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Mumm-ra was using his magic to get Jaga to tell him where the book of Omens was located. He never thought the old magician was this tough; he must have some hidden strength after all. He thought.

Another Thundercat stood next to him. "I still say this is a waste of time." He said "Why do you think Jaga would know the location on where the book is? If he knew, then Claudus wouldn't have ordered us to go look for it 10 years ago." He knew that his king and the cat were close. They had been since he was a Thunderkit.

"Then tell me, why his mind fights against me Grune?" said his new master.

While they were talking, Jaga was squirming in pain. All he wanted to do was run away. But since he was in a barrier, he couldn't. When Thundera was being invaded, he was taken prisoner alongside his student Cheetara, they were taken to Mumm-ra for questioning. The mummy wanted him to take off an ancient spell that stopped him from touching the sword; when he refused, Mumm-ra began to torture him. Luckily enough, Lion-o and Tygra the sons of the king, saved him and Cheetara. When they were leaving with the sword, Jaga knew they would be hunted down. Jaga quickly had the small party create a bond that proclaimed that Lion-o was the new Lord of the Thundercats. He had to delay them so they wouldn't catch up to Lion-o while he and his new friends escaped with the sword so he stayed behind and fought Grune. In the end Grune, brought him to the Black Pyramid, where Mumm-ra was sealed in which he now used as his fortress. He still couldn't believe this was happening now: he knew this day would come, but now? Lion-o just wasn't ready. The room was a tomb that he was trapped in, was created to keep Mumm-ra sealed inside so he wouldn't rule over Third Earth. As long as no one came to free him, like a Thundercat would for example. No one thought for centuries any cat or creature would do that. But they never thought that Grune-the Saber Tooth Tiger would be hungry to be king and had heard Mumm-ra call to him. Jaga could tell that the place was made out of stone/technology everywhere and below him, was a cold stone table he had just been lying on not too long ago.

Grune looked at Jaga. Lion-o may have escaped and announced king, but he had no army since Thundera was in ruins and its people either dead, escaped, or were being turned into slaves. But, there are still warriors who were still loyal to the royal cat family. He thought. Like his friend Panthro who was dead; yet he had one more friend who he hadn't seen for a decade. Enki-the Fishing Cat (note they are small cats) who is a Captain since he last checked. "The boy may have got away my lord, but he is still helpless." He said calmly.

Mumm-ra turned his head and looked up at him. "Not quite. There are survivors. And I intend to find them and kill them." He replied.

Jaga groaned out loud. He didn't know how long he'd last much longer. It's not like I'm young as I used to be. He thought grimly. He now felt Mumm-ra come into his mind.

"Tell me Jaga, who would be still loyal to the late king." His eyes glowing in the dim light was thirsty for answers.

He looked away. He would never answer that. He didn't know himself who would be left.

However, Grune did have the answer. "I know who would be: that'll be Captain Enki. He's the best cat I know who would still fight even when he knew he lost."

Jaga felt cold now. "No Grune, Enki can't help him now. He's- gaaaaah!" His last phrase was cut off from the pain he was in.

Mumm-ra decided to loosen the power he was using on Jaga, so he could talk.

Grune on the other hand, looked confused. "What do you mean Jaga? Has his rank been moved up?" Jaga again couldn't speak. He was breathing heavily.

"Well, why don't we have a look from the cauldron shall we?" Mamm-ra said not in a questioning way. The cauldron served him as a device that showed him what he wanted to see. He went toward it and began to chant. "Ancient spirits of evil: show me the Thundercat called Enki." He commanded. The cauldron's water turned from purple to blue and began to boil. It cleared and it showed a stone with a name on it. Here Lies Commander Enki Who Is Greatly Missed By All. The King's Beloved Friend. Loving Father and Husband.

Grune's eyes grew wide. "No. Impossible! Enki can't be dead!" He turned his eyes to the magician. "How did this happen? When did he die?!" He roared.

"I never thought you'd be upset by this Grune. Tell me was he your friend?" Mumm-ra asked. Grune composed himself. I can't lose it now; he'll think I'm weak. He thought. Before Grune could answer, Jaga croaked. "Enki died 5 years ago Grune. We didn't have anything to contact you with. Claudius knew you two would be upset about this. He was going to tell you after the games were over." He replied.

Grune looked down at the pot. For 10 years, I thought I'd come home as king and see him smiling at me with his grown son by his side. His mind jolted. "His son! Is he alive? What about Emerald?"

Mumm-ra raised his hand for silence. "We shall see about what happened to Enki first." Once more he asked what happened to this mysterious warrior. He wanted to know what was so special about him. The scene changed to a wasteland where a camp was staying. It viewed closer to a cat that was hunched over writing a letter. When he lifted his eyes, both saw who he was. Mumm-ra's eyes began to sparkle and his lips formed a smirk. "So this is Enki." He said. He looks just like his ancestor. He thought with amusement. Leo and Panthera weren't the only ones who fought him.