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Chapter 8

"Wait, did you say something earlier about a truth spell?" Mabel asked, suddenly snapping out of her funk. She quickly stood up.

"Yeah. I read the labels on the tanks that Gideon's guys hooked up to the sprinkler system." Dipper explained. "They said it was a truth spell. If somebody asks you a question, you can't help but to say the truth."

"This is all way too clever. If any of us have deep, unknown hatrid for our pets, we'll tell that to the world and loose!" Mabel said. Her brother nodded.

"But I am 100% sure that all you have is love for Waddles, so don't worry." Dipper re-assured her. "I have go go find a good seat. Good luck!"

"Thanks. And…find a seat in the back." Mabel suggested. "That's where your lady is waiting!"

Mabel's palms were sweating. What if she messed up the interview? She didn't have near as much experience as Pacifica did in front of crowds. And she knew that anything and everything she said would be the pure truth.

She looked down at Waddles in his tux with the snazzy sparkly blue tie and sparkly blue top hat that matched Mabel's sparkly blue dress that almost went all the way down to the floor. What if Mabel was a pig, and she didn't have to worry about public humiliation? All Waddles thought about was sleeping and eating. (His moves and tricks just come naturally.) Wouldn't it be so easy to just live life without anyone telling you what to do?

Pacifica strolled over to Mabel and waited in the wings with her.

"So, I see that Dipper found out our little secret about what is in the sewer systems?" she asked. She continued without waiting for an answer from Mabel. "What are you guys going to do? Tattle-tale on us like little babies?"

Mabel didn't respond. What ever she said could hurt her, especially since everyone was under a truth spell.

"Let me just have you know that if the announcer asks you a question, you have to answer, because if you don't, you'll lose points." Pacifica said. "I would know, because I've been the winner of this competition from since I could remember. My mom won every competition before me, and her mom won every competition, and so on.

"Just remember, don't be a sore loser when you lose!" said said with a nasty smile. "Oh, that's our cue!" they looked onstage, and saw the announcer motioning for them to come.

First, Pacifica wow-ed the crowd by strutting out in a stylish pink strapless prom-styled dress that ruffled all the way down to the floor. Her chicken was on a leash and was following her, wearing the exact same thing. (But in chicken size.)

Then came Mabel, and after her, Candy and Grenda with matching camoflauge suits. Probably to match with their lizard.

They all sat down in a row across from the announcer's desk.

"You ladies always make a statement!" He said. "Especially and as always, you, Pacifica. If I may ask, who are you wearing?"

"Marc Jacobs." She was quick to answer. She gestured the other girls. "Ask them who they're wearing."

"Us? Uh, Wal-Mart?" Grenda asked.

"Oh, you silly goose!" Pacifica said jokingly. A little too jokingly. "The expression 'who are you wearing' means who made your dress or outfit, not where you got it." she turned to the announcer. "Rookie mistake. Clearly she's unexperienced...unlike me."

"Okay...-" "Ask Mabel who's she's wearing. Just to be polite!" Pacifica interrupted the announcer.

"Well, I made this dress, so I'm wearing...me!" Mabel said, earning a laugh from the audience.

When the announcer finished laughing he continued. "Oh, Mabel! Charasmatic and funny as always! Tell us-how did you first meet your soulmate, Waddles?"

"I can tell you how I met Peck-ifa!" Pacifica offered.

"I'm sorry, but the question was aimed at Mabel..."

"Although, I wouldn't call her my soulmate..." she continued anyway. "She pecked me uncontrollably when I won her at the Mystery Fair, so I decided to call her Peck-ifa."

No one spoke or moved.

"Peck-ifa. After me! Pacifica!"

"Mmm, we were kind of looking for a heart felt story about how two best friends met, but you let us down." the announcer said.

"Please. If that was what you were looking for, my egg-laying devil let you down, not me!" she shot back.

This time, everyone gasped, including the other girls and the announcer.

"Did you just call your bird an 'egg-laying devil'?" the announcer asked. He reached over the table, and turned Pacifica's head towards the camera. "On live TV?"

"Huh? What?" she stuttered, suddenly paniked. "No, I didn't mean it...Oh, yes I did!" When she realized what she had just said, she covered her mouth.

Some people began booing at her, and throwing food. After some audience members began to calm down, Pacifica re-started.

"Nononono! Please let me try again! Give me a second chance! Please! Let's forget about what happened 10 seconds ago! A fresh start! Please!" she begged, practically on her knees.

"Sorry, kid. Life doesn't give you second chances. Just ask Maddie Zeigler when she forgot her solo."

"What?" Pacifica asked. Everyone else mumbled, confused because they didn't get the reference.

"Oh, like none of you have a secret obsession with Dance Moms!" the announcer said. "...I don't think I was supposed to say that."

"Alright, you all busted me, I'm not gonna lie." Pacifica unhooked her bird from the leash, and it flew backstage. "I hate that bird! It has zero talent! All it likes to do is peck me, and I've had enough! I'm done with this stupid pageant!"

A paniked Gideon ran onstage, follwed by applause and cheering. After he waved to the audience, he linked arms with his girlfriend.

"Honeybunches, please! I thought you were going to use the money to-" "Get your paws off me, Gideon! The only reason I went out with you was to get the money for the truth spell!" Pacifica shook him off.

"Truth spell?" the announcer asked.

"Truth spell? Who said anything about that?" Gideon asked, trying to play it off.

"Why else do you think this is going so badly, you idiot!? We put a spell through the pipe system so you all would say bad things and embarass yourselves!" Pacifica spat.

Everyone laughed, including Gideon. It was clear that the only one embarassing herself was Pacifica. And a much lesser extent, the announcer.

"That's because we all actually love our pets!" Mabel explained.

"Well, one thing is obvious...you're not the winner!" the announcer said.

"Woa, woa, woa! Whoever has the trophy and the monetary prize wins!" Pacifica explained, then took the biggest and shiniest trophy from the display table, and the oversized check for $1,000. "I have the money and the trophy, so I WIN! And prepare to be jealous, because I'm taking a trip to Hawaii!"

The official pageant winner, Pacifica Northwest stomped off.

"Well, you heard her. Pacifica wins. Goodbye." the announcer said. He just wanted to get it over with.

The lights flickered on, and everyone grumbled for such a boring ending.

"On the inside, I feel like I won." Mabel said to herself, and went off to join Dipper and Stan.

"That was fun!" she told them.

"That's it? She just ran off to Hawaii with a stolen trophy and money, and you're fine with that?" Dipper asked.

"I'll tell you why I am!" Grunkle Stan began. "I already took the real check. That one's a fraud. So now I have 1,000 extra dollars! Tell you what, just this once, I'll take you guys out for-"

"Ice-cream! Ice-cream!" Mabel and Dipper chanted. Mabel took a participant ribbon from off of the display table and pinned it on herself.

"I guess we're the winners after all."