant for it to be sarcastic, but Mabel took it seriously, as always.

She was just about to respond when Grunkle Stan stalked in wearing his business suit and signature fez. Which was weird, because it was early morning.

"Woa! You're dressed early! This must be some kind of world record!" Dipper yelled, astonished.

"Oh, save your breath, kid!" Stan grumbled. "Apparently your generation likes those expensive pet show, so I'm going to see one so I can hold my own, and over charge people for popcorn."

"I'm coming with you!" Dipper decided.

Grunkle Stan adjusted his glasses. Squinting, he said, "That big pink thing that does nothing but eat all day can come… Oh what the heck? The pig can tag along, too."

Mabel 'oink'-ed and ate a piece of chocolate.

"Now, if anyone else asks, you two are three years old, so you get in for free." Grunkle Stan ordered. He, Mabel, Dipper and Waddles were in a very long line to get in the pet show.

"So, what makes pet shows so popular?" Dipper asked. His great uncle shrugged.

"For some reason, you all like it when a pet looses, then they get their own reality TV show." He said

"Like Honey Bear-Bear?" Mabel asked. "I love him! I want Waddles to get his own TV show."

Dipper didn't think that was such a good idea. After all, Honey Bear-Bear really had no talents. The whole show is basically the bear trying on dresses while his owner lives out her fantasy for him (yes, the bear is a boy). Honey Bear-Bear rips the dresses off, throws a huge tantrum in the middle of a store, and people 'aw' and take pictures. In one interview with the bear for goodness sakes, he got bored and started acting up and pretending to fall asleep.

That, to Dipper, was NOT entertainment.

"Are you kidding me?" Stan roared. "No one would pay to watch you two all day! 'Oh, I saw a ghost!' 'Giant glass figures attacked us!'" he mocked.

"Wax figures!" Dipper corrected. He couldn't believe that only a few people knew about the weird stuff in Gravity Falls-and all the people who knew were only kids! Chances were, something was going to happen that day that would be weirder than what the average kid outside Gravity Falls would experience.

Finally, the three reached the ticket booth. The man standing there had on a suit and heavy bags under his eyes.

"Welcome to the Annual Gravity Falls Pet Show." He announced in a monotone. "I am so excited. Are you." Dipper leaned over to Mabel.

"Was that supposed to be a question?" he asked her. Mabel shrugged.

"Okay, one adult ticket and these three year olds get in for free." Stan said, giving the ticket man five bucks and trying to get on with his life. He tried to get past the booth, but the man stopped him.

"They are not three years old." He said, studying the twins. He laid his eyes on Mabel's big pink sweater that said: "Team Waddles". It looked like stitching done by hand, but it was very neat.

The pig was wearing a brown sweater, and on its back, it said "Team Mabel".

"Team Waddles?" The man asked out of genuine curiosity. This time, it actually sounded like a question.

As Mabel looked down at her sweater for reference, Waddles rolled over and back up again when he heard his name.

"Good job, Waddles!" Mabel said as she fed him a well-earned carrot. "We've been working on that move." She told the man. He looked a lot different.

His eyes were lit up as if he had won the lottery, and he looked a lot less tired and bored. His hair wasn't sticking up in mangled knots, and his tie was a bit straighter.

"This pig's got talent! He's got the look! The act! The enthusiasm!" the man marveled.

"All he did was roll over," Dipper muttered.

"How would you and your pet like to-""We'd love to!" Mabel decided, interrupting the man in the middle of his sentence.

This had been her dream: to own a pig, and win the pet show. Then she would have enough money to get Waddles a pig playground with a built-in mud pond, and the human-sized hamster ball.

Plus, Mabel could finally beat Pacifica at something. Her chicken would be no match for Mabel's pig.

"Do they get in for free?" Stan cut in.

"Yes! But if they don't win-""Good enough for me!" Stan interrupted. "Happy pageanting! Hey, and you two stay together."

"We will." The twins promised in unison.

Grunkle Stan went off to do his own thing, and the twins and Waddles followed the man backstage, ignoring complaints from the line, because no one was there to give them tickets.

Sometimes Dipper wondered why no one in Gravity Falls was as intellectually smart as he was. The crown could just crawl under the barrier rope if they really wanted to.

"Do you really think you have a shot at winning?" Dipper asked. Sure, he thought the pig was cute, but some people took pet pageants very seriously.

As they began to tour the backstage area, there were several sophisticated adults in suits standing around their pets, who were sitting so poised and up right like a sunflower.

"Dipper please," Mabel began. "Nothing can beat the power of Mabel." They both said "The power of Mabel" together.

These people look really official." Dipper explained. "They've probably been doing this for years, and you and Waddles just…jump in! You really think you can win?"

"I dunno. It'll be fun!" Mabel said. The man gestured a bed 4 feet off the ground.

"Here, you can pamper your pet, and get them ready for the competition. Good luck to you."

"Wait! We can't reach that!" Dipper complained.

"Not my problem!" the man sang, and walked off.

Mabel immediately got bored, and looked at the beds around her. Then, she spotter her BFFLE's (Best Friends For Like-Ever), Candy and Grenda with their little lizard on the huge bed, playing under the water spicket whenever Candy turned it on.

"So cute!" Mabel said, and she and Waddles went over to Candy and Grenda to hang out.

Dipper assumed Mabel would be fine since she wasn't alone, she was with her friends! He went to go find a vending machine because there was no time to eat breakfast.

He was on his way to the machine when he heard the oddly familiar southern voice.

"Why, Pacifica Northwest!" he giggled. "Howaya doin' this fine day?"

Dipper instinctively hid behind a coat rack thinking Why is there a coat rack for pets?

He shook his head and looked in the direction that he heard the voice. And sure enough, Lil' Gideon and Pacifica Northwest were at one of the beds closest to the coat rack.

Pacifica had a chicken on a leash on the bed, and it was eating bird feed while being put in a sparkly pink sequin dress with a matching top hat, complete with little high heels and a golden necklace.

Gideon had walked up to the bed and approached Pacifica, who was standing on a stool to reach the bed. Smart Dipper thought.

"Who are you?" Pacifica demanded. Gideon giggled.

"I'm Lil' Gideon!" he said, doing his signature pose and pointing to his face. Basically the whole crown back-stage paused to look at him and "aw"ed. Dipper almost did it, but caught himself.

The only other person who didn't "aw" besides Dipper was Pacifica Northwest. Everyone returned to their normal activities.

"What does it mean to me?" Pacifica snapped.

"I thought we could maybe work together!" Gideon suggested. "We want the same family to go down-the Pines Family."